Top 10 Worst Rockstar Honorings

Rock tributes gone wrong, or not happening at all.

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Honoring rock icons can be a bit of a tricky matter, as hardcore fans have a tendency to criticize every minute detail they find inappropriate. But sometimes, tributes can go so wrong that it seems like it was better they never happened in the first place.

Anyhow, this week we've asked you to share your thoughts about the worst rockstar honoring of all time. We've summed up the results, details below.

10. Limp Bizkit Performing 'Killing in the Name' Dressed as GN'R

Not sure what Guns N' Roses have to do with Rage Against the Machine, but Fred Durst and co. thought it was a good idea to mix the two, resulting in "Killing in the Name" live performance in GN'R outfit. Their efforts didn't go unnoticed, earning Limp Bizkit an opening spot on our list.

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9. Miley Cyrus Singing 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

This one stirred up quite a drama when it first went online, and apparently it still does. Miley covering Nirvana? What could possibly be more atrocious? It's sacrilege we say!

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8. Beatles Barkers

OK, just wtf?

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7. Axl Rose Singing GN'R Songs

Giving Axl a fresh dose of UG sass, you guys decided to take a bit of a jab at Mr. Rose. Hence, No. 7 goes to Axl Rose's GN'R "covers" with the band's current lineup.

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6. Avril Lavigne Performing 'Fuel'

That "Metallica MTV Icon" show from 2003 sure had metal fans crossed with some of the performing artists. As a matter of fact, the show earned two spots on the list. Firstly, there's Avril Lavigne's edition of "Fuel." Sadly, but truthfully, there's more, so we'll get to that a bit later.

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5. Adam Lambert Singing with Queen

Stepping into the shoes no man can fill, Adam Lambert was up for copious amount of hate from Queen fans as he performed with the band, earning him a No. 5 spot on the list. Check out if he's that bad in the clip below.

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4. Snoop Dogg Performing 'Sad But True'

Geting back to "Metallica MTV Icon" thing, Snoop Dogg had the crowd members scratching their heads that night as he delivered a once-in-a-lifetime rendition of "Sad But True." It was so bad that it made a full circle and turned awesome. Or not. "Biatch!"

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3. Holograms Replacing Rockstars

The idea of holograms replacing late rockstars, or any late musical giants isn't something UG community is too fond of. Although holograms pay respect to icons no longer with us, it's still just a playback of old material and a dressed-up way to cash in on late titans with flashy gimmicks.

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2. Kurt Cobain's Crying Statue

Getting to more recent events, statue of "Kurt Cobain crying next to coffee and a power drill whilst holding a guitar that looked inflatable" gets the silver medal this week. Thanks to SocksAndTrees for that vibrant description.

1. Lack of Jeff Hanneman on Grammys' "In Memoriam"

Ever since "Crest of a Knave" beat "...And Justice for All" in 1988, Grammys have been a thorn in metal fans' side and this year's ceremony only made the rift worse with the exclusion of late Slayer icon Jeff Hanneman from the "In Memoriam" segment. Additionally, late Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr was also excluded from the tributes section and the all-star QOTSA/Reznor/Grohl/Buckingham performance got cut off by commercials. Making peace with Grammys just seems like an impossible task now.

