Top 10 Worst Types of Music Fan

Which musicians have the worst fan base following ever? Feel the hate in our latest top 10.

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Some bands, whether they're good or bad, have horrible fan bases. It's not always their fault, though of course, sometimes the artist is a bad influence and attracts the worst of them. We asked Ultimate Guitar readers to nominate and vote for the worst music fan bases ever, and this is what we got. We don't agree with the whole list, but the people have spoken. Do you agree with the results? Let us know what you think in the comments.

10. Hipsters

Those darn Pitchfork reading, sandal wearing, vinyl listening, moustache growing, duck-face posing, indie-rock grooving, camel riding, ukelele strumming, poem writing hipsters aren't so bad. Until you see them in person. Here they are posing for the camera because they think it's about to take a picture.

YouTube preview picture

9. Nirvana Fans

Hey, nice Nirvana hoodie. Looks pretty fresh, though. Were you alive when they were around? No, they didn't exist. Yes, they were a great band. No, you shouldn't wear the same hoodie every day.

8. Beatles fans (who thinks that everything after 1970s is not music)

The Beatles are undoubtedly one of the greatest bands of all time, and set the template for almost every songwriting musician that followed. But they are not the only artists worthy of existence, and there's plenty of music created since that rivals them. The Beatles were just four great musicians, not oxygen. Take a walk or something.

7. Black Veil Brides fans

They're full of faux goths and annoying poses. And that's just the band; wait until you see their fan base. (Note: we have no idea if the people in this picture are fans or in the band. It’s hard to tell.)

6. Korn fans

Korn are great at what they do, but some of their fans are a little stuck in the 1990s. Guys, you gotta learn that rap metal has moved on. Hell, Korn have moved on too. They're not all bad - it's the fans of "Path of Totality" that you want to worry about.

5. *Random metalcore band* fangirls

This subset of women do the rest of female music fans a disservice. It's that small group of fan girls who don't really understand metal, but have realised that dressing in black gets some attention from burly male metal heads. Hopefully in the band.

4. UG Community


3. The Directioners

One Direction are a bunch of c--ts, and so are anyone who likes them. What else do you need to know?

2. Insane Clown Posse fans

While we think it sucks that ICP fans have been targeted by the FBI and classified as gang members, there's no doubt that anyone who is impressed by lyrics like "F--king magnets? How do they work?" is douche-tastic.

1. Beliebers

Justin Bieber fans don't just have soppy lightweight boring gutless weird loner tired small meek baby weird misguided shameful music tastes. Oh no. They also call themselves "Beliebers." Ugh.

