Top 10 Worst Band Reunions

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Top 10 Worst Band Reunions
Plenty of bands break up, but whether they're good or bad, some of them are just never meant to come back. We asked Ultimate Guitar readers to nominate and vote for the most disappointing rock reunions ever. Hundreds of nominations and thousands of votes later, and we've got the most miserable bunch of rock sell outs imaginable (okay, that's a little harsh, but so were the voters). Ready?

10. Creed

When they broke up in 2004, Creed swore they would never reform. But in 2009, guitarist Mark Tremonti told fans they were back together, even though it was "the last thing I expected." But despite cries from those who opposed the ultra-mainstream band, they've come back and continue to record and tour.

9. Sublime (with Rome)

Sublime went out of action when frontman Bradley Nowell died in 1996. His family weren't happy when the band decided to reform in 2009 with the new singer Rome Ramirez, and legally challenged their right to use the name. The solution: naming themselves Sublime (with Rome), and thus escaping the technicality.


KISS seem like they've been going for decades, but you might not realise they went out of action in the 1980s when their fame and fortune had almost dropped off the radar. In the '90s, a wave of nostalgia for their extravagant stage presence brought the original lineup back for what became the biggest grossing world tour of 1996/97.

7. The Doors

Even though their irreplaceable frontman Jim Morrison had died in 1971, the band tried replacing him before just disbanding in 1973. They came band and cleverly recorded backing music to Morrison's old poetry in 1978 with what became a hit album, but in some ways it appeared a tasteless cash in on their old name.

6. Van Halen

Technically, Van Halen never really broke up (despite a hiatus in the early 2000s) - but then, they've had so many lineup changes that it's hard to say they're the same band they used to be. Their reunion with Dave Lee Roth last year for "A Different Kind of Truth" is probably what Ultimate Guitar readers voted for, but in the band's credit, that album was considered by many to be a solid comeback. Here's a look at their '90s reunion with Roth.

5. Backstreet Boys

Not that anyone here will care, but the best-selling boy band in history never actually broke up. They just had a big comeback a few years ago. Meh, we don't really care to find out more. Let's just mention they're no more boy band, because it's not trendy anymore.

4. Spice Girls

And now the biggest girl band of all time. Their comeback in 2007 with a "Greatest Hits" album coincided with a massive world tour. Metal fans gave precisely zero f--ks.

3. Queen

Queen isn't Queen without singer Freddie Mercury, and the band have been careful to list themselves as "Queen with..." preceding the singer's name. Paul Rodgers fronted them in the mid 2000s, and more recently Adam Lambert was recruited to front a major forthcoming festival in the UK - which was then cancelled.

2. Fall Out Boy

In February this year, Fall Out Boy torched their previous albums to mark a new beginning for the band. Let's see if the forthcoming EPs they've announced will live up to their promise that it'll feature more aggressive guitar work inspired by playing in hardcore bands in their younger years.

1. Guns N' Roses

The early '90s lineups of Guns N' Roses remain some of the greatest in rock n' roll history. We have respect for the current Gn'R as talented musicians, and Axl Rose can still blast out a solid tune despite letting himself go, but it's not Guns N' Roses. No way. And it never really will be.
That's the end of our roundup of the worst reunions of all time. Which one strikes you as the most disappointing reformation ever? Do you disagree with any of the above nominations? Post your thoughts in the comments.
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