Top 10 Worst Metal Albums Ever

What is the worst metal album of all time? Your votes have been counted - can you bear to hear the results?

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What are the worst metal albums of all time?

That's what we asked readers on Wednesday this week. Little did we know how bad it would get.

We've got to give you a warning before going ahead. Listening to these albums is a demoralising experience, and in no way represents metal as a genre. There's plenty of great metal music in the world, but you won't find it here.

Right, that's the warning out of the way. What is the worst metal album ever? You're about to find out.

10. Korn "The Path of Totality"

Korn heard that dubstep wizard Skrillex used to be a big fan of theirs growing up, so took a chance and roped him in to producing a dubstep/metal hybrid in the hope that it would spark off some new music revolution. The result confused Korn fans and scared away Skrillex lovers, leaving them to firmly distance themselves from the album and go back to their guitar roots on their next record.

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9. Queensryche "Frequency Unknown"

When singer Geoff Tate was kicked out of Queensryche last year, he decided to turn his firing on its head and effectively fire the rest of the band by taking the band name with him. The problem is, there's now two Queensryches, and Geoff has tried cementing his claim to the name by rushing out a new album. It was so widely panned by fans that a remixed version was released on the week of its launch, and they even opened a competition inviting the biggest album hater to win a prize for posting a YouTube rant.

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8. Iron Maiden "Virtual XI"

Mainden's lowest charting album since "Killers" in 1981 confirmed that singer Blaze Bayley, who fronted the band between 1994-99, wasn't working out. The album was relatively forgettable compared to the stregth of Maiden's catalogue elsewhere, and critics found it almost as dull as fans did.

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7. Bullet For My Valentine "Temper Temper"

Their fourth album was a big let down for fans who had grown accustomed to better from the band. "Even the brighter musical moments struggle to get off the ground. It's a real shame," we said in our review at the time.

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6. Spinal Tap "Shark Sandwich"

It might be a fictional album, but UG voters agree with the reviewer in the original documentary who gives it a simple two word review: "Sh-t sandwich."

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5. Attack Attack! "Someday Came Suddenly"

Readers voted their entire catalog to the chart, so we're just including their lowest-rated album in our review section. I guess there's something about cliques guitar riffs, auto-tune vocals and tacky synth production that listeners don't enjoy.

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4. Megadeth "Super Collider"

The new Megadeth album hasn't been a hit with fans, though the band blames piracy for poor sales which make it rank lower than previous effort "Th1rt3en." "Sales are way down for the entire music industry right across the board," said the band while excusing their poor sales, despite recent figures that show the music industry is in fact growing again.

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3. Poison "Look What the Cat Dragged In"

Most of us find glam metal like this very hard to understand, but this album sold 4 million copies worldwide so they must be doing something right. Still, the band knew it wasn't exactly perfect, and singer Bret Michaels once called it a "glorified demo."

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2. Metallica "St. Anger"

You've got to respect Metallica for taking a chance - but you don't have to like the results. The band wanted to strip back all the big choruses and solos, and replace them with a big screaming snare drum. The only head banging you'll do to this record is against a wall, repeatedly.

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1. Metallica and Lou Reed "Lulu"

Where to begin. Lou Reed? The guitar sound? The table? It all sounded so promising; the world's greatest metal band unites with a renown '60s poet. We wanted to give it a chance, but when the concept album about European whores was finally released, it sank like a ship full of lead. Lou Reed sounded drunk, and James Hetfield was ridiculed for lines like "I AM THE TABLE" which he'll find hard to shake off. It's one of those cases where everyone around the musicians were too afraid to be honest and say it sounded awful. We'll forgive, but never forget.

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Are these really the worst metal records of all time? Can you think of others which should have made the top 10? Let us know in the comments.

