Top 10 Workout Songs

What songs did UG readers vote as the best workout songs ever? See the results here, and share your own tips for groove-stacked tracks in the comments.

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Every January we look back at the last year and regret not getting fit, then pledge to start working out for once.

It's hard to get started, but one thing that can help drive you forward is a great playlist of songs with the perfect tempo to get you pumped for action.

On Wednesday we asked readers to vote for their favorite workout songs. The results are in, and there were plenty of decent suggestions.

It looks like the most popular tracks had a consistent tempo, solid groove, and plenty of attitude. Some tracks broke those trends - scroll down to see if you agree.

And, as usual, there were some prank entries. One of them technically won the whole poll, so we've included it at the bottom just for being hilarious.

Can you recommend other workout songs? Share them in the comments and help other readers get in shape for the New Year.

10. Them Crooked Vultures "No One Loves Me & Neither Do I"

A perfect intro to the list today. Too slow for running perhaps, but with a steady pace and grooves tighter than a nun's gardening schedule, it could be perfect for anything with repetitions like weightlifting.

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9. Red Hot Chili Peppers "Can't Stop"

Few can groove as hard as the Chili Peppers. This hit from their 2002 album "By The Way" was a return to their old style of quick-fire rapping verses. Try boxing to it.

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8. Paul Engemann "Push It To The Limit"

We're moving into prankster territory here. This 80s-tastic track from the "Scarface" soundtrack wouldn't normally show up on UG, but if you were going to a gym in a certain mood, it might suit you.

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7. Queens Of The Stone Age "First It Giveth"

Time to pick up the pace. Relentless loops of riff upon riff are sure to drive you to work up a sweat. It's also one of many great tracks on the flawless "Songs For The Deaf" from 2002.

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6. Rage Against The Machine "Calm Like A Bomb"

Other bands so far have had the groove right, but a good dose of anger - or perhaps we should say rage - is going to get you REALLY pumped.

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5. Megadeth "Holy Wars"

Awesome song, but seriously, how did this get so many votes? There's so many different tempos and distracting (but awesome) changes that it could be hard to focus while you're working out. But hey, whatever works for you.

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4. Tenacious D "To Be The Best"

This parody of movie montage scenes is probably useless for motivation in the real world. But then, in reality we're all just sat staring at computers right now, so what does it matter?

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3. Meshuggah "Bleed"

Warning: video is NSFW. It won't suit everyone's workout schedule, but for many the trance-inducing blast beats will be perfect for getting in the zone.

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2. Pantera "Cowboys From Hell"

All that power metal riffage and Phil Anselmo's drill sergeant vocal delivery should rouse you into action.

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1. Survivor "Eye Of The Tiger"

There could only be one winner. This song has probably inspired every athlete in history - now it's your turn. Get up and start working out!

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This internet-era techno remix of 4 Non Blondes "What's Up" merged with beloved 80s cartoon He-Man won over 160 votes. It wasn't quite list worthy, but we can't ignore something so funny, so here it is as a bonus extra. And if you can't get enough, YouTube has a ten hour version available...