That's the end of our top 10 worst music fans. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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    Really entertaining. Keep the guy who wrote this on the payroll guys.
    For once, I actually agree with one of UG's lists.
    Um, most of us agree with the list, but I have to say, where are the Metal Elitists?
    Metal Elitists was covered under UG Community.
    God damn! Beat me to it. And I was all scrollin' like: "I'ma be the first! teehee!" ...In a little school girl voice and all. And then I scrolled over your comment. Bastahd...
    I laughed out loud and I rarely do that anymore on the internet. so yeah, seconded. And we really are a bunch of s***s, indeed.
    we forgot about the Nicki Minaj fans
    matteo cubano
    dont forget OFWGKTA fans
    Odd Future is (for the most part) very talented musically and I think that they are awesome but there are those ****ing idiotic fad-followers who act all obsessed with OFWGKTA and don't know a damn thing about them. I have all of Tyler's and Earl's music on my ipod and I don't own one article of OFWGKTA paraphernalia.
    yes and no. the fan girls and teenage hipsters who listen to wolf gang are ****ing lame, but they are great as musicians and not all fans should be thrown in, just like this whole list.
    Yeah, I haven't seen a UG article that I found funny since Crazy Dave Mustain stopped putting his foot in his mouth.
    You know, I happen to like slutty metal chicks.
    You sir, have apparently been made into a "burly male metal man".
    Or a guy who likes chicks (with assets like in no. 5, how can you be picky?). Now, I know I'm not burly, but I have to agree with clasicrock there
    The funny thing is, those two metal chicks are actually the singers of Butcher Babies...
    yeah not all metalhead chicks are ex-playboy models. most are a little over weight and have weird haircuts.
    hipsters are still the most annoying
    I honestly don't even know what a hipster is. I hear people refer to just about anyone as a "hipster" these days.
    There's two kinds of hipsters. The first and most thought-of one is the strawman hipster that doesn't actually exist, this is the one people use to insult anything to do with underground music and anti-mainstream/commercial sentiment. The second are actual hipsters, people who follow the subculture and are real. They're fashion-friendly trend followers. They like a wide variety of music, though the main genre seems to be Indie Rock. Everything outside that is always featured on Pitchfork and, more often than not, it's a cheap imitation of the genre it's a part of, like how Shoegaze Black Metal and bands like Mastodon are Metal for people who don't like Metal. They're kind of like preps in their adherence to trends, except they like to think they're cultured.
    When you here hipsters, you think hippy, well, thats different, hipsters are like huge fans of indie rock and live that lifestyle, yeah the hipsters are annoying.
    Eh, as a dude who works in a record store, the more hipstery kids that come in are more passive, friendly, and generally open minded about conversations, while a lot of the metal heads that come in scoff at anybody who doesn't agree that Metallica is the greatest band of all time and that metal is the only genre of music that matters. I'd probably put metal heads over just about anybody. Super opinionated and closed minded.
    No djent fanboys? Really? I mean I like djent but dealing with the periphery fanboys who obsess over noise gates, compression, axe fx, MESHUGGAH, and whether djent is actually a chord, a sound, a genre or a word... and want to kill anyone who disagrees with their opinion is just awful.
    Djent is a very recent, incredibly small and inconsequential trend brought about by a bunch of bands that aren't even popular amongst Metal or Punk fans. The fans may be rabid in the defence of a bunch of lacklustre Metalcore bands ripping off Meshuggah, but they're simply not big enough to be considered in a Top 10 list of crap fanbases. Maybe as a subset of Prog Metal fans, which is definitely a group that could be added anywhere on this list.
    It needs more 'People who believe themselves to be above pop music'.
    Is it wrong to be above pop music? Have you listened to the radio lately?
    Yes it is wrong to believe oneself above "pop" music as pop music is actually quite diverse. I've heard just as many badly written, performed and produced metal songs as I have heard badly written, performed and produced "pop" songs. As for listening to the radio "lately", people have been saying that as long as radio has been around. There was bad music in the past on the radio too, it's just that everyone forgot about it. There are only two kinds of music; good and bad. The more you know about music theory, composition and production, the more genres and mainstream vs underground becomes irrelevant.
    I agree. But I would say more like "there are only two kinds of music; music that I like and music that I don't like".
    Radio stuff can be a lot of fun. Pop doesn't try to be some pinnacle of music progress. Maybe it's just that I stopped caring a few years ago.
