Top 10 Worst Collaboration Songs Ever

The atrocities that should not be.

Ultimate Guitar

So for this week's traditional WQ, we asked you guys to share your opinions about the worst collaboration track of all time. The results are in, check out the full Top 10 below.

10. Michael Jackson feat. Justin Bieber - Slave to the Rhythm

Not a collaboration in a typical sense, but still a joint effort, MJ and JB get to kick off the list with "Slave to the Rhythm."

9. Limp Bizkit feat. Lil' Wayne - Ready to Go

Had Mr. Lil' contributed the track with some of hi guitar mastery, this one would have easily made the No. 1 spot. As it is, No. 9 for Durst and co.

8. Weezer feat. Lil' Wayne - Can't Stop Partying

Once again, Lil' Wayne is here (young Biebz ain't done either), this time around joining forces with Weezer for "Can't Stop Partying." You guys also pointed at this version (below), calling it miles ahead of the Wayne rendition.

7. PSY feat. Snoop Dogg - Hangover

A lot of fans say that Snoop really didn't need this one, and UG seems to be among that crowd.

6. Slash feat. Fergie - Sweet Child O' Mine

Black Eyed Peas star Fergie noted on several occasions that she's a big fan of Guns N' Roses. She even named her son Axl, but still failed to impress the crowd while performing "Sweet Child 'O Mine" with Slash.

5. Puff Daddy feat. Jimmy Page - Come With Me

As UG user GravyHighway pointed out, Jimmy Page isn't the only rocker involved in this one, but also RATM axeman Tom Morello, who produced the track and supplied bass tracks. As you probably know, the song is basically a remake of classic Zeppelin tune "Kashmir" and was featured on 1998 "Godzilla" soundtrack.

4. Will.I.Am feat. Justin Bieber - #thatPOWER

Drifting away from the guitar realm a bit, we bring you the song with a hashtag in its title. Mr Biebz garners the hate once again.

3. Michael Jackson feat. Eddie Murphy - What's Up With You

The effects in this video are just out of this world. You could say it's so bad that it becomes good.

2. Ozzy Osbourne feat. Jessica Simpson - Winter Wonderland

Seriously, Oz, why?

1. Mick Jagger feat. David Bowie

And this week's crown goes to Jagger and Bowie, two rock icons who "were really sexually obsessed with each other." Their love affair is a thing of legend, but back to this week's No. 1, you might want to check out the "musicless" version of the video below.

