Top 10 Worst Metal Albums Ever

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Top 10 Worst Metal Albums Ever
What are the worst metal albums of all time? That's what we asked readers on Wednesday this week. Little did we know how bad it would get. We've got to give you a warning before going ahead. Listening to these albums is a demoralising experience, and in no way represents metal as a genre. There's plenty of great metal music in the world, but you won't find it here. Right, that's the warning out of the way. What is the worst metal album ever? You're about to find out.

10. Korn "The Path of Totality"

Korn heard that dubstep wizard Skrillex used to be a big fan of theirs growing up, so took a chance and roped him in to producing a dubstep/metal hybrid in the hope that it would spark off some new music revolution. The result confused Korn fans and scared away Skrillex lovers, leaving them to firmly distance themselves from the album and go back to their guitar roots on their next record.

9. Queensryche "Frequency Unknown"

When singer Geoff Tate was kicked out of Queensryche last year, he decided to turn his firing on its head and effectively fire the rest of the band by taking the band name with him. The problem is, there's now two Queensryches, and Geoff has tried cementing his claim to the name by rushing out a new album. It was so widely panned by fans that a remixed version was released on the week of its launch, and they even opened a competition inviting the biggest album hater to win a prize for posting a YouTube rant.

8. Iron Maiden "Virtual XI"

Mainden's lowest charting album since "Killers" in 1981 confirmed that singer Blaze Bayley, who fronted the band between 1994-99, wasn't working out. The album was relatively forgettable compared to the stregth of Maiden's catalogue elsewhere, and critics found it almost as dull as fans did.

7. Bullet For My Valentine "Temper Temper"

Their fourth album was a big let down for fans who had grown accustomed to better from the band. "Even the brighter musical moments struggle to get off the ground. It's a real shame," we said in our review at the time.

6. Spinal Tap "Shark Sandwich"

It might be a fictional album, but UG voters agree with the reviewer in the original documentary who gives it a simple two word review: "Sh-t sandwich."

5. Attack Attack! "Someday Came Suddenly"

Readers voted their entire catalog to the chart, so we're just including their lowest-rated album in our review section. I guess there's something about cliques guitar riffs, auto-tune vocals and tacky synth production that listeners don't enjoy.

4. Megadeth "Super Collider"

The new Megadeth album hasn't been a hit with fans, though the band blames piracy for poor sales which make it rank lower than previous effort "Th1rt3en." "Sales are way down for the entire music industry right across the board," said the band while excusing their poor sales, despite recent figures that show the music industry is in fact growing again.

3. Poison "Look What the Cat Dragged In"

Most of us find glam metal like this very hard to understand, but this album sold 4 million copies worldwide so they must be doing something right. Still, the band knew it wasn't exactly perfect, and singer Bret Michaels once called it a "glorified demo."

2. Metallica "St. Anger"

You've got to respect Metallica for taking a chance - but you don't have to like the results. The band wanted to strip back all the big choruses and solos, and replace them with a big screaming snare drum. The only head banging you'll do to this record is against a wall, repeatedly.

1. Metallica and Lou Reed "Lulu"

Where to begin. Lou Reed? The guitar sound? The table? It all sounded so promising; the world's greatest metal band unites with a renown '60s poet. We wanted to give it a chance, but when the concept album about European whores was finally released, it sank like a ship full of lead. Lou Reed sounded drunk, and James Hetfield was ridiculed for lines like "I AM THE TABLE" which he'll find hard to shake off. It's one of those cases where everyone around the musicians were too afraid to be honest and say it sounded awful. We'll forgive, but never forget.
Are these really the worst metal records of all time? Can you think of others which should have made the top 10? Let us know in the comments.
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