Top 10 Worst Lyric Lines in Rock

Prepare to be embarrassed, here are the worst lyrics in rock history.

Ultimate Guitar

For this week's Wednesday Question, we asked you to name the single worst lyric line in the history of guitar-driven genre.

As always, you guys delivered, reminding us of some of the most ridiculous lines of all time.

Check out the list you compiled below.

10. Black Veil Brides - The Legacy ("We'll change the world with these guitars")

Cheesy stuff doesn't cut it for UG, so the idea of "changing the world with these guitars" wasn't exactly met with ecstatic praise.

9. Metallica - Frantic ("My lifestyle determines my death style")

James Hetfield delivered some truly profound and deep lyric in his career, but not too many of them came from "St. Anger."

8. Bullet for my Valentine - Riot ("Riot! woohoohoo Riot! woohooohooo Here come the sirens here comes the law woohoohoo Run from the sirens run from the law woohoohoo")

The collectively bashed "Temper Temper" record is widely considered to contain some of the worst Bullet for My Valentine music ever. One of those tunes is "Riot" and its not-too-clever chorus you guys opted for.

7. Any Falling in Reverse line

Ronnie Radke and co. simply aren't UG's cup of tea, so just about any of their lyrics work fine for the list. How about "Tragic Magic?" "Magically I turn / Tragedy into / Melodies over / Catchy beats it comes so / Naturally so smooth and / Casually thats why they / Call me king of the / Music scene / La la la la la..." Wow...

6. Warrant - Cherry Pie ("Swingin' in the living room / Swingin' in the kitchen / Most folks don't / 'cause they're too busy bitchin' / Swingin' in there 'cause / She wanted me to feed her / So I mixed up the batter / And she licked the beater")

So cheesy it made a full circle and became cool, Warrant's "Cherry Pie" did manage to stand the test of time and basically become an epitome of cheesy '80s rock. Well, it's something.

5. Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing ("I'll kiss your eyes and thank God we're together")

Arguably the band's biggest hit, Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" is constantly finding itself on the border of cheesiness, crossing the line on several occasions. One of them is of course the "I'll kiss your eyes and thank God we're together" line.

4. Lou Reed and Metallica - Pumping Blood ("If I waggle my a-s like a dark prostitute, would you think less of me?")

Late Lou Reed delivered quite a few odd lines in his career. Take the "Pumping Blood" lyrics you guys singled out as one of the examples. Mr. Reed was also in charge for the whole infamous table thing.

3. Any Line by Nickelback

Seriously, what the hell is on Joey's head? Cracking the big 3, just about any Nickelback would do. So how about "Everything I Wanna Do?" "You and me sittin' in a tree, F-----K-I-N-G"?

2. Quiet Riot - Let's Get Crazy ("I wanna kiss your lips... not the ones on your face!")

The Quiet Riot gang brings us closer to No. 1 with "Let's Get Crazy" line - "I wanna kiss your lips / Not the ones on your face" ...

1. Limp Bizkit - Nookie ("I did it all for the nookie C'mon / The nookie C'mon / So you can take that cookie / And stick it up your, yeah! / Stick it up your, yeah!")

Finally, the one and only Mr. Durst. You shouldn't go too hard on the guy, after all, he did it all for the nookie.