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    Oh come on.. this chart is so bitter.. worst albums ever but half of them are from this or last year..
    Mustaine won't be happy if he ever sees this
    I'd be surprised if the Megadeth FULL ALBUM link isn't deleted and removed... as the other day they were bitching about low sales due to piracy. dur. Youtube = biggest pirate on earth. Makes captain hook look like a pussy
    Personally I don't think Super Collider should have been up there...maybe it is just me?
    I agree, although I didn't like the album, because it only came out a couple of weeks ago people are still in the haters mindset about it.
    I actually liked it. Except for the title track, I thought it was pretty good. Not as good as Rust In Peace, Peace Sells, Endgame, or even United Abominations, but good nonetheless.
    Same here. The first listen through I wasn't too into it except for a few songs, but it grew on me pretty quick and now I very much like it. I feel like it made it on the list due to the "Hate Mustaine" band wagon.
    How in the hell can you call Korn's Dubstep experiment a metal album? Korn's Take a Look in the Mirror was a metal album. What's number 11? Jay-Z. Absolutely stupid.
    Sewage Rat
    half of these aren't metal, and I have pretty broad definition of metal
    EXACTLY. this is the worst article ever.
    Really? We're back on the "OMG this ain't metal, I know 'cos I listen to Slayer" again? Let's just accept that there are 10 shitty albums here...
    First of all, St. Anger was pretty good, not their worst album... second most people dont even consider KoRn as metal but then they do when they want to make the top 10 worst metal albums? If you dont think they are metal, dont include them in a best or worst in metal anything!!!! Another thing, UG is stupid for saying "they wanted to start a revolution" they wanted to try something different they weren't trying to invent a new genre and shove it into peoples faces! It was EXPERIMENTAL. And another thing, UG stated that KoRn was "leaving them to firmly distance themselves from the album" ummmm NO. They still talk about it now and still play songs off that album, I saw them play at ROTR and they played "Get Up!" and people went nuts and it also has more views on youtube than a lot of other metal songs. Finally, UG states "and go back to their guitar roots on their next record." the reason isnt cause of that album, its because their ex guitarist Brain "head" Welch is back!!! sometimes, metalheads can be so closed minded and become the thing they hate, mainstream pop fans. Just cause it doesnt "sound metal" doesnt mean its the worst thing ever. so if it doesnt have gallops, isnt fast and crazy solos its not metal and considered the worst?? People need to have open minds sometimes and remember what music is all about. these arent shitty. not all at least
    eventually you will realize that "best and worst" lists are all a matter of opinion...and it is generally accepted that st anger was terrible, you may like it, but most of us with working ears understand how terrible it is (even lars has made fun of it, and himself for making it) and did you really write a paragraph on korn? the one band who used dub-step on their record? i think we have a fanboy who's out of mad bro?
    hey man, the dub step yeah was a big risk and yes i am a crazy fan for KoRn, i just wanted to point out how UG was trying to make it seem that they thought it was bad, which they dont, i mean its different not the "generic" metal but it still has a lot of great moments, no tampons here but yes i am mad lol at UG tho
    Yeah I've been watching Korn @ Hellfest on Youtube and the fans go ape at the songs off the P.O.T. album!
    You mean to say: Really? We're back to list the things we hate? This list is like a Mustaine rant. It doesn't bring us closer to good music nor does it help us with improving our music skills or enjoy anything. It's a stupid list to start with.
    Well if you're concerned about the educational merit, you can always use these albums as tips for what NOT to do... I'm personally not; I just like lists.
    No, half of this isn't Metal because I listen to half of Norway, Sweden, and Great Britain's Metal line-up. Attack is not Metal. BFMV isn't Metal. And Korn is only Metal half of the time.
    How is BFMV not metal? I think they're mostly shitty, but what makes them not metal? Fast distorted guitar riffs (cheesy as they might be), fast drumming with lots of double bass action, songs about killing and violent imagery etc. Those aren't the only requisites of metal, but they certainly belong to the genre. Are they not metal because you think they're too emo?
