Trent Reznor Praises Kanye West: 'I'm Glad He's Out There'

NIN frontman gives rapper nothing but kudos, praising his latest effort "Yeezus."

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Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent Reznor recently praised Kanye West, giving the rapper and his latest effort "Yeezus" nothing but kudos.

During a chat with Spin, Reznor called Kanye at the top of his game, noting he's glad that the rapper is present on the scene.

"I find him an interesting character," the singer said. "'Yeezus,' I really love it. I think the sound of it is cool. I can't endorse what he's saying lyrically, but I will say that in terms of the role of the dangerous entertainer in 2013, nobody is beating him at that game. It feels like he might implode."

Reznor explained further, "Even if it is calculated to some degree, it feels rough on the edges in a way that I can appreciate. I'm glad he's out there. Consistently he's put out ahead-of-the-curve sh-t. He's definitely a talented guy."

Trent was also asked on whether he ever noticed the influence of his work present in other acts. Interestingly enough, the fronman confessed that some of the early artists he thought were NIN-fueled were too depressive for him, making him unable to extensively listen.

"I got hints of being influential back in the dark ages of late '90s," he said. "But the bands I would hear it in bummed me out so much that I can't listen for that anymore. I did notice [my influence] post-'Social Network.' I started hearing a few things that made me think, 'Okay, I bet you've heard our score.'"

Nine Inch Nails are currently preparing to release their eight studio effort "Hesitation Marks" on September 3 via Columbia Records. New track "Find My Way" recently surfaced online, you can check it out here.