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    This is a good list, I found myself laughing at a fair few of these xD
    Its misinng "you know my name not my story" from Megadeath.
    your an inbred fag, megadeth have more talent in one ink cell off of one of their album covers than you or your entire family does
    Can we do a Top 20 worst Limp Bizkit lines?
    "My lifestyle determines my death style". Crap album but I liked that lyric.
    Didn't Kirk write that one? Seems like it in the documentary "Some Kind of Monster" also a great lesson in band dynamics and how NOT to record an album.
    yeah kirk wrote that one. and the rest of the band laughed and kinda ridiculed it. and then it ended up in the song
    james wrote it, kirk just read it aloud cuz james was writing during some sit down in the studio
    metallica are so retarded for writing an album on 'their worst time ever'. honestly what normal band would write an album when their bassest has lest, their vocalist is in rehab and their drummer is being a dick (even more than usual)
    I thought that line was the best line on that album, and one of the more clever ones they've come up with.
    What happened to Lulu's "I am the table"?
    I mean, is it really a bad line? The other on this list were just stupid or super cheesy but this one is just incomprehensible
    Actually i think it might be a stupid mispronounciation, i'm pretty sure that he was supposed to sing "Tablet" considering that the rest of the lines are speaking of The 10 commandments.
    Good Charlotte's Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous entire chorus is cringe-worthy, I definitely would've voted for that. "Lifestyles of the rich and the famous They're always complainin' Always complainin' If money is such a problem Well they got mansions Think we should rob them"
    I see people were just playing safe with the answers. "anything by Nickelback" is just another cheap way to please people. But in reality up to The Long Road they had pretty solid lyrics. Even some of the recent songs got some decent lyrics, far from the worst lyrics in rock. I wonder why bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Kiss, The Kinks, Van Halen were mentioned. They might be classic bands, close to a "legendary" status but they have notorious bad lyrics. Incredibly cheap, tongue in cheek stuff.
    "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" borders on cheesy? It's about as cheesy as power ballads can get. I still like the song but it's not very subtle.
    My favorite lyric from Lulu is "The hair on your shoulders/The smell of your armpit/The taste of your vulva and everything on it," but I suppose that one works in it's place... Also, I'm sort of astonished by the lack of Hollywood Undead on here, as I've always considered them the continuation of Fred Durst (although perhaps a bit more rap than rock).
    What is wrong with my lifestyle determines my death style? are you serious.. That's brilliant
    Where is 'The Count of Tuscany' by DT? The worst, piece of junk I have ever heard.
    Thh, all of this is BS. Why make some useless top, which is utmost inaccurate anyway? SO many other things about whom to make top, no, UG wanted to make themselves look as bad as some of those lyrics. Nicely done.
    Tragic Magic over "Bad Girls Club"? Umm just look at this "I'm just another victim of the bad girls club" "So olly-olly-olly-oxen free, all the bad girls come cheer with me" "Follows me on Twitter, asking if I miss her, Hash tag #setmefree" could keep going on and on... Tragic Magic is great compared to this song
    Surprised Asking Alexandria, Capture The Crown, and Attack Attack! didnt make the list...
    You're missing one from Scars on Broadway, the song is Chemicals "...when I say f*ck the world, let's get ready to rock as I piss on your face while you suck on my cock", it's an incredibly catchy chorus, but those lyrics are crap.
    I actually like that line from Frantic. It's poetic in a way. But then again, I enjoyed St. Anger. There are far worse lines in history, like say the entire discography of Limp Bizkit.
    Cherry Pie epitomized cock rock...the genres finest all time classic.
    I actually liked the Lifestyle determines Deathstyle line. One of the few things Metallica has done in the past 20+ years that I have liked.
    Not sure how people can think that Frantic lyric is 'thought provoking'. The fact he repeats it over and over just makes it worse.
    Americans who want to hear proper lyrics Listen to Manic Street Preachers!!!!! Never made it in the U.S.
    Americans who want to hear proper lyrics Listen to Manic Street Preachers!!!!! Never made it in the U.S.
    Especially their early albums, up until The Holy Bible. The post-Richey Edwards lyrics can be pretty spotty...