    I could ask someone who's been listening to metal for about a month what the worst metal albums are and it would probably be better than this.
    Have you ever heard of sub-generas? These are metal bands. LOOK I THE MIRROR!
    Ian Paul Gint
    Hm... That's what people voted. I don't agree with most positions either, but it's UG readers opinion - blame it on them (or us?) if you wish.
    This. People are blaming UG for making bad lists like these when it's the community who voted for them in the first place. It's a bit like shooting yourself in the knee and blaming the person who sold you the gun for doing so.
    Although, I forgive you, for the gold banner to the most popular post. That's a cool touch.
    It might have been better to call it the 10 Worst Albums from Metal Bands, but at that point you're just being a pedantic douche. I thought it was a pretty solid list.
    You should try listening to the album instead of the UG hivemind before saying it's not a metal album
    St anger is an awesome album : /
    Now tell me this album isn't awesome. It may not be their best and really different but second worst metal album? you guys are deaf.
    Okay, I'll tell you: this album isn't awesome. Though, as shite as it is, I agree that there are surely worse albums out there from lesser-known bands, or even bands that just churn out shite as standard; I consider St Anger a blip from Metallica.
    Obama FTW
    The thing I find funny about all of this is that years ago everyone thought St. Anger was horrible. And for years everyone thought the same thing. Now people are saying that St. Anger is good and they like it? I dont understand... Were people lying then and just saying it sucks because it was cool to say that? Or are people lying now? I don't understand. Maybe everyone just liked it in the first place but just didnt want to admit it...
    The people who hated it have had their say, and now that it was so long ago, people like me who actually enjoyed it can say that they enjoyed it.
    Thats kind of biased. Just because you happened to hear SOME people say it was shit before doesn't mean anyone changed any opinion. I have always liked the album. The people that like it just probably aren't too vocal about it when faced with the childish backlash of some people who do not like it. Why would some one walk around proclaiming they love something when they can only expect to be scolded unfairly for it? I am sure a lot of people love the album just as I do but don't feel the need to express that opinion for one reason or another.
    Sorry bro it sucks. i would have this in top10 crap albums also. sorry. But who gives a shit, what ever you like is all that matters. I dont think Megadeth should be on there, plus it just came out. But it's not for everybody
    Sweet Amber still remains to be one of my favourite Metallica songs and the hidden gem on the album for me
    confession to make. i bought st anger and had no idea there was one with a dvd... so i went and bought it again. so i actually have 2 st anger cds. SHIT FUCKING ROCKS. no more to say about it.
    I just can't agree with you. Yes, there are some great riffs to be found there, but the rest just sounds terrible. James' lyrics, although more introspective than ever, are easily forgettable. Besides the title track, I can't remember most of them. Also, Lars' drumming is just... terrible! I'm not just talking about the goddamned snare, he doesn't keep timing, his double-bass attacks are predictable and the whole thing just comes out as dull and lazy! Anyway, the album was made within the band's most troubling period since Cliff's death, and the product of that "storm in a glass of water" was St. Anger, one of the reasons why I don't keep bashing it over and over like most do. And to be honest, it shouldn't even be on a top 10 of "Worst Metal Albums", there's much, much worse than that.
    While it's not my favorite Metallica album by any means, I do enjoy St. Anger. Personally, I feel as though if another band had recorded and released St. Anger, it would have been a hit, but the fact that it was Metallica, and there's a certain expectation among fans as to what a Metallica album 'should be', people really don't like it. They seem to think that just because it's not Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, or ...And Justice For All, it's a horrible album. I just can't get behind that logic. Metallica took a chance and did something very different, and kudos to them for trying. As mentioned in other comments, after watching the DVD Some Kind of Monster, it really gives a lot of insight as to what Metallica was going through at the time of writing and recording the album. In addition, the St. Anger rehearsals DVD that was including with the album is quite kickass as well.
    Second Rate
