Top 10 Worst Types of Music Fan

Which musicians have the worst fan base following ever? Feel the hate in our latest top 10.

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Some bands, whether they're good or bad, have horrible fan bases. It's not always their fault, though of course, sometimes the artist is a bad influence and attracts the worst of them. We asked Ultimate Guitar readers to nominate and vote for the worst music fan bases ever, and this is what we got. We don't agree with the whole list, but the people have spoken. Do you agree with the results? Let us know what you think in the comments.

10. Hipsters

Those darn Pitchfork reading, sandal wearing, vinyl listening, moustache growing, duck-face posing, indie-rock grooving, camel riding, ukelele strumming, poem writing hipsters aren't so bad. Until you see them in person. Here they are posing for the camera because they think it's about to take a picture.

9. Nirvana Fans

Hey, nice Nirvana hoodie. Looks pretty fresh, though. Were you alive when they were around? No, they didn't exist. Yes, they were a great band. No, you shouldn't wear the same hoodie every day.

8. Beatles fans (who thinks that everything after 1970s is not music)

The Beatles are undoubtedly one of the greatest bands of all time, and set the template for almost every songwriting musician that followed. But they are not the only artists worthy of existence, and there's plenty of music created since that rivals them. The Beatles were just four great musicians, not oxygen. Take a walk or something.

7. Black Veil Brides fans

They're full of faux goths and annoying poses. And that's just the band; wait until you see their fan base. (Note: we have no idea if the people in this picture are fans or in the band. It’s hard to tell.)

6. Korn fans

Korn are great at what they do, but some of their fans are a little stuck in the 1990s. Guys, you gotta learn that rap metal has moved on. Hell, Korn have moved on too. They're not all bad - it's the fans of "Path of Totality" that you want to worry about.

5. *Random metalcore band* fangirls

This subset of women do the rest of female music fans a disservice. It's that small group of fan girls who don't really understand metal, but have realised that dressing in black gets some attention from burly male metal heads. Hopefully in the band.

4. UG Community


3. The Directioners

One Direction are a bunch of c--ts, and so are anyone who likes them. What else do you need to know?

2. Insane Clown Posse fans

While we think it sucks that ICP fans have been targeted by the FBI and classified as gang members, there's no doubt that anyone who is impressed by lyrics like "F--king magnets? How do they work?" is douche-tastic.

1. Beliebers

Justin Bieber fans don't just have soppy lightweight boring gutless weird loner tired small meek baby weird misguided shameful music tastes. Oh no. They also call themselves "Beliebers." Ugh.

That's the end of our top 10 worst music fans. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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    Really entertaining. Keep the guy who wrote this on the payroll guys.
    For once, I actually agree with one of UG's lists.
    Um, most of us agree with the list, but I have to say, where are the Metal Elitists?
    Metal Elitists was covered under UG Community.
    God damn! Beat me to it. And I was all scrollin' like: "I'ma be the first! teehee!" ...In a little school girl voice and all. And then I scrolled over your comment. Bastahd...
    I laughed out loud and I rarely do that anymore on the internet. so yeah, seconded. And we really are a bunch of s***s, indeed.
    Yeah, I haven't seen a UG article that I found funny since Crazy Dave Mustain stopped putting his foot in his mouth.
    we forgot about the Nicki Minaj fans
    matteo cubano
    dont forget OFWGKTA fans
    yes and no. the fan girls and teenage hipsters who listen to wolf gang are ****ing lame, but they are great as musicians and not all fans should be thrown in, just like this whole list.
    Odd Future is (for the most part) very talented musically and I think that they are awesome but there are those ****ing idiotic fad-followers who act all obsessed with OFWGKTA and don't know a damn thing about them. I have all of Tyler's and Earl's music on my ipod and I don't own one article of OFWGKTA paraphernalia.
    Ian Paul Gint
    Ian Paul Gint [m] · Nov 23, 2013 03:03 PM
    You know, I happen to like slutty metal chicks.
    You sir, have apparently been made into a "burly male metal man".
    Or a guy who likes chicks (with assets like in no. 5, how can you be picky?). Now, I know I'm not burly, but I have to agree with clasicrock there
    The funny thing is, those two metal chicks are actually the singers of Butcher Babies...
    yeah not all metalhead chicks are ex-playboy models. most are a little over weight and have weird haircuts.
    hipsters are still the most annoying
    I honestly don't even know what a hipster is. I hear people refer to just about anyone as a "hipster" these days.
    There's two kinds of hipsters. The first and most thought-of one is the strawman hipster that doesn't actually exist, this is the one people use to insult anything to do with underground music and anti-mainstream/commercial sentiment. The second are actual hipsters, people who follow the subculture and are real. They're fashion-friendly trend followers. They like a wide variety of music, though the main genre seems to be Indie Rock. Everything outside that is always featured on Pitchfork and, more often than not, it's a cheap imitation of the genre it's a part of, like how Shoegaze Black Metal and bands like Mastodon are Metal for people who don't like Metal. They're kind of like preps in their adherence to trends, except they like to think they're cultured.
    Sempermore · Nov 23, 2013 04:19 PM
    When you here hipsters, you think hippy, well, thats different, hipsters are like huge fans of indie rock and live that lifestyle, yeah the hipsters are annoying.
    Eh, as a dude who works in a record store, the more hipstery kids that come in are more passive, friendly, and generally open minded about conversations, while a lot of the metal heads that come in scoff at anybody who doesn't agree that Metallica is the greatest band of all time and that metal is the only genre of music that matters. I'd probably put metal heads over just about anybody. Super opinionated and closed minded.
    No djent fanboys? Really? I mean I like djent but dealing with the periphery fanboys who obsess over noise gates, compression, axe fx, MESHUGGAH, and whether djent is actually a chord, a sound, a genre or a word... and want to kill anyone who disagrees with their opinion is just awful.
    Djent is a very recent, incredibly small and inconsequential trend brought about by a bunch of bands that aren't even popular amongst Metal or Punk fans. The fans may be rabid in the defence of a bunch of lacklustre Metalcore bands ripping off Meshuggah, but they're simply not big enough to be considered in a Top 10 list of crap fanbases. Maybe as a subset of Prog Metal fans, which is definitely a group that could be added anywhere on this list.
    It needs more 'People who believe themselves to be above pop music'.
    Is it wrong to be above pop music? Have you listened to the radio lately?
    Yes it is wrong to believe oneself above "pop" music as pop music is actually quite diverse. I've heard just as many badly written, performed and produced metal songs as I have heard badly written, performed and produced "pop" songs. As for listening to the radio "lately", people have been saying that as long as radio has been around. There was bad music in the past on the radio too, it's just that everyone forgot about it. There are only two kinds of music; good and bad. The more you know about music theory, composition and production, the more genres and mainstream vs underground becomes irrelevant.
    I agree. But I would say more like "there are only two kinds of music; music that I like and music that I don't like".
    Radio stuff can be a lot of fun. Pop doesn't try to be some pinnacle of music progress. Maybe it's just that I stopped caring a few years ago.