Trevor Dunn: Billie Joe Armstrong Is Justin Bieber

artist: Trevor Dunn date: 10/02/2012 category: wtf?
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Trevor Dunn: Billie Joe Armstrong Is Justin Bieber
Melvins bass player Trevor Dunn has criticised Billie Joe Armstrong for his recent on-stage meltdown. "There's nothing worse then [sic] some rock'n'roll brat throwing a tantrum and going AWOL just because he can't keep himself occupied", wrote Dunn on Spin. "Yes, I'm referring to that little weasel in Green Day. That guy's main problem is that he doesn't realize that he is Justin Bieber. He should take some of the green in his wallet, buy himself a green smoothie and relax. "What kind of band name is Green Day anyway? Is that in reference to all the chord progressions they continually recycle?" Armstrong's outburst at the iHeartRadio festival was prompted by their set being cut short, but led to the frontman checking into rehab. It has since been revealed that he was "drinking a lot" before his breakdown. Other musicians have been more supportive. Alanis Morissette covered "Basket Case" at a recent concert, and told Billboard that he deserves more respect for his contribution to music: "I've always been an advocate and supporter of artists and Billie Joe to me - he deserves to be bowed down to", she said. "He's been in this industry for a long time and so for him to experience the consequence of a system that kind of set it up for him to fail is a travesty to me". Somewhere between these two contrasting opinions was Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum, who initially said Armstrong's rant was "the most punk rock thing he has ever done", but added, "then he had to go and ruin it by apologizing. Corporate Rock is alive and well. Never really bought that band anyway". What do you think of the Armstrong drama? Share your view in the comments.
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