Travis Barker And Blink 182 Promoter In Twitter War

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Travis Barker And Blink 182 Promoter In Twitter War
Blink 182's Travis Barker has been involved in a Twitter spat with the band's Australian promoter after the drummer was accused of taking a fee for a show he did not play. Barker had been intending to tour Australia with Blink this year, but gave up on that plan because he was unable to overcome his fear of flying. Barker is being replaced by Bad Religion drummer Brooks Wackerman for the Australian dates. When promoter AJ Maddah was asked on Twitter whether fans would be able to get a refund for their Soundwave Festival tickets because of Barkers non-appearance, Maddah responded with the following: "I'm told we can't refund and there will be no discount on the $5m fee because Travis Barker insisted on being paid in full. What he has done is extortion he thinks he's a fucking gangster." The drummer, who has not boarded a plane since narrowly surviving a fatal crash in 2008, replied: "Where you getting your information from, man? None of this is true. This is all bullsh-t!" Maddah said: "I have been super nice and supportive up to this point, but that stops now. I don't blame him for not flying, but demanding one and a half million dollars from your bandmates to allow them to play is low." Barker responded: "Stop talking sh-t. You're not speaking to my management you're just fabricating sh-t." "Really dude?" said Maddah. "You didn't insist on being paid 1/3 even though you're not coming?" "Pick up the phone, man," Barker told him. "Dying to talk to you." After the phone call, Barker posted the following message: "This was a huge lack of communication. AJ is a stand-up guy and we were both given wrong information." He later said of the promoter: "He went out of his way to figure out how I could drive safely and comfortably inside Australia. He's always had my back and it just sucks I couldn't be there for the fans."
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