Top 10 Worst Albums By Great Bands

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Top 10 Worst Albums By Great Bands
We always celebrate the best of music on a Friday, but this time we decided to flip the top 10 format on its head. On Wednesday we asked you: What is the worst release by a great band? We left it open to singles, albums and even merch (we thought the crazy dildo set from Rammstein might make the list, but thankfully not). The results remind us all how even the best musicians around can make fatal mistakes and release some truly awful music. Thanks for all your nominations and votes. If you think other readers missed any worthy entrants out, or if you disagree and want to defend one of the acts, let us know in the comments.

10. Green Day "21st Century Breakdown" (2009)

It was always going to be hard for Green Day to top the success of its wildly popular "American Idiot". Critics poked fun at the directionless storyline but most fans just wished it sounded better.

9. Megadeath "Risk" (1999)

Lars Ulrich once said Dave Mustaine should take more risks with his music. The result was Dave taking a risk, and a bunch of fans decided it sucked and that he should play it safe next time. The same could apply to his press strategy.

8. Iron Maiden "Virtual XI" (1998)

The final album to be recorded with singer Blaze Bayley. Allmusic put it best: "On the surface, there's nothing terribly wrong with the record, as it delivers all the crunching riffs and demonic horror of their best records. The problem is that there's nothing memorable about the hooks, riffs, or songs, and there's little visceral energy to the music or production. As a result, it sounds lifeless to all but the most devoted fan."

7. Linkin Park "A Thousand Suns" (2010)

This multi-concept album about nuclear warfare. Some critics loved the album, with one outlet going as far as saying it was the equivalent of Radiohead's "Kid A" (Ha! Not a chance!) but others called it over-indulgent, melodramatic and full of recycled ideas. Classic Linkin Park then! Trololol.

6. Lou Reed "Metal Machine Music" (1975)

Lou Reed deserves praise for his early career. Those Velvet Underground tracks are rad, but this is something completely different. It's a bunch of buzzing, wild, machine-driven art, and there's something commendable about that approach, but ultimately music has to sound good for a lot of people to enjoy it. Whether it's worse than his collaboration with Metallica is debatable.

5. Guns N' Roses "Chinese Democracy" (2008)

You'd expect the most expensive album ever produced to sound better than this. $13 million dollars and 14 years of production, and it still disappointed everyone. What do you expect when you indulge someone like Axl Rose for that long?

4. Chris Cornell "Scream" (2009)

Chris proved his worth as a vocalist with Soundgarden, but his pop collaboration with Timbaland was totally uncalled for. Some people liked it, but they probably weren't rock fans. Like Billboard said: "Sometimes it's good bizarre, other times it's bad bizarre."

3. Spinal Tap "Shark Sandwich" (1980)

"Sh-t sandwich," said one review. Alright, so it's a fake album by a fake band, but the reviews speak for themselves. Watch the classic Spinal Tap clip here to find out why this is their worst release.

2. Metallica & Lou Reed "Lulu" (2011)

We still can't get over how bad this was. You know, before that first sample came out, we at UG thought it could turn out to be something special. That was until the first demo came out with James Hetfield shouting something about being a table, and Lou Reed sound fifty times worse than even the harshest critic imagined. This should have been number one.

1. Aldous Snow "African Child" (2009)

Another fictional entry. Does this even count? Was Aldous Snow any good before his ill-fated release of "African Child"? Meh. It's funny, and your winner. Enjoy.
That's the end of our roundup of the worst releases by great bands. Did we miss anything? Who would you give a special mention for letting down their fans? Let us know in the comments.
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