    Make love like a man I'm a man That's what I am, yeah Make love like a man Your kinda man That's what I am -Def Leppard,Make love like a man
    'Make love like a man I'm a man That's what I am, yeah Make love like a man Your kinda man That's what I am -Def Leppard,Make love like a man' HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA That is hell terrible. No wonder I hate Def Leppard...
    Always kinda liked that Metallica lyric.. and if you wanna go Bullet... I loved you, you hurt me back from Room 409 takes the cake..
    To be fair to Aerosmith they didn't actually write those lyrics the song was written and they were asked to perform it, as for the rest of them.....
    Frantic and cherry pie whoever voted them is a fag
    metallica are shit and get used to it, heres why: -kill em all mainly consisted of riffs/sonds written by dave mustaine -since load their albums have just got worse -lars is the worst drummer in the world -over the years, each one of the members has actually got worse -their songs lack any talent -and finally the fact james didnt die in the pyrotechnic accident lol
    At this point there are probably more articles on UG complaining about Lulu than anywhere else on the internet. Its also funny to see that Black Veil Brides lyric make the list, because I'm sure UG readers ate up Serj Tankian's first album with lyrics like "wouldn't it be great to save the world, with only a song." Never heard a Black Veil Brides song before, just sayin'... And that Quiet Riot lyric is hilarious.
    That Warrant lyric is very similar to a live Chuck Berry recording "We Boogied in the kitchen, we boogied in the hall, I got some on my finger so I wiped it on the wall"
    Someone needs to burn every single red cap in the world, just so Fred Durst can wear them anymore.
    This was great haha. I heard that Aerosmith line a million times and never thought how bad it is!
    I feel any Falling In Reverse and any Nickelback line are a bit presumptuous. Like when worse album was any Oasis album and any Kiss album.
    Im a mixed fan of FIR, I like their music, but I dislike Ronnie alot, but I believe hes a pretty decent lyric writer. There are a few songs (Especially off Fashionably Late) that are pure laziness in my opinion. Good Girls Bad Guys, Rolling Stone, Alone, Fashionably Late, are examples of this, I like them as guilty pleasure songs, but as far as song writing goes, they are just crap. I can pretty much say the same of Nickelback too.
    You gotta get back up from the wreckage above and walk right through the fire. No matter what happens, the fact is that the flames keep getting higher. You gotta keep it going, keep tiptoeing through the fire and the flames and the pain of knowing. That the world is dark, gotta keep on going, gotta give that spark, gotta keep on.... etc. Good stuff.
    I agree. Personally I feel that while a lot of the critisism aimed at Nickelback is valid, claiming their lyrics are bad isn't. Writing lyrics is one of the things they do quite well, in my opinion.
    They're not bad. They're just insanely derivative and unoriginal. But they fit in to the melody well enough.
    "but not too many of them came from "St. Anger." St Anger has some good deep profound lyrics, and if you consider that Frantic is about Hetfields alcoholism, it makes sense, but to me, Load/ReLoad have the most profound and deep lyrics.
    Some of the crap on Super Collider or Th1rt3en easily could have made this list. Burn, Baby, Burn and Wrecker contain some of the laziest lyrics ever written.
    they're stil better than anything you can think of. th1rt3en was a metal masterpiece and is better than anything metallica have done and ever will
    While that line from The Legacy is lame, I do like the song. And I still don't see what's wrong with the Aerosmith one lol
    "I'm not DeNiro, I'm Amarillo" - The Offspring - I Choose WTF is that about??
    Nickelback actually have some great lyrics,im not their biggest fan by any stretch of the imagination, but they can ****ing write (when they're not trying too hard to be cool)
    I missed this one... I would've nominated the most Spinal Tappish lyric I know, by Van Hagar: "Only time will tell If we stand the test of time". I mean, really, it makes David Lee Roth look like TS Eliot.
    Yes, I always thought that was one of the stupidest, along with Maidens "She'll teach you more than you can know".
    Oh come on guys, Five Finger Death Punch got the most nominations aside from Frantic haha
    5FDP actually have brilliant lyrics, yeah not all of them are good but a good 96% are which is pretty good if you ask me
    I've long held that "One, two, **** you" is the worst lyric line I've ever heard. And they made that their catch phrase, too.