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    Why the hell was the Beatles Barkers on here? That's the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life.
    Dog jingles are a polarizing thing. You either say they are the greatest thing ever or absolutely hate them. There are a significant number of us who could not sit through more than 20 seconds of that without inflicting self harm.
    Where's UG's Master of Puppets picture?!!?! Honorable mention anyone?
    I also miss the comment which was upvoted: "Tables being mistakenly identified as James Hetfield everywhere."
    The whole question was a joke really, especially this list. How was Lambert replacing Freddie Mercury 'honouring' him in the first place? the MTV show should of just had a place on it's own, and the UG/table comments should of been here. EDIT: the idea for the show was good, but for the exception of the korn/sum 41 songs it was pretty poor.
    Yeah, the whole thing only exasperated many metal fans feelings that the genre was nearly dead. KoRN and Sum 41 did respectable covers, but Limp Bizkit, Avril, and Soop Dogg just bombed their performances. Was there nobody else popular at the time capable of performing?
    That Cobain statue is just horrid, It would honestly be best to take the thing down. Kurt would not be offended.
    Having been to Aberdeen, I can say with confidence that that statue is probably the pride of the entire city.
    I don't get the hate with Queen + Lambert. Lambert has got incredible range and tone.It's not even like he's trying to disrespectfully replace Freddie Mercury.
    Isn't Lambert well known as a contestant from one of those TV talent/singing shows? A lot of people have a lot of hate for those sort of things so they're probably unable to dissociate Lambert from whichever show he appeared on.
    I really don't think they should be playing under the moniker 'Queen' anymore. I'd be totally fine with that if it was just "Members of Queen ft. Adam Lambert" or something like that, but to call it Queen... Avril Lavigne wasn't really that bad either.
    It's because he has no "credibility" so to speak. If he was a major talented musician who got fame himself, we'd be more ok with it, but it's because he only has fame because of American Idol.
    Lambert worked hard for over a decade as a self-promoting musician before getting the TV or Queen gigs. Most of those singing shows suck but Adam Lambert is a great singer and a great match with Queen.
    Don't get me wrong, I would agree there. I was simply stating the biggest opinion I've heard on the matter. I can't stand Lambert myself, though I can see why others like him a lot.
    I thought the Fuel cover was pretty solid from a musical standpoint. Avril could've been a little more energetic, but that's all I can nitpick really :-/ And of course the Grammy's were once again disrespectful c*nts to some legendary metal icons. What else is new....
    must say i disagree with Adam Lambert being on this list. feel free d=to disagree, but if you downvote this, tell me who can do Freddie Justice
    Listen, I understand metalheads get their panties in a bunch when one of our own isn't honored when they pass away, but whether you accept it or not, metal is an ugly music that the majority cannot digest. Face it, us metalheads have a stigma attached to us. We dress like idiots, listen to lyrics about death and hate, and love loud screaming vocals. Hot chicks, successful business men and well respected people don't typically enjoy metal. These r the ppl watching the Grammys and fueling the garbage music machine. Many of you would argue and say I know so and so and he's a dr. But loves metal. R there exceptions? Yes but I prefer to not have metal gods remembered at a fake who's who event. Keep it within the metal community where it should b. I attended my first and only rap concert recently and it really put the music industry in perspective for me. Smoking hot women everywhere who knew every degrading lyric there was soaking up the obvious samples, fake band and overall not live feel. Do u think these broads know or give a shit about Jeff hanneman? Those chicks r the ones watching and the smart businessmen know this. Why alienate your audience with something they don't care about. Don't taint someone's legacy by having posers get in on it. It's like when you see someone wearing your favorite bands shirt but they can't name one song by the band.
    Is that what Axl really sounds like these days? Man, I thought that was one of those awful "Shreds" parodies for the first minute or two. Who in their right mind would pay for the overpriced tickets to see that? I didn't actually think the Avril cover was that awful, but that might be because I watched it immediately after the GNR one.
    The performance was during a bout with laryngitis. But because UG just likes to find the worst possible thongs about people, there you go. IMO Axl sounds great considering his vocal style and the fact that he's 50
    I think it must be a parody. The audio for the vocals didn't match the video. He would pull the mic away before finishing the note without having any noticeable difference in sound. If it was lip singing then the sound would not be bad. No body lip sings to a bad track. The guitar solo didn't match his fingers. I don't really care for the GNR of now, but I think that video is just an attempt at slandering them. Maybe I'm wrong (and it makes no difference to me whether they sound good or not as I'm not listening to them either way) but that video and audio track don't match up, which leads me believe it is fake.
    Adam Lambert sings ****ing awesome, he shouldn't have been on this list
    yeah i don't like adam lambert, and i've barely listened to queen besides the hits... but he sings amazing in that video.