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    Lou Reed praises Kanye West: "LOL this coming from the guy who made lulu!! what a moron!!" Trent Reznor praises Kanye West: "UUUUUHHHHH....kanye sucks"
    Just throwing this out there, for the sake of conversation...people complain about the amount of writers on Kanye's more recent songs, but isn't having 4-5 writers on a hip-hop song with people forming beats, lyrics and sonics and a producer or two doing arrangements the same as a band of 4-5 musicians each dealing with their respective instrumentals, and having the one or two producers give input on arrangement? Hip-Hop collaboration isn't anything unique. Jazz is a very collaborative environment. Blues has always been about each musician bringing something interesting to the table for the sake of the song. Early to mid rock was the same. Some country is still like that (and not studio/producer-dominated). I think it's just a bit bigoted to look down on artists who ask for help to create a better pice, credit those who helped and put out a great product. Rock and Metal wouldn't be 'dying' if more people learned to expand within our community.
    First Lou Reed praises Kanye West, and it's categorised as "wtf?" and now Trent Reznor has, and it's again categorised under "wtf?". UG are so narrow minded, yo.
    I agree. I couldn't care less about Kanye as a person but sonically there is no other mainstream artist pushing the boundaries like Kanye
    Daft Punk?
    What boundaries does/did Daft Punk push? They're an electro-dance group that makes electro and dance's great music, but nothing surprising. Kanye is a hip-hop artist that has been making electro and emo music for half a decade now, in a genre where those sorts of sonics aen't popular. 808's, Dark Fantasy and Yeezus were all against the norm for artists at the time of their releases (808's and Yeezus are even considered 'flops')
    I guess you're right, Daft Punk was more influential than boundary pushing, but you have to admit that it's pretty crazy that Daft Punk is able to put out a disco album in 2013 and it be the highest selling album this year. Maybe they're not pushing the boundaries like Kanye, but to be making songs like "Touch" and "Giorgio By Murder" has to be at least worth something as far as pushing boundaries.
    Are you saying that Kanye IS pushing boundaries?
    Not the most original guy out there, but a lot of his music has been more "different" to the hip-hop world then Daft Punk's music is to the electronic world. Dark Fantasy did a part to popularize that big sound. I like them both though.
    I love 70's funk as much as the next person but 'get lucky' was hardly pushing boundaries
    Yeah, but he's borrowing heavily from the NIN playbook to push those boundaries. The reason they even asked about Kanye is because so many people are saying it's NIN influenced and people want Reznor's opinion about it.
    I gave him props for being so daring in the mainstream, but musically for me Yeezus was a failed experiment. It simply sounds lame and try-hard to me. For this kind of sound, Death Grips is the artist you should check out. He's the one pushing the envelope in that particular direction and with real vision and vigor.
    I don't think I would've gotten into Death Grips without hearing Yeezus first. It was like a sort of primer. Great ****ing band, though.
    Aside from his egotistical bullshit lyrical content, his last album has some very interesting instrumentation/production to it. If you take out his vocal tracks, the album would be full of insane nuances and parts that really make me appreciate his artistic side. Granted, it's not rock, but people who love Trent's line of music can definitely find some great parts in Kanye's newest album.
    Industrial Hip-Hop finally got it's moment of fame, if you liked Yeezus check out Saul Williams' work.
    gay fish is overrated, and articles like this only feed his gigantic bloated ego. if anything, he's like Axl Rose and Gaahl: a male diva sucking on his own dick
    One of the worst rappers to ever come out with abominable flow and rubbish lyrics. Should stick to producing cause he definitely has acclaim with that
    Sorry but theirs too many writers on all of Kanyes albums to consider him a musician.
    anvil is god
    this is too ****ing stupid he still has a large hand in everything that goes into his music
    I`m too glad he`s out there or else we would not have an example of shittyness.
    So much bias in this article, we're talking about his music, don't be upset that we're right.
    Anyone else think Kanye West is a talentless bag of crap?
    I do and I am completely confused on why people on UG think otherwise. Kanye isn't ****ing special... what the **** is wrong with people. Also don't go calling me out to dislike certain types of music etc. I think Katy Perry is good at what she does... Kanye isn't. Is everyone high?
    OH GOD I HOPE THEY COLLAB TOGETHER. On Sight off of Yeezus sounds as close as We'll get for now, but Trent will hopefully get back in the rap production game soon.
    The thing I notice with Kanye is that he constructs these elaborate, beautiful songs musically to play in, then he goes and raps over his beauty and it becomes just ok.
    if he's gonna praise kanye at least praise college dropout and his early shit that was actually good instead of his new crap
    Aside from being an egotistical ****bag, (seriously we should just lock Kanye and Yngwie in a room together for like a day), Kanye makes some of the best instrumentals in hip-hop today, although it seems his lyrics are getting whacker each album.
    I loved the music on Yeezus. Thought some of the industrial sounds were amazing. However the lyrics are poor. I can't stand it when rappers fall back to the n-word and b*tch. It's not gritty or clever, it's racist and misogynistic. If the lyrics were different, Yeezus would be one of the best albums of the year. It's a real shame.
    Same here, I get that it's just cliche's like you'll find in any genre of music (such as mythology, satanism in metal music) and there's almost always a deeper meaning within the song but as soon I hear that stuff it just distracts me from any of that. I kind of understand how my mom felt listening to me blasting progressive metal all the time.
    I thought Yeezus kinda fell apart in the 2nd half, but overall it was a nice enough album and an interesting take on that rising rawer style of hip-hop. I still think he's a terrible rapper though. But I guess kinda like Trent (who I never thought was the greatest lyricist) I can sometimes look past that and focus on the beats which are usually great.
    His production on that Common album was fantastic other than that I think Kanye is extremely overrated
    Kayne blows and that's not my opinion that's FACT. Listen to Kayne back in the 90's and early 00's, he was brilliant back then. I'll compare his career to 90% of other musicians: great and inspired at first. Then drugs, alcohol, and women ****ed everything up to where you can't write a good song or in Kayne's case... SOMEONE WRITES IT FOR YOU
    matteo cubano
    I find this interesting because as soon as I head Yeezus and knew it had a ton of guest producers I thought "trent reznor definitely helped make this album". turns out he had nothing to do with it. Kanye does know how to make a well produced record.