    So, what you're basically saying is that even though St. Anger is a collection of poorly written songs assembled in protools out of weak, throw away riffs with a production job that is so embarrassingly awful that it makes "Blasphemy Made Flesh" sound glossy... everyone should still like it just because the name on the front says Metallica. Well, sir... I can not get behind that logic. Every band puts out at least one shit album, Metallica are no exception.
    The vocals suck, the drums are horrible, the guitar is plain and the lyrics are boring. I love metallica but this album is utter shit.
    I love that album too. People usually have a mental/intellectual inertia when it comes to voting on such topics. 'Worst metal album ever huh?? Oh yeah that album that everybody seems to hate on...Im gonna mention that too...cuz its cool to hate on an album released by the biggest heavy metal band in the World.'
    People don't understand what Metallica did with that good album, because they don't know what happened before and during the writing. If you didn't watch the movie/doc "Some Kind of Monster", you can't really speak about St. Anger.
    You shouldn't have to watch a documentary to make an opinion on an album. That's idiotic.
    what you said is basically "you don't have to read history books to know history"
    I judge an album by what I think of the music on the album, not behind the scenes footage. I don't like the taste of black olives, but I don't need to see how they're grown to make up my mind about it.
    There are some really bad ass songs on that album. I don't know why it gets so much hate.
    Agreed. It's way different from Metallica's other albums, but different doesn't mean bad. I love the raw simple sound that St. Anger has. I even like Lars' trashcan snare, I think it sounds kind of cool.
    What's wrong with St. Anger, actually? I'm not a Metallica fan, but St. Anger doesn't sound all that bad actually. Or do I have to be a Metallica fan to understand the hate?
    absolutely.. to place it on the list with temper temper is just ****ed up
    I thought it was a good album I just really hated the way it was mixed. Between the vocals and that...snare....
    It wouldn't have been so bad if the songs were only 3 minutes long.
    Perhaps. The songs had many promising elements that slaughtered by their repetitive nature, brought on by the sheer girth of their respective songs. If Metallica had gone full-on punk and churned out the songs in a shorter amount of time, perhaps things would have turned out differently.
    While I wouldn't say it's awesome, I think that it is a very good metal album. It has its faults, namely too cheesy at times lurics, and most of the songs could be quite shorter in running time. But it is in no way a bad album, let alone on of the worst ever. This is just metal fans being snobby, and supposed Metallica fans not having the maturity to listen to the album in the contenxt that it was made: Metallica tried to create a primal, raw album, where only the bare essence of the songs existed. That is why the sound is so rough, that is why there are next to no solos, leads, and pretty much anything to differentiate itself from the whole. It is supposed to be about the core of their songs. And it succeeds in that quite well. But it is definitely not a nu metal album. Only either an ignorant person or a pretty pety and hateful one would be so misguided so as to say something so asinine. And if you think Metallica created this record, this vast departure from their established style that has netted them so much money over the years, to "sell more albums", words fail to describe the amount of wrong that you are drowning into. Never mind though, the band is better off without such "fans".
    I think length of the songs is the main problem. I LOVE long, epic songs, but for them to work out, the have to be progressive and not just repetitive. Also, not every song on an album should be long. Regarding the sound of the album, I don't think it's very "comfortable" to listen to. I get that it's raw and bare, but those snare drums.. Nope. Also, Nu Metal isn't a genre, it's just a generalization of a all the bands that emergen in the '90s and '00s that didn't sound like grunge or anything from the '80s. For example, other than the hip hop elements on their two first albums, Slipknot has NOTHING to do with bands such KoRn, Limp Bizkit and early Linkin Park. Same goes for Disturbed and many others. Nu Metal is a hate-term for "true metal only"-bigots
    Actually people don't hate it because it's "bad", they hate it because Metallica were following the whole nu-metal craze and wanted to earn some money on it. They basically sold out. If some nu-metal band released St.Anger I bet it would be much more accepted. Also, the snare drum sounds cool.