    The top three are the only ones that make sense. The rest are just people moaning about a particular artist they don't like doing a song. Yeah they may have done it for publicity or as a (bad) tribute but that happens all the time. When a metal band cover a pop song it's all good apparently
    IMO Adam Lambert sounds good as hell in this video. He's not officially a member of Queen, right? If that's the case, why would there be any hate at all??
    As much as I dislike Avril Lavigne.. I thought her cover of fuel was damn good!
    Avril Lavigne actually used to be pretty good in her early days. Once the second album came out it was all downhill from there.
    That Sad But True cover was terrible, has Snoop even heard the song before? But I think his performance at Coachella with 2pac was really well executed. It was a good tribute but touring dead musicians as holograms is a twisted money-grabbing scam. So holograms probably deserve their spot on the list.
    Didn't 2pac have a falling out with Dre and Snoop towards the end of his life? That would probably bug me the most, honestly, if they were using his hologram and "preforming with him" as if they were buddies until the very end.
    Downvote me all you want, but I saw GNR live a couple years back and they are fine without all of the original members. I think it's mostly blind bandwagon hate. Chinese Democracy is better than all of VR and Slash's solo material combined.
    It's not really blind bandwagon..I think most of it has got to do with the name. Imagine if..first example that comes to mind: Imagine of Audioslave had released their first album under "Soundgarden" wouldn't have had a good reception, and I can see why.And it's exactly the same difference.It's the same singer with a different band under the same name, I'm sure if Axl Rose had released Chinese Democracy under a different name, things would have been different.
    Greetings friend! We here at the Axl Rose Apologist Community (ARAC) would like to consider you for membership. Please forward your info.
    It's not really blind bandwagon..I think most of it has got to do with the name. Imagine if..first example that comes to mind: Imagine of Audioslave had released their first album under "Soundgarden" wouldn't have had a good reception, and I can see why. And it's exactly the same difference.It's the same singer with a different name I'm sure if Axl Rose had released that under a different name, things would have been different.
    What baffles me most, people still BUY tickets for limp bizkit?!
    Vicryl 2.0
    was wondering the same thing. they can still command a big ass crowd.
    As cheesy as Limp Bizkit's music is, they are good performers. They have good energy and look like an enjoyable band to see. And this is coming from someone who finds their music ridiculous.
    I saw Three Days Grace and they covered this song. They did it better.
    Lol. They got pushed to the side stage to make way for Rammstein whose show literally blew them away.
    I'm pretty sure they only go to the gigs for this... (and maybe one/two other songs)... Shame other bands can't have the slot though... a ninety minute slot for three pop rock singles... and filler
    Burnt Ice
    The exclusion of Jeff Hanneman from the "In Memoriam" section makes sense. Considering the Grammy Awards very likely has several Semitic people in key positions, why would they want to honour someone that collected Nazi war memorabilia and wrote/performed songs about the holocaust in no condemning way? Think about it, it makes sense.
    If I'm not mistaken, Slayer has been nominated for more than a few Grammy's. They may even have won a couple, so it's just another reason for us to scratch our heads after they didn't honor him.
    Burnt Ice
    That's a good point, but maybe the money and attention Slayer generated was more valuable to some people than Jeff Hanneman's memory.
    I think he was probably not included because 99% of people who watch that muck have never heard of him and don't like metal or thrash. Why would any music fan want to watch that industry circle jerk?
    I agree that it was a pretty big mistake of the Grammys to leave Hannemann out of the "In Memoriam" section but I don't know if had anything to do with perceived Anti-semitism. Slayer have been nominated and have been Grammy winners in the past. I think it's just another sign of how out of touch the Grammys have become. I'm sure that the board members that make these decisions still see heavy metal as "new and scary" even though it's been a popular, relevant and influential form of music for over 4 decades. Maybe in another 40 or 50 years the people at the Grammys will pull their heads out of their asses and realize that music and music in popular culture have actually evolved since the 1960's. Maybe.
    Burnt Ice
    And what do you know, the President of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy Awards) is Neil Portnow - Jewish. That explains no Jeff Hanneman.
    Excluding Hannemann was a stupid mistake but your comment really sounds more like Anti-Semitic paranoia than a reasonable assessment of what happened.
    That was a good cover dude...even if you don't like them I think they did a respectable job.
    Ok. I thought after Miley "dancing" to smells like teen spirit, which rather looks like she's receiving multiple punches from hollow man, nothing worse could come. Axl did proof me wrong, once again.
    I think what bugged people was that it wasn't a metal album (though arguably hard rock). At the time it was an upset, but Metallica had it made up to them later on nine times and counting. It seems for award shows like the Grammys or Oscars often snubs artists of awards for things they deserve. Later on give the same artist an award as compensation for something that does not deserve an award, snubbing a more deserving artist in the process. This completes the cycle of never awarding the wrong stuff for the wrong reasons.