Top 5 Axl Rose Rants List Surfaces

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Top 5 Axl Rose Rants List Surfaces
An interesting list of Top 5 stage rants made by Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has surfaced, reminding us of some of the singer's most notable outbursts over the years.

Compiled by Metal Sucks, the list was inspired by Josh Homme's recent bashing of Imagine Dragons and the Grammys during a Queens of the Stone Age show. As the author notes, Homme's rant reminded him of "Pablo Picasso of on-stage rants, W. Axl Rose."

"A f--king junkie with a junkie life" Kurt Cobain, "bitching" Metallica, parking attendants and more all got their dose of Rose rage at certain points, you can check out the full list below.

In related news, Axl condemned the recent giraffe scandal in Denmark. Initially tweeting "Just enjoying the lion's share of some tasty baby Giraffica sliders! Mmmmm!" Rose decided to elaborate further via TwitLonger. "But seriously, let me get this straight...

"The Danes killed a two-year-old baby giraffe, chopped it up n' fed him to the lions (allegedly in front of kids) to avoid inbreeding rather than find a place for it. Maybe this is a big problem over there I don't know but I'm not getting how this deters siblings n' various other assorted Danish family members from f--kin' each other?! J/k"

Anyhow, full list below.

Axl Rose Hates Parking Attendants

Axl Rose Hates Warren Beatty

Axl Rose Hates Kurt Cobain

Axl Rose Hates Metallica

Axl Rose Hates His Stage Crew

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