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    We all know I really won with my He-Man entry.
    Strongly disagree with #8 being in prankster territory. That song is a cheesy beast.
    Anyone else immediately picture Cartman training for the special olympics when they hear Push it to the Limit?
    Funny you should say that - South Park had a parody of this song [it was called Montage or We're Gonna Need a Montage] in the episode Asspen.
    It was in Team America too. I thought it was just a parody of 80s cheese in general before I heard Push It To The Limit.
    yeah Push it to the limit is hella motivational. I didn't post it with any prankster intentions. I mean I have seen the song used countless times during a workout montage! Also, how the **** did Joe Esposito "You're the Best Around" not make this list?
    Disappointed this didn't make it..
    Imagine a fat dude with low self esteem on an exercise bike singing "NO ONE LOVES ME AND NEITHER DO I!" IT'S SO APPROPRIATE!
    Not bad! For me RATM song is the best. QOTSA and Meshuggah are good too. And of course "Eye Of The Tiger"
    Most Rammstein songs, really. Fast thrashy songs aren't very good, you lose rythm because of tempo changes, also get tired too early.
    Indeed, you can be like a frickin' machine to most Rammstein tunes. Great call, man!
    Battery by Metallica, Aces High by Iron Maiden, Second Heartbeat by Avenged Sevenfold, Waking the Demon by BFMV, Indestructible by Disturbed, and A Warrior's Call by Volbeat are my favorites to work out to.
    Killswitch Engage - My Curse, or pretty much anything else by them works very well.
    No Machine Head?????!!!!
    My first thoughts. Try not getting motivated while lifting to I am Hell. That song is just the epitome of adrenaline mixed with the right amount of motivation.
    My Last Words
    If you're going for MH, at least pick something that isn't polished and overproduced like their new material (Although locust was kinda cool). Burn my eyes my friend..
    I usually do an all-Meshuggah mix on the treadmill. That gets you moving, no doubt!
    My Top 10 workout tracks, in no particiular order : 1. Fear Factory : Mechanize 2. Crowbar : Conquering 3. Foo Fighters : The Colour And The Shape 4. Stan Bush : Dare 5. Thin Lizzy : Cold Sweat 6. Metallica : Battery 7. Anthrax : What Doesn't Die 8. Sepultura : Kairos 9. Strapping Young Lad : Detox 10. Slayer : Angel Of Death You'll be more pumped than Lance Armstrong at the Tour De France!!! Anything thrashy or by Fear Factory is killer too and the first RATM album. Really UG? 'Calm Like a Bomb!?'
    I swear to god, UG needs a delete button already. It double posted the link, so I edited it to this comment. Haha
    Apart from Meshuggah and Pantera this is awful.
    Dude, if you can't work out to First It Giveth, then you don't even lift, bro.
    Songs for the Deaf is by far my favorite album to lift to. It gets me pumped...pun intended.
    I thought Meshuggah and Pantera were amongst the worst songs on this list.
    I dont Think any of these songs are bad but i can't imagine working out to them. Except for Pantera which i listen to while using free weights sometimes.
    Definitly, this list sucks. Cowboys isnt even that great for lifting, something likeprimal concrete sledge is amazing. And throw in shit like Victorious Reign by Hate eternal
    The only song I listened to was "HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA". I workout to Pantera, Lamb Of God and Black Label Society(superb).
    The top 2 songs are spot on. As a matter of fact the whole list is pretty decent. I'm shocked.
    I definitely think it's cool that Meshuggah made the top ten, and so high at that!
    I really don't understand why you need a song with a consistent tempo to work out. That wouldn't bother me at all. A lot of the songs on this list I wouldn't use either, though some of them I definitely do, like Meshuggah.
    yeah, i agree. i mean for different types of workouts its diff. if im gonna lift heavy weights i need something really fast like Protest The Hero or August Burns Red.
    At first judging by your avatar I thought you were a chick that did some hardcore lifting and I knew it was too good to be true. Then I went to your profile and you're just a guy. Gross.
    Derp. This wasn't supposed to be a reply. Fucking comment bug. Well since I'm here, I kind of like tempo to stay steady when I'm working out, because it keeps the song driving.
    Not a bad list if I do say so myself. Can't Stop is a great song that I didn't even think of. I really like to listen to "Give It All" by Rise Against. Really pushes me.
    Love that song. I still think August Burns Red and Parkway Drive pump me up the most for lifting heavy weights though.
    Yeah, Can't Stop, Give it All and Anywhere but Here, also by RA are good motivation songs. You should try some Strike Anywhere too, Instinct or Sedition are great. When you have nothing left to give and need to dig deep and find some energy, you can't beat "And soon the world will cease to be" by Amon Amarth.
    I never work out to any of those songs. I like stuff that gives energy, not takes it away. master of puppets, incubus - pardon me, Chevelle - family system, machine head - I am hell, all that remains - 2 weeks.... It must have fast and slow parts so that you can really appreciate the kick in speed, heavy and energy.
    All good choice, but I always found working out to Disturbed works great. You don't have to like them to agree, their music just gets you pumped to lift.
    Depends on the workout... Lifting: Tool - Vicarious Deftones - Digtal Bath Eminem - Kim / White America Mastodon - Quintessence Opeth - Bleak Napalm Death - When All is Said and Done Behemoth - Ov Fire and the Void Travis Barker - Carry It Slipknot - People=Shit / Duality / Psychosocial The Devin Townsend Band - Depth Charge Dimmu Borgir - Gateways Carcass - Heartwork Cardio: Devin Townsend - Kingdom Arch Enemy - My Apocalypse / Yesterday is Dead and Gone Killswitch Engage - Rose of Sharyn Cradle of Filth - Sweetest Maleficia Foo Fighters - Everlong / The Pretender / DOA Godsmack - Get Up, Get Out Insomnium - Where The Last Wave Broke Motley Cre - Girls, Girls, Girls Rob Zombie - Dragula Stone Roses - I Am the Resurrection Enslaved - Ethica Odini Amon Amarth - The Hero In Flames - Cloud Connected Carcass - Black Star Yoga Blackfield - Blackfield Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here Pink Floyd - Shine on you Crazy Diamond Electric President - Insomnia / Good Morning Hypocrite Radical Face - Welcome Home Radiohead - Street Spirit Massive Attack - Black Milk Simon & Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy in New York Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored Beastie Boys - Something's Got to Give
    Styles of Beyond - Nine Thou (Superstars Remix) Doomtree - Drumsticks Incubus - Glass That's the kind of stuff I prefer to work out to, or run to, rather.
    When I'm lifting weights I find the best thing to finish a tough set with is any breakdown from Parkway Drive. Gets me SO pumped!
    Retrace the steps, Retrace the steps, Retrace the steps... RETRACE THE STEEEEEPS!!! I don't exercise, but if I did it would be while listening to Deep Blue album by Parkway Drive. Holy shit, that album's awesome!
    1. Machine Head - I am Hell (Sonata in C#) 2. Exodus - Iconoclasm 3. Anthrax - In the End 4. Lamb of God - Laid to Rest 5. Slave New World - Sepultura 6. Annihilator - Operation Annihilation 7. Sister Sin - Fight Song 8. Judas Priest - One Shot at Glory 9. Mastodon - Black Tongue 10.Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone
    I'm gonna go with either Ghost Division by Sabaton, Armored Bards by Heathen Foray or Rebellion (The Clans are Marching) by Grave Digger. To me those are the best workout songs
    Holy Wars made it because the first and last 2 minutes are speed metal at it's finest with one of the most solid drum lines in metal.
    I must say, If you want a song that will get you absolutely fired up and get you through nerves when youre playing sports or something, for me it was always Condemned by As I Lay Dying. That song I dont know what it is, I get so focused and fired up when I listen to it. Just makes you wanna go crazy and you have lots more energy.