    My only beef with the term "hipster" is that it has become so nebulous that it in essence can be made to mean anything.
    Still think My Chemical Romance should have been on there. Their fans made me embarrassed to tell people I liked MCR.
    Radiohead fans. This is coming from a big Radiohead fan, but seriously their fanbase consists of a lot of hipster, elitist *******s.
    the nirvana one was stupid so what if i was born after nevermind came out. it is still a damn good album and i want to listen to it. music is timeless and it is for everyone of all ages. stop being a stupid closed minded middle schooler and let people listen to what they want.
    the only people I have a problem with are the ones that only know teen spirit and have a closetful of Nirvana shirts.
    Indeed, there is no question that everyone likes some music that was created before their birth and to contend that inhibitions must be place on measurements of time is asinine. One of the great things about music is the discovery... Of past and present.
    It's more the fact that there are a bunch of kids running around who put Nirvana and Kurt Cobain on a godlike pedestal. I love Nirvana to the core, but those people annoy me a lot.
    Hey where are Metal elitists? Just sayin'
    I think that's UG
    Every time Metal and Metal fans are brought up on UG, it's filled with comments complaining about "elitism". Any criticism towards bands loved by the average Metal fan is massed with downvotes and cries of "elitism". UG is about as elitist as /r/metal is. People claim it's there, but both groups spend more time whining about elitism than anything else.
    I think there's a reason for complaining about elitism. If you look at any internet comment section there are these "metalheads" who complain about something not really being metal or pop and rap music sucking and arguing about metal subgenres (which of them are "real" metal and which of them are "fake" metal and if a band belongs to a certain subgenre). And if something is not metal, it sucks.
    When Metal fans complain about something not being Metal, is could simply not be Metal. Metalcore, for example, is shorthand for Metallic Hardcore, an offshoot of Hardcore Punk. It's been that way since the 90s. Claiming it's Metal is an insult to both Punk and Metal fans and shows a complete ignorance towards the genre's history. Likewise, the only people who originally used the term "Nu-Metal" were marketing executives. Musically, most Nu-Metal is Alternative Rock and has little in common with actual Metal. There were some bands that took influence from Metal, but it was never substantial enough to come close to making them a Metal band. Glam Metal is similar in that, musically, most bands made Pop Rock, and the only thing they had in common with Metal was that they had distorted guitars, drums, and vocalists. Bands like WASP could have easily just been called Heavy Metal, and should have never been put under the Glam label. With that said, I agree with you about some Metal fans thinking Metal is infallible and better than everything else. I also agree that some Metal fans instantly dismiss Pop and Rap as legitimate forms of music. Hell, I even think those are legitimate examples of Metal "elitism". But these people are just as likely to whine about so-called Metal elitism as much as anyone. To the average Metal fan, the only thing that is elitist is when another Metal fan criticizes a Metal band. Criticizing non-Metal artists is perfectly okay, but if you turn the spotlight on a mediocre Metal band, all Hell breaks loose, and you're literally the reason Metal is dying (even though it's really not). The over- and miss-use of the word "Elitist" is just used to negate any criticism aimed at Metal bands, and it makes decent discussion about the music hard to come by. It usually just ends up being a circle-jerk about how supposedly open-minded they are, even if their experience in the genre is arguably minimal.
    TL;DR The more effort and time you put into exploring Metal, the more you realize the only people who complain about elitism are the ones who don't really know much about Metal or aren't as into Metal as they say they are. They're kinda like the people who always claim Metal is dying, even though it's clear to anyone actually active in the Metal world that 2013 has been one of the best years for Metal.
    anyone who is impressed by lyrics like "F--king magnets? How do they work?" is douche-tastic.
    I'm far from their number 1 fan, but is it so hard to understand that their lyrics aren't serious?
    I think A7X fans should have been up there before Korn fans...
    link no1
    I think the people who hate A7X are a lot more annoying than the actual A7X fans...They also mention them more than the fans... Oh, UG users are already on the list, nevermind.
    Agreed with link no1. Believe me, Avenged has some really shitty fans (they have mainstream appeal and 16 million Facebook fans... what do you expect?), but I think a lot of the people who just mindlessly bash them bring on the (for lack of a better word) wrath of Avenged fans, making everybody involved seem 1000 times more annoying than they actually are.
