Top 5 Axl Rose Rants List Surfaces

Outbursts at Nirvana, Metallica and parking attendants included, full details inside.

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An interesting list of Top 5 stage rants made by Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has surfaced, reminding us of some of the singer's most notable outbursts over the years.

Compiled by Metal Sucks, the list was inspired by Josh Homme's recent bashing of Imagine Dragons and the Grammys during a Queens of the Stone Age show. As the author notes, Homme's rant reminded him of "Pablo Picasso of on-stage rants, W. Axl Rose."

"A f--king junkie with a junkie life" Kurt Cobain, "bitching" Metallica, parking attendants and more all got their dose of Rose rage at certain points, you can check out the full list below.

In related news, Axl condemned the recent giraffe scandal in Denmark. Initially tweeting "Just enjoying the lion's share of some tasty baby Giraffica sliders! Mmmmm!" Rose decided to elaborate further via TwitLonger. "But seriously, let me get this straight...

"The Danes killed a two-year-old baby giraffe, chopped it up n' fed him to the lions (allegedly in front of kids) to avoid inbreeding rather than find a place for it. Maybe this is a big problem over there I don't know but I'm not getting how this deters siblings n' various other assorted Danish family members from f--kin' each other?! J/k"

Anyhow, full list below.

Axl Rose Hates Parking Attendants

Axl Rose Hates Warren Beatty

Axl Rose Hates Kurt Cobain

Axl Rose Hates Metallica

Axl Rose Hates His Stage Crew

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    60% of the time, Axl hates everything, every time
    I wouldn't want some of that deodorant. Prefer me some Old Spice Girls Yeah, I go down the drain for that one.
    The thing about Axl's rants is, 90% of the time, he isn't completely full of shit. These aren't great examples though lol
    "I hate the government!" "No, you hate White Power Bill." "I hate you!" "You hate White. Power. Bill." (Axl leaps to his death)
    Does he even realise how much everyone hates him?
    Yeah, but to be honest, Axl Rose has pretty much made a career out of not really giving a shit about what others think, whether it's his lyrics or his rants, right or wrong, he's always been brutally honest.
    I think the guy is still one of the best rock front men around. Like him or hate him, he is Axl Rose.
    Look at one of his earlier pictures with that stupid bandanna he used to wear....he's actually Axle Jamima.....if you are talking one of the best rock front men THAT SINGS THROUGH HIS NOSE....then you are probably right.....
    For the most part these are pretty childish... I do agree with him about the giraffe tho
    As a Dane, I've noticed a lot of foreign media aren't giving the full story, and celebrities that cry salty tears holding their crocodile handbags aren't doing it any better. First of all, there were only two other zoo's who made a offer for the giraffe - Copenhagen zoo took a look at the conditions of each zoo, and realized that their giraffe population was exactly as big as they needed to be, meaning that they would only transfer the issue. Secondly, the entire thing with "Won't anyone think of the children?!" is utter bollocks pushed forward by sensitive facebook moms. There is an interview on Youtube with the supervisor of Copenhagen zoo were he explains that the children were fascinated and openly asked questions since the giraffe is of course a fascinating animal. That it was used for educational purposes is much prefered instead of it just being fed directly to the lions, which many other zoo's exactly do. The thing with the children is in fact the only reason this ever became a controversy, and it's absolutely stupid. When children see the insides of an animal, dissected beforehand mind you, it's apperantly scarring and traumatizing for life, but when they see the exact same thing, with the killing, and ripping of flesh on Animal Planet, it's apperantly ok. There are enourmous amounts of hypocrisy and misinformation regarding this case, and the entire thing is forced controversy since news stations apperantly prioritize a standard procedure in zoo's used benificially for educational purposes over fx. 65% of forest elephants slaughtered for ivory since 2002.
    As a Sweed, I'm outrageous that they didn't sell the baby giraffe to Findus instead. I would have liked to taste that pyttipanna.
    Welcome to the media. It's pretty much standard to make up news and controversy over nothing and then to beef up stories with ignorance.
    It's ZOOS! The plural of zoo is ZOOS, not zoo's. Why are people so stupid?!
    [i]news stations apperantly prioritize a standard procedure in zoo's That's why it is so wrong - because it's a STANDARD PROCEDURE. Killig an animal is a standard procedure. And in a zoo! Animals shouldn't be killed just because you don't know where to put them. Don't put them in the zoo in the first place!And as for education for children, if the education costs an animal's life, it's not worth it. Besides, that kind of education won't give you much use if you live in a modern society anyway. Elephant slaughets are important too, but killing an animal in a zoo - that's a thing never heard of; a new level of cruelty. And it's happening in EU, and in the same country that has a tradition of slaying doplhins. Wow, Dutch are a really screw up nation.
    Yeah, you ain't much if you ain't Dutch. Grow some ballen, man. But on a more serious note: THE DANES ARE NOT THE DUTCH. Please educate yourself before you comment on business you're clearly too emotional about to rationally form an opinion on. The slain giraffe was born in the zoo, raised in the zoo, and reached the age where keeping him around would only lead to problems thanks to the nature of giraffes. His father would fight him out of the 'herd', and if giraffes could commit suicide, that's what Marius would end up doing as the inevitable outcast. That's why it's a standard procedure, and btw it's not as 'standard' as it seems. Marius was part of a breeding program, and he was the umpteenth male of his blood. In an act of inspiration, he was dissected in front of a crowd of interested children, because now they could catch a glimpse of Animal Planet without a TV. As for this type of education not serving a modern society: I believe that because of Marius' execution many of the Danish children who witnessed the event will have developed an interest in biology. Some of them may wish to pursue it all the way into a doctorate, where they can contribute greatly to science, coincidentally, the exact kind of science which helps us develop more body lotions and ointments. Dismissed.
    Hey, why not slay the people of India, China or Africa? These regions are over-populated and apparently the Dutch think the key to solving over-population problems is by killing. People's lives aren't more important than animals', because people are animals anyway.