    How the **** does St. Anger sound like nu-metal?? Anyway I don't blame you. You probably just read that shitty opinion somewhere on the internet and regurgitated the same bullshit on here.
    St. Anger definitely was not made to sell out. It was to rebel if anything. It was an eff you to the system, that system being the Kirk playing a 90 second solo over the same 3 powerchords of the last releases. LARS DISCONNECTED HIS SNARE FFS. It doesn't get more SCREW YOUR CONFORMITY than that. St. Anger is also good because Bob Rock made the guitars sound amazing, yet again. Like he has on every single record he has ever touched. That album is raw, metal. good because it's not Death Magnetic.
    They actually say in their documentary "Some Kind of Monster" that Kirk couldn't do guitar solos because everyone else around them was writing songs that didn't have guitar solos and that they wanted to try what everyone else was trying. With that said I do like some of St. Anger, I haven't listened to it all yet, but I don't think it's really that bad of an album, just not as good as their other albums.
    Oh my god....Ok if English is not your first language then let me explain : Kirk said that if they don't put guitar solos in their songs, it dates those songs 'to this period'...meaning it dates their song to the nu-metal era where songs did not have solos. On the other hand he was tired of doing the same type of solos over and over again over the same song structures. So they agreed on there shouldnt be a rule of 'No solos'...and there shouldnt be a rule of 'Solos' either..Whether to include a solo or not in the songs was decided by how they felt the song should sound like. If it served its purpose in the song they would include it. Clearly at that point they felt solos were not needed. If they did they would have included it. Its not like they were trying to follow the nu-metal trend for F*** sake!
    yeah we all saw the film mate. there's lots of quotes in it that can contradict every post. then you'll quote something else and it makes the previous quote redundant. good film, that.
    No, it really doesn't...There were genres and songs that didn't typically have solos before and since nu-metal. (eg a lot of punk) They've also come out and said they tried solos with the songs but they didn't really fit or work.
    Actually people don't hate it because it's "bad" Actually, I do. I think the album is bad. Very, very bad. Just like other people's opinions here seem to generally concur that it's good.
    Dude watch "Some Kind of Monster" before talking shit about them during those years. It was such a hard moment, especially for James. If you watch the documentary you will see it's just uncategorized music that came togheter naturally.
    Had St. Anger been put out by some other band, and not Metallica, people would've loved it, especially at the time. It's really not bad an album, it's just not Metallica. Now Lulu? That's just bad on every single goddamned level.
    I really liked it when it came out. But for me it hasn't aged well at the same time as my musical tastes evolving. I still like it now, but mostly it's from nostalgia. It's my world... SUKKIIIITT!!!!!
    eh, it's ok. If it was another band I would've probably liked it more, but with a band like Metallica (especially post 90s) I expected quite a bit more diversity in the songwriting and the album failed to meet my expectation. Still, it's pretty good to give it a spin every now and then when you're pissed off at the world.
    First of all, St. Anger was pretty good, not their worst album... second most people dont even consider KoRn as metal but then they do when they want to make the top 10 worst metal albums? If you dont think they are metal, dont include them in a best or worst in metal anything!!!! Another thing, UG is stupid for saying "they wanted to start a revolution" they wanted to try something different they weren't trying to invent a new genre and shove it into peoples faces! It was EXPERIMENTAL. And another thing, UG stated that KoRn was "leaving them to firmly distance themselves from the album" ummmm NO. They still talk about it now and still play songs off that album, I saw them play at ROTR and they played "Get Up!" and people went nuts and it also has more views on youtube than a lot of other metal songs. Finally, UG states "and go back to their guitar roots on their next record." the reason isnt cause of that album, its because their ex guitarist Brain "head" Welch is back!!! sometimes, metalheads can be so closed minded and become the thing they hate, mainstream pop fans. Just cause it doesnt "sound metal" doesnt mean its the worst thing ever. so if it doesnt have gallops, isnt fast and crazy solos its not metal and considered the worst?? People need to have open minds sometimes and remember what music is all about.