    I'm okay with the band, but their fan base is way worse then Korn's. I don't even notice Korn's fans, but A7X's dedicated fans usually are white trash who act like nobody knows metal unless they know A7X, and they flock places like Spencer's just hanging around. They're trashy, cocky, and drive me insane.
    well, that definition applies to some punks (in the real sense of the word/social group(?)) that I see hanging around some bars I go to. they're all a bunch of f***ing posers, not really following the punk "philosophy" & most of them are just angsty rich kids... I do listen to Avenged sevenfold, I could be called a fan, but I do not impose them to my peers, cause, in reality I like music, not a band or a genre. PS: I am a die hard SOAD fan, though.
    I don't understand how I can just flock around places doing nothing but hanging around while at the same time studying mechanical engineering as a full time student at a university.
    A7X is one of my favourite bands, but I agree that we have one of the worst fanbases
    Audible Warfare
    Our haterbase is pretty horrible as well.
    I will agree to both of those any day. I really love A7X. I really love many heavier, more brutal bands a lot more, but I have listened to A7X since "Waking the Fallen" came out and they weren't overly popular yet. Sadly, they're kind of a "guilty pleasure" band for me, and I say that because I don't volunteer the fact that I love them unless prompted because of the shitstorm that ensues from haters and super fans alike. IMHO, I think they are a talented band and I really like their stuff. Haters give me shit because they're "fake metal" and if I like them, I must not like the real stuff. And ******* fans act like they know more about them and love them more, but 90% of the time only started listening to them after their self-titled and can only name off their hits. You can't win with them, therefore A7X fans (even haters) could easily be on this list. Same goes for Slipknot fans/haters. I'm not really big into Slipknot, but it's the same kind of thing.
    Am I supposed to apologize for not having been born early enough to enjoy Nirvana when they were around?
    I think it's more of the "hipster" Nirvana fans who only wear the sweater for the logo and cuz they think they are so original and cool. If you can actually name more than the popular songs, that term does not apply to you.
    About 2 months ago I got banned from commenting for a month for 'band bashing' in one of my comments on an article, if I remember correctly it was a band like Bvb or Asking Alexandria. And here we see exactly that!!! Not that I disagree, but I think the moderator at the time felt bored and lonely so he felt like picking on someone
    No musical purists? You know, the ones who believe that music can only come out of a guitar and all. "OMGGG DUBZTEP IS TOTALLY NOT MUZEC I MEAN IT'S A LAPTOP RIGHT THERE WTF MAN \,,/ O.O \,,/"
    Dubstep is shit, but other than that I agree.
    No, BROstep is shit. People fail to make note of the difference and bash the wrong genre.
    Examples of "dubstep" and "brostep", please?
    I've mentioned dubstep as an example, there are plenty of other music out there that doesn't require a guitar in it. Now, examples of dubstep:
    Brostep would be the likes of Skrillex, Rusko and etc. Which I hate, btw...
    mmm.. the first two are very nice, but listening skrillex/rusko remembers me some electronic music. btw i dont like electronic music
    These are all excellent examples of what Dubstep actually is. Brostep doesn't even have the dub element in it.
    I agree with that statement, except I think dubstep is god awful. I do love a lot of electronicmusic though,, especially when its used with real instruments.
    "Real instruments" is such a BS term though. Anything can be an instrument. The entire point of electronics (I'd say electric guitar counts in this too) is that it allows a bunch of new opportunities for sound creation and control that would never be possible with natural sounds alone. It's all about the output, not what you use to get the output.
    Yeah. Songs are always written the same way - it doesn't need to be written for "real instruments" to require talent. Writing electronic music also requires writing. They just don't press a button that says "make music". Writing an electronic song and a rock song is no different. Only recording and performing them is different.
    100% right you are. I never use the term "Real" instruments. I say "Traditional" instruments implying guitar, bass, vocals, and drums. And while I do prefer "Traditional" instruments, that doesn't mean using electronic things doesn't require skill or talent. In fact, implementing those electronics with traditionals can make some brilliant sounds and music.
    Some Metallica fans are absolute douchebags. Basically those who ignore everything post AJFA, and will boo to such songs live. Some of their best songs were in that era, including Load and Reload! Possibly two of their most underrated songs ever are Bleeding Me and The Outlaw Torn, both from Load