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    Woah.. How the **** is Lou Reed and Metallica not on this list
    Just that? I didn't get to comment or see the original article, but I'm wondering how Chris Cornell's awful collaboration with Timbaland didn't end up on here..
    This was for worst collaboration songs and the highest vote was for the whole lulu album so I'm guessing UG chose to ignore it. Still surprised they didnt even give it a mention.
    Lulus a pretty damn terrible album, but as far as collaborations go its not as bad as these.
    The article said "remember - focus on a single songs, not the album projects (yes, we all know what we're talking about, right?" I assume they were mentioning Lulu Also too I don't think there was a worst song on Lulu, as there were a lot of bad songs.
    Because ragging on Lulu is like flogging a dead horse and then sodomising it with a 50" dildo.
    i think what you're really asking is what about the song Metallica and Swizz Beats did not on here?
    It should be slash feat. Slashes band that's probely the most boring performance I've ever seen...and slashes is a part off
    Floyd Phoenix
    Also that version of Sweet Child with just Fergie wasn't that bad... Think it was this abomination the commenter was referring to:
    Dancing In The Street really isn't that bad of a song I think...the video is filled with sexual tension and awkwardness though.
    Way Cool JR.
    IMO it's a really good collaboration as far as the song goes. I bet if the video didn't exist people would have a completely different outlook on it. IMO it just doesn't belong on the list at all, especially taking the #1 spot.
    Yeah, that one totally got the vote cos the video is just the most awkward thing ever. As Family Guy said,"That happened and we let it happen"
    I actually really liked "Come with me" when I was young. Kashmir has one of the most epic hooks ever, and it works over almost any type of music.Watching that video nowadays gives me major douche chills though, lol
    I will refer you to the lyrics: "Fuck my enemies, **** these ho's, they standing on my toes". A ****ing abomination to the classic Kashmir. And to make it worse, it was on the Godzilla soundtrack. Jimmy Page lost his mind for a bit.
    In interviews, Jimmy states that he did it because he thought it would be a vehicle to reach out to a younger audience. He said that his name and his music "doesn't mean anything to most kids. But they understand if something's in a Godzilla film" - Harrington, Richard. "Page Is No Led Balloon..." Vancouver Sun, September 2, 1998: E-4. ^(lol, thought I'd chuck in the reference, there). I see what Jimmy was thinking, but I still personally feel that allowing Puff Daddy to grunt, moan and yell over Kashmir is a bit of an insult to the magnificence of the original. My 2 cents.
    I agree, i liked it when i was younger. Hate it now tho, but just the Puff Daddy part. The insturmental version is brilliant, it sounds epic as hell!
    I think this list has just taught us that collaborating with rappers is just a terrible idea. Although I will defend Fergie here, she does a great job with Sweet Child and I loved her song with Slash on his debut solo album. I wish she'd move more to that territory.
    Thank God that Lulu was not included on this list. The hate that the album gets is totally uncalled for. If anyone every heard a Lou Reed album then WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?!?!? It is exactly what i thought it would be. Metallica and Lou Reed. No with that said, yes it's not the best musical album to listen to but as poetry it's a work of art.
    I don't think Lou Reed took Lou Reed anywhere near as seriously as you do...
    And yet if I wanted to read poetry I'd go buy a poetry book. If I want to listen to music, I buy a record. If it happens to have awesome lyrics, great. If not, oh well, the music's more important.
    Then don't listen to Lou Reed. Lulu is exactly what it was supposed to be. Lou Reed with Metallica. The music clearly is Metallica and the vocal clearly is Lou Reed. Did you really expect to hear Master of Puppets?
    No, but when I listen to a MUSIC album, I expect to hear MUSIC. Now to be fair, I mostly blame Metallica for the failures on that front, but it was still Reed who put them in charge of that. Nothing wrong with the lyrics per se, but when the vehicle for their delivery is a clunky piece of shit, it might feel like the destination is not worth the ride. I'm not a fan of either artist, I am just calling a spade a spade.
    I think people were hoping for Transformer or even Velvet Underground Lou Reed with maybe load/reload Metallica. Not pretentious, up his own arse Lou Reed and a St Anger Metallica. There was potential for them both to do something great together but they squandered that opportunity and decided to go full art house and stroke their own egos rather than make something half enjoyable.
    Sure, maybe Lulu is what you expected it to be. However, I think the question really should be: was this a collaboration that *needed* to happen? Is the world richer for it? Methinks not.
    I don't understand why we're still even talking about Lulu. They had an idea, it missed, and they've moved on. So should everyone else
    I think Saul Williams might have an issue with your statement about poetry staying in books.
    Don't misunderstand me, I love poetic lyrics, it's one of my favorite things about bands like Rush and Tool. But if you write trash music for a poetic song, it doesn't change the fact that the music is trash. I can put up with shitty lyrics for awesome music, but not vice versa.
    I'm not sure why you have to keep explaining yourself; it's pretty clear to me that there is a difference between poetry and music, since we no longer live in ancient Greece. When I eat chicken, I don't expect it to taste like salmon.
    Lyrics is part of music contemporary music, like that you listen to. Lyrics is poetry. Singing is spoken poetry with a melody. Music with vocals in it incorporates poetry
    Dancing In The Streets is a great song by two musical legends, and Fergie is actually pretty good at rock, so what the hell?
    Queens of the Stone Age and Dave Grohl - Songs for the Deaf
    Guys he is just joking about the fact that UG used to include songs for the deaf in every single list.
    Well, maybe UG includes SFTD in every single list because it's a kickass album and so people vote it
    I'm pretty sure the ozzy jessica simpson thing was a joke. Damn calm down
    Ready 2 go is not bad song if you put Wayne out (of course lyrics are terrible), I can't understand, band that made collaboration with Method Man now make it with this monkey
    Really bothered me that during the intro, Fergie couldn't clap in time.....
    People bitching about no Lulu, really? Did you all forget the fact that Metallica did a song with Ja Rule? This list is moot.
    Weezer and Lil Wayne isn't bad, it's just Lil Wayne can't rap and took the song seriously lyrically. The acoustic version by Rivers is gorgeous and melancholy, people will love that
    The Fergie version of Sweet Child 'o' mine wasn't that bad at all.
    What about accidental racist?
    wow, I totally forgot about that one, but yeah that song is wretched. Might be among the 5 worst songs released in the last 5 years.
    I'm surprised, this is the first time something I nominated made the list. My favorite version of the song is actually this:
    that version of sweet child o mine was pretty good. Plus so many missed from this list. UG you fail.
    I gotta say, when MJ comes in at the bridge of Slave to the Rhythm... I had goosebumps all over. Such a powerful voice.
    Fergie should learn that her ass wont carry her crap lack of talent in rock n roll... Either do porn, or learn to gain some stage presence, but one does not necessarily equal the other...
    I still think it should have just been each song from Lulu. I wonder how UG would have ranked them.
    You've gotta get over Lulu. It obviously messed with your mind. Everything always reverts back to Lulu. Its a phemonina
    I feel like if we woulda kept this rock then it would have ben more interesting, there have been thousands of terrible pop collaborations that this list only scratched the surface of.
    The fact that I pointed something out and it was mentioned in this article, makes me feel just a little bit special.
    I'm shocked Lil Wayne and Bieber are on this list. Twice. Completely shocked. ...
    Bonnie Raitt's cover of Gerry Rafferty's "Right Down The Line" is completely awful and should not exist
    I think you miss the irony of the jagger/Bowie collaboration. They are taking the piss out of each other; anything you can do I can do better. Accept the irony, and it's a funny vid and a cool collaboration.
    Metallica and Lou Reed could have been on the list but those collaboration are so bad on this top 10 so I guess it makes sense...