    Yeah, genuinely really like that album. It's my favourite of theirs since Master of Puppets. I don't understand the hate. I like the raw, unpolished sound of it.
    Other than that snare drum, St. Anger was actually decent. Sure, it wasn't Metallica's best, but it was far from bad.
    I've always loved St. Anger. No other album I've ever heard gets my blood pumping like that one.
    They should change the title to "Top 10 Disappointing Albums from Mainstream Metal Bands." Considering half these albums aren't necessarily bad, just different.
    every argument is invalid cause YOU CANT ARGUE ABOUT MUSICAL TASTE!!! "its good" "its not good" "It is" "no its not" blablabla.. come on guys.... why??
    Face R1pper
    UG is now officially the most uneducated website that attempts to represent heavy metal.
    I would say the people are the problem not the site, even though to a degree you are right, they could filter the votes as in eliminating non-metal albums.
    I personally don't think Virtual XI or Super Collider are anywhere near as bad enough to make a "Top 10 Worst Metal Albums" list...
    despite my preaching about those 2 people still think they suck ass but all they are really are disappointing releases by 2 of the best metal bands around, there are waaaay worse albums out there
    St. Anger really doesn't deserve to be on there, nor does BFMV or Super Collider - There are worse albums, come on guys.
    TT from BFMV is the worst metal album Ive ever touched upon...
    True. But I saw them live 2 weeks ago (stood first row in front of Padge) and they delivered the best ****ing show of the whole metal festival. Of course that's my opinion. So, they can realease shitty albums as long as they want, they just have to burn the stage down live. PS: Even "Temper Temper" (I hate that record) songs kicked live.v maybe because they sounded so raw and alive.
    I really have to agree. I saw BFMV at Uproar 2011 and they really were a good live act. They weren't quite the level of Seether, Three Days Grace or Avenged Sevenfold, but they were still pretty good. Their studio-work could be better, but they really are a solid live-band.
    I think UG-users forgot about anything that wasn't either A) Hated by the bandwagon or B) Pre-2011 Honestly, if I hear a bad album, I'd rather attempt to forget it than bother to remember the title for more than a few months. This just shows that we are successful.
    Nah, Look What The Cat Dragged In is a glam classic...and worst Megadeth album is Risk!
    Risk isn't as bad as most people think.
    ....It is.
    no its not and see its people like you that dont appreciate an attempt to change it had some solid songs on it, if a new band cameout and released risk people would like it its just because megadeth tried to change that its referred to as an awful album
    I have to agree this album is a classic, especially for those of us who were in L.A.during this era. It's not a Metal album at all but it does have their best material, yes over produced demo! Their following albums just declined for me, again not Metal!
    I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how Virtual XI could have been voted? Blaze Bailey was amazing for Maiden. I'll admit to Path of Totality being a complete disappointment and St.Anger wasn't that great either, so there's at least two albums I agree with. Bitterly disappointed about Virtual XI being voted though!
    very childish immature list. we're musicians some of us are on the outside fringes of society. we should be supporting each other not ****ing tearing our closest friends apart. ****ing stupid
    The only reason why Virtual XI was voted in on here is because of the amount of people who never gave the albums with Blaze a fair chance, and who favour Bruce and Paul over him. It's pretty hard to replace one of metal's best vocalists, yet Blaze did a great job considering the style that The X Factor and Virtual XI were written in.
    Totally sgree with you and people are missing out on a great beck catalogue if his solo work.
    The number of people that can't tell the difference from being disappointed in a album, to a album actually being shit is too damn high!
    I'm tired of these mother ****ing genera-nazis on this mother ****ing website.
    Face R1pper
    It really is. Even if an album has one or two decent songs on it, that album should never be considered for the "worst album ever" when there are plenty of albums out there with zero good songs.
    Arfing Thumb
    I actually really like Iron Maidens "Virtual XI". Of course you can't compare it to their other albums. Bruce und Blaze are really different singers, making the Blaze Era albums also really different in sound and atmosphere. But as for myself I can enjoy both styles.