    Some Metallica fans are absolute douchebags. Basically those who say that anything post AJFA is listenable and cheer to such songs live. Some of the worst songs were in that era, including Load and Reload! Possibly tow of their most overrated shitty songs ever are bleeding me and the outlaw torn, both from Load.
    W1LL P1L50N
    I am a nirvana fan and I wasn't born when they were around. But what I think UG means are the people that think they know Kurt and Nirvana, when all they really are are just the people who like their popular songs and wear a Nirvana shirt to be cool. It pisses me off when people where band shirts when they have only heard 1 (or even any!!!) song!
    Missed tool fans
    A three-way tie between Tool fans, Opeth fans, and Dream Theater fans. It just goes to show that poorly-written Prog is as effective as pot when it comes to turning average people into 2deep4u morons.
    Tool is worse the Opeth and Dream Theater fans. I havent seen any bad Opeth fans and only a few Dream Theater fans but every Tool fan I know is all "Maynard is the greatest front man ever. Prog 4 Life".
    As a Tool fan, I've never thought that Maynard is a frontman at all. He stands at the back. Also I'm pretty sure he hates Tool fans more than most people.
    As a Tool fan myself as well, I know of the Tool fanboys you speak of and yes they suck, but Tool's fanbase is not even close to the worst and should not be mentioned for this list. Yes the ones who are closed minded and revere Maynard as a god are retarded, but that's actually a very small percentage of Tool fans. Most of us listen to and appreciate many other bands and types of music. The people who really actually follow them on tours are usually not fanboys, just faithful fans. At their shows, the crowd is very diverse, and everyone I've ever talked to at their shows is super nice and friendly. Only one person Ive ever talked to at their shows was an annoying fanboy.
    He only really started that around 2006 or so I believe, he used to be up front and going absolutely batshit.
    Yeah I agree, Tool fanboys are worse than Opeth and Dream Theater fans. I don't even notice Opeth fans they seem to be pretty quiet. I can understand why Dream Theater fans are the way that they are due to the band always having really top notch musicians but I don't understand their hatred for every other metal band. Tool are more of an "entry-level" band to Prog. They're nothing special in the genre and are a bit like Pantera fans.
    Excuse me sir, but I can pretty much guarantee that I have heard more prog metal bands than you, and Tool are still one of the best around.
    There's no such a "Entry-Level Band "to anything . Music we decide to listen its a personal choice (taste) . I listen to Tool because I like them . Are they the best , I can not answer that neither do you ore anyone else.
    There's no such a "Entry-Level Band "to anything . Music we decide to listen its a personal choice (taste) . I listen to Tool because I like them . Are they the best , I can not answer that neither do you ore anyone else.
    Tool are my second fave metal band and although I've never met a bad fan, the stuff I see online by them is awful. Me and my mates love them but most of the time we obsess about Chancellor more than MJK haha. But I'd put most prog metal fans in there. Dream Theatre, Opeth, Periphery (definitely) etc. there's a lot of fans who form a bad name for the rest of the fanbase and they are everywhere on the net.
    I woulda swapped out hardcore Beatles fans for elitist metal fans. Or elitist anything fans.
    Metal fans are the worst
    Elitists metal fans are the worst...
    Nirvana and Beatles fans could have easily been put under the same group called "teenage Classic Rock fans", next to bands like Queen and Led Zeppelin. Nothing worse than fans who were born in lewronggeneration and think Queen and Led Zeppelin are literally gods of song-writing compared to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. It's amazing how people who only know 10 bands who have been popular for decades can delude themselves into thinking they're musical knowledge incarnate.
    I'm ok with all of them except the nirvana fan. There's nothing wrong with liking a band that's not from your generation
    It's more the fact that some of those kids think they're born in the wrong generation and put the band on a godlike pedestal.
    My FAVOURITE type fans are Slayer fans! Typically jeans and a Slayer t-shirt, long hair, crazy headbanging mutha****er that screams 'SLAAAAYEEEEERRRRR!!!!!' at anyone else that wears a Slayer t-shirt. \m/
    i think this poll just highlighted what a bunch of ****s UG readers are. (or at least the people who voted in this poll)
    You mean there are other bands out there after the Beatles? Where have I been?
    How about people who argue about different genres? "no it's not death metal it is technical brutal death metal." Just example, but those people can be extremely hard to talk with sometimes..
    The video for the Hipsters was from a Dublin nightclub called C.U.N.T., and it's very appropriately named.