    Read this article and inform yourself. Ethics at the zoo in Scientific American. (The site wont let me post the direct link) To quote: "To that end, animals should only be transferred to places that can provide adequately for their health and welfare, which includes appropriate socialization (for social species, like giraffes). In fact, it is a violation of AZA’s Code of Professional Ethics to transfer animals to inadequate facilities." The AZA code of ethics that Greenpeace support. Regarding dissection (which I know you didn't comment about) dissections like this happen in every 13 year olds biology class. It's ridiculous to think that they would be scarred by it when they had the choice to opt out. "People lives aren't more important than animals'" .... Really? How utterly stupid and trendily misanthropic of you. Do you eat meat? If so, STFU. If you don't but wear leather, STFU. If you are vegan but eat vegetables, STFU because plants had to die. In fact, the only food that exists without something being actively killed is honey. Are you a bee? No? STFU. If it's a choice between killing an animal or letting a person die, and you would kill the animal you're exactly like everyone else and value human life above an animals, so don't give me any idiotic misanthropic principle. It's a dumb extrapolation of evolution and is anti nature. It's just like saying that all humans are equal. should I be equal to a mass murderer? absolutely not. It's a stupid argument. Humans aren't equal to each other regarding the betterment of the species, the betterment of the environment, or in anything else. To say that a human is equal to an animal is absolutely misguided and sounds like a trendy college soundbite that is spat out by someone infatuated with their own learning that hasn't yet been tempered with either experience or thought outside their comfort zone.
    You see, the whole thing is: if you put animals in your zoo, you are responsible for them. You can't kill them just because you cannot cope with them. If you are running out of space for giraffe, expand your zoo. That is going to cost you money, but you are responsible for the life of this animal that you put in this cage against its will. I wish someone killed that head of the zoo when they decide to replace him with someone else.
    They forget to mention Axl Rose hates everything that he isn't directly a part of...he's just a rock n roll clown!
    If you aren't a vegetarian then this is ****ing stupid. The lions are fed with dead animals every day, and you are probably eating meat every day too. What is the difference between these animals and the giraffe? That it is cute?
    Funny, Josh Homme rants and acts like a kid and everyone in the UG "community" praises him for being a true rockstar and for not caring about what others will say about his rants. And here we have people bashing Axl Rose for doing the same. Just goes to show how full of it most users here are.
    Homme might be rude but his rants may have been justifiable. Once a guy from the crowd threw a bottle at him and recently a crazed fan jumped to the stage while QOTSA was performing; how would you have reacted? Not everyone is a Jiu Jitsu expert like Maynard James Keenan, who managed to pin a crazed fan with one hand without having to stop singing, look it up in youtube.
    Attacking Imagine Dragons was not at all justified. At least Axl goes after the big guys like Metallica. Homme attacks a new band with one album out just because he didn't get his shiny prize and 'Industry Recognition' which Imagine Dragons had no control over. he's like a big kid crying, even though he plays sold out shows and is one of the few artist who still sees returns from album sales! He should be greatful for the lifestyle granted to him by his loyal fans and say **** the industry and stop moaning.
    when i saw the "vet saturated grohl-public" story, all i could think was "so... how long until they have hommes-related article on the same subject?"
    Same thing with trent reznor. Talks so much crap about new albums, yet he hasn't written a decent one since '99. But the general public treats him like he's untouchable and a mastermind.
    Guns N' Chains
    Most of Axl's rants I find to be entertaining and most of the time I agree with him. There are some not even listed here that are better and semi inspirational. Sometimes he crosses the line and comes off as an ******* himself, but that is who he is and has always kept the "don't give a ****, rock n' roll attitude. Really though, when you hear him talk in interviews and such, he seems like a nice down-to-earth dude you'd like to have a beer with.
    Axl Rose was on Jimmy Kimmel and showed everyone a photo of his "halloween" tree. I've read a lot about the guy and basically sum it all up like this: The original Guns and Roses were abunch of drugged up burn outs, who had an ******* for a singer. That singer tried his best to keep all the junkies he had with him in line, but ended up being singled out as the bad guy in it all for trying to keep shit together. Basically everyone in the original band were egomaniacs who couldn't get along and also had conflicting attitude problems. Axl just got the shittier end of the stick because he was always more eager to shoot his mouth off and be a psychopath.
    i agree, his intentions were good, he knew they had it all but were wasting it on drugs and alcohol. i think the media adds fuel to it all too. bt having said that, turning up 13 weeks late to a show is bastardly.
    I have to imagine half the people at the Donnington show paid the ticket prices in hopes of seeing an Axl meltdown. I mean, it was 2006, was anyone really there to see Axl sing?
    I was at that show. They came on an hour late, played one song, then disappeared for another hour. Then he came back on and had a rant about people bottling him and even complained when people started leaving. What a joke of a man.
    Listen to the first 40 seconds of the Warren Beatty rant and tell me Axl Rose isn't about to dedicate the song to himself
    "I was in the toilet and someone didn't put the seat back up. f**k you a**hole! this song is called double talkin jive mother**cker!"
    1) axl is a tool 2) im waiting for the bellend guy to make a comment about him
    His voice tone does sound like a diva on the 2006 mic crew clip. When Slash said that I didn't believe it was so spot on.
    Here is my rant about Axl Rose, I don't like him so much I don't buy his music.
    Kurt cobains didnt care if you liked his music. If you wanted to listen to Nirvana then you can listen to them, you werent forced to go to a concert (not saying that ppl get forced to go to concert)
    Now we know why he always get late on stage .... it's all fault from the parking attendants .