    I was just about to post something like what you said, i completely agree Besides, how cool is futureal???
    Listen to this, then tell me Virtual XI sucks. Also, about St. Anger: "The only head banging you'll do to this record is against a wall, repeatedly." I headbang to this album every day. And not against a wall.
    Korn's album shouldn't be here. It might not of been their most popular but c'mon, respect the artists for trying to experiment and create NEW MUSIC. I can think of many 'carbon copy' metal bands out there who have no innovative thoughts of their own who should be in this list.
    What's new or experimental about dubstep? Fair enough, Korn never tried it before but that only suggests they jumped on the (painfully trite) dybstep bandwagon.
    Because dub step can go well with metal, it hadn't been done before and essentially created a new genre. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it doesn't exist or have any value
    I will say though they went about it in the same way as Muse did with their "dubstep" song which was basically to just bash together the two genres and hope for the best. Dubstep (or brostep I guess) won't get any true popular integration into other genres until someone tries to mix the two subtly and cohesively.
    Check out The Howling from the UK. They subtly mix it with punk. YouTube 'Hole in my head'
    Darth Crow
    St. Anger shouldn't have been there. Lulu, on the other hand... I can't really name any "worst albums" for myself, but Lulu is definately the worst thing I have ever heard (rock-wise).
    I'd gladly sit through 3 more lulu-quality albums for another Master of Puppets.
    I liked parts of lulu, i did a remix and remastered version with all the good parts of that album and i find myself listening to it all the time
    there is a string tribute to Hoobastank out there. Need I say it come very close to sucking as much as Lulu does? haha
    I don't get the controversy about St.Anger.. it's one of my favourite albums, all the emotions about Jason leaving the band and James quit drinking.. it is diffenrent, yes.. but bad? No. I don't think so.
    UG members can be pretty dumb at times. Why Lulu was voted at all is a mystery, take away the name "metallica", and you wouldn't even think of it being metal, why not just put Kanye West on the list while we're at it? Super Collider wasn't that bad, is it really that much of a sin for a metal band to make a hard rock album? I actually liked the Super Collider track, kinda catchy. St. Anger is better than half the shit on this list, yeah it probably deserves a spot (I personally liked it though), but not number 2. I guess trying to think of some of the worst "metal album" it's kinda hard without making exceptions, but come on guys, there is a whole shit sea of bad metal that you could have picked from.
    These aren't even close to the worst albums out there..... this is pointlessly biased and hipster-ish
    I like how the Geoff Tate part reads like a "previously on UG" section.
    Attack Attack! - "Readers voted their entire catalog to the chart, so we're just including their lowest-rated album" Haha that's gold
    Personally, their self-titled album was even worse.
    The thing that really gets me is Caleb's vocals and lyrics. Good electronics, bad musicianship. Would appreciate it if more electronicore bands tried to be less whiny and more creative. To me, the addition of electronics in metal was a big milestone. Bands like Last Chance to Reason and Blood Stain Child (check them out, they're great!) do well with the electro-metal genre, but bands like Attack Attack! and Woe, is Me....not so much. Anyway, that's my rant.
    Sacred Blood
    Super Collider one of the worst metal albums? Did you guys even listen to it? It had the most melodic songs Megadeth has ever written, songs like Dance in the Rain, The Blackest Crow, Forget to Remember are pure class. Metal isnt all about fast riffs and shredding, there are much worse albums out there than that.
    Super Collider was a pretty good album. Attack Attack sucks so I'm happy to see that on this list. Temper Temper only had like one good song and that was Tears pt.2.
    Jesus wept. Who posts these articles. Your number one, is an old man TALKING over some occasionally catchy Metallica riffs. IT'S NOT METAL. The only thing metal about it is the word metal included in the word Metallica.
    It's an album put out by a metal band, so there is a certain expectation.
    It wasn't an album by a metal band. It was an album by Lou Reed. It's sort of like when you ask an artist of a different genre to make an appearance on your album (Mustaine really wanted Willie Nelson of Miranda Lambert to appear on The Blackest Crow). So saying that Lulu is a Metallica album is not at all true. Lou Reed has said that it was a Lou Reed album with Metallica backing him. Not a Metallica album with him singing.
    It's an album released by Lou Reed, who last time I checked is NOT a metal band.
    News flash: Metallica writes metal riffs. So although the vocals might not be your stereotypical metal, the music and even the lyrics are.
    link no1
    'Nothing else matters', the definition of the word 'metal'. The constant distorted riffs, ravishingly fast bass pedals and screaming vocals in that song just define 'metal'. In case you didn't get what I was saying, just because they're a metal band, doesn't mean they write just metal.
    I liked the KORN album. St. Anger, I like certain songs. And I'm a Bullet For My Valentine fan, and Temper Temper grows on me after a few listens to examine all the songs. Let the hate comments begin
    Why the **** is St. Anger here?... Its not the best, but its definitely the Worst to be second place
    Metals been going strong for about 40 years and 7 of these albums were released in the last 5 years... From this I deduce that either metal has never been worse, or people on this site don't have much of an attention span.
    Metallica takes both the first and second slot... Amazing how you could see the same band on lists of both the best and worst Metal albums of all time.
    even cristopher lee is far more metal than all this crap
    "even"? Christopher Lee is more metal than most of the bands out there today that claim to be metal, period.
    I like the Maiden album... isn't the best but sounds great to me...
    As a Maiden die-hard, I was so incredibly disappointed with both Blaze albums; it seems that even the songwriting suffered, irrespective of his trudging, tuneless vocals. However, Sign of the Cross, The Clansman and Futureal sung by Brucie are awesome!
    Having studying sound I've always heard people say how awful the snare was on St Anger. I never actually listened to the album but wow, that truly is one of the worst drum kit sounds I've ever heard.
    lulu was the joke of jokes. the shitstain of music. it was the retarded child between metal and terrible poetry.
    So we've got a fictional record and two records released within the past couple months. Good to know UG readers have a good sense of actual crappiness. Not one Limp Bizkit album on the list. And Metallica's had efforts weaker than St. Anger, like Load and Reload. And though Lulu is by no stretch a "classic" metal album, it was an experiment that didn't really seem intended to count as a true metal album. Not that I disagree that parts of it are unlistenable, but I'd sooner forgive an experiment than a serious part of a band's discography that actually wasn't that good.
    Poison's album kicks ass! One of the best albums in the world. If it sucks, more than a half of metal albums suck. To guitarists: just try to play Poison songs. If you're good enough in that, like CC Deville, you'll get laid a lot of chicks! P.S. Sorry for mistakes in English, i'm from Russia).
    Looking at this list, I actually liked Super Collider, St Anger and Path of Totality. There are are worse albums than those >.>
    I don't know why Korn is on the list. Path to Totality was a pretty good album itself.
    Everyone was expecting Cannibal Corpse and Deicide, and they name dubstep albums from some of the most popular bands on earth. was a silly article.
    Do not agree about St. Anger being there. In my opinion, it's a pretty great album.
    Okay, i personally love St Anger, but i can see why people wouldn't like it. Fair enough. BUT FUCKING VIRTUAL XI?!? Sorry it's not Bruce, you whiny little ****-wits. That album is amazing, even if it was "low charting". And Super Collider is easily one of Megadeth's BEST albums and should be in running for album of the year. But no, "it's not thrash, so it sucks". Fucking plebeians.
    "Mainden's lowest charting album since "Killers" in 1981" What does this mean? Killers is an awesome album, what the hell!!!
    I do like the path of totality, and Virtual XI is just not as good as other maiden records, but it's still better than most other metal albums.
    1) The Mother&$@#ing Clansman! Virtual XI is by default a classic for that tune alone, tho,Bruce does it better. 2) Lulu is not a fair inclusion. It was not, is not, and was never supposed to be a metal.album.
    Hence My Name
    Hmmm...really? In my opinion,I thought Korn's album sounded cool. It's not the worst, rather it was unique. Truth be told though, I had to do a second listen. Oh yeah, you should listen to John Cage's 4'33 and lets see how long you last lol.