Trevor Dunn: Billie Joe Armstrong Is Justin Bieber

"There's nothing worse than some rock'n'roll brat", wrote the Melvins bassist who also called him a little weasel for his recent on-stage meltdown.

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Melvins bass player Trevor Dunn has criticised Billie Joe Armstrong for his recent on-stage meltdown.

"There's nothing worse then [sic] some rock'n'roll brat throwing a tantrum and going AWOL just because he can't keep himself occupied", wrote Dunn on Spin.

"Yes, I'm referring to that little weasel in Green Day. That guy's main problem is that he doesn't realize that he is Justin Bieber. He should take some of the green in his wallet, buy himself a green smoothie and relax.

"What kind of band name is Green Day anyway? Is that in reference to all the chord progressions they continually recycle?"

Armstrong's outburst at the iHeartRadio festival was prompted by their set being cut short, but led to the frontman checking into rehab. It has since been revealed that he was "drinking a lot" before his breakdown.

Other musicians have been more supportive. Alanis Morissette covered "Basket Case" at a recent concert, and told Billboard that he deserves more respect for his contribution to music:

"I've always been an advocate and supporter of artists and Billie Joe to me - he deserves to be bowed down to", she said. "He's been in this industry for a long time and so for him to experience the consequence of a system that kind of set it up for him to fail is a travesty to me".

Somewhere between these two contrasting opinions was Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum, who initially said Armstrong's rant was "the most punk rock thing he has ever done", but added, "then he had to go and ruin it by apologizing. Corporate Rock is alive and well. Never really bought that band anyway".

What do you think of the Armstrong drama? Share your view in the comments.

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    Avoid these kind of situations and don't play festivals with people like Usher.
    bands play places were they get money. so sometimes its unavoildable. do you think good bands like the play icp's gathering? i dont think so but the money they get is what they care about. so festivals with usher have more money then festivals like mayhemfest.
    Danjo's Guitar
    I can't seem to recall the last time Justin Beiber publicly criticized concert organizers for cutting his set short, smashed a guitar, and then stormed off..... Or even the last time he said ****.
    Danjo's Guitar
    I though we could say f*ck now! What is this? Is it only in certain sections?
    i'm just as confused about it as you are
    Sometimes the f-bomb is censored, sometimes its not. Weird. I saw at least 10 intact f-bombs yesterday in the comments section, but when I used one it turned into ****.
    **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
    The Melvins were the band that inspired Nirvana
    Yep with the jesus lizard, Dinasaur Jr meat puppets etc all great bands
    Yeah, Kurt even wore a Melvins shirt when Nirvana played on SNL. Although all I could think of when I read the title was "NUMBER TWO PENCIL.." I love that song.
    Id break down too if i had to play along side lil wayne. Id ****in dive head first off the stage.
    I'm sorry, Trevor Dunn...who are you?
    Trevor Dunn is just amazing bassist, double bassist and composer, played in lots of rock, jazz and avant-garde bands such as: Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Melvins, Tomahawk, Trevor Dunn's Trio-Convulsant and more, also known for playing with such musicians like Mike Patton and John Zorn.
    I second your comment. Forget about Greenday. If you haven't heard of the bands listed above, i would go to youtube now and do some sampling. Mr. Bungle's "California" is a good start.
    You'd have to be into Mr. Bungle & Fantomas to know who he is. Dunn is an incredibly talent & underrated bassist. Can't wait to hear him on the New Tomahawk Record!
    It doesn't matter whether you know who he is or not. His point is still valid. Pretending it isn't just because he isn't as popular as anyone in Green Day is completely illogical.
    His point isn't necessarily valid. He has a right to his opinion, as much as anyone else, regardless of their fame. But it doesn't make him valid, or correct - it's still just his opinion.
    Opinions can be valid and they can be invalid. His claims are valid because there is evidence to support them. An opinion such as "electronic isn't real music" is invalid, because it contradicts the fact it is music by definition. I know that no one brought the latter up, but I needed a common example.
    And which of his comments is actually valid, would you say? Something like "he is Justin Bieber" is hardly valid - he doesn't explain it whatsoever. In what way is he like him? And in what way is he JB?
    The fact that Green Day is pretty much the "Bieber" of rock. Saying he "is" Bieber is merely saying that.Green Day is just as much of a corporate marketing tool as Biber, whether they realize it or not.
    That's your interpretation. He never explains it himself. And what's wrong with marketing? What's so bad about a band actually making money? Everyone wants to make money, and Green Day wouldn't be making money if no one was listening to their music. Okay, so it's hardly punk these days. And? Besides, they can still play their own music and sing better than JB.
    I'm sorry, but there probably wouldn't be a Green Day without The Melvins. Who are you?
    He didn't ask who The Melvins were. He asked who Trevor Dunn was. Fair question considering he's only been a session member since 2005. I know The Melvins but I've never heard of this guy.
    So in other words something can only have validity when spoken from the mouth of someone well known? Fuck this site and it's hero worship...
    So, in other words, you're finished with a website, so you'd thought you'd tell us all?
    Notice How King Buzzo doesn't say anything...this dude is pretty new, and is the only non original member of the melvins
    Dude are you kidding? Buzzo talks shit about a lot of people. Fuckin love that guy.
    Well now I know who to kill first if I ever get a time machine.
    How have you all never heard of this guy? Him and Mike Patton formed Mr. Bungle in 86'! I don't support his opinion on Billie Joe, but implying that he's unknown is just...wat.
    Yeah, is he known compared to Billie joe? Virtually no, but on his own threw his different projects this guy has impacted many bands and his opinion is just as valid as anyone elses, i doubt the rest of the Melvins Disagree. I completely agree and lol @ the irony in Billie Joe's rant...
    Kill Trevor Dunn first? Glad you've got your priorities straight. Hitler can wait, right?
    Good point. I'd kill Hitler first, if only to spare myself the annoyance of people bringing him up every chance they get.
    How could you possibly say that? They both came into the scene at the same time in two different genres.
    All thats in here is a bunch of Green Day butt hurts who know that there front man was demeaned by someone who's knows what they're talking about. They do recycle all of their chord progressions, they are one of the biggest sell out punk bands and their music really isn't all that good, I liked it when I was like 13 but seriously they're in their late 30's, isn't it time to take off the eye make-up and try making music that isn't "radio friendly" out the ass?
    Not to mention the riff from "American Idiot" was stolen from Dillenger Four's "Doublewhiskeycokenoice"
    He's a bassist, therefore no one cares.
    Thats a kick to my nuts man. square in the nuts. A Bassist is one of the most important people in a band. duka dur.
    4 downvotes already hahaha, I'm joking people.
    We know you are joking, but it still makes us bassists sad :'(
    Come on, don't be sad. We all know that a band turns into musical chaos without a bassist.
    Sometimes when my bassist talks to me, I say "What? I can't hear you?" And he goes "Ya, I know, I'm the bassist". Ironically enough, he's actually very well audible in our band, and we love making fun of the cliche bassist jokes.
    There are more bassists on UG than I thought... Kidding! I still liked the comment, and I wish I could like it again. I play both! It's pretty much a tradition in rock bands to haze the bassist. Why stop now? I went through it when I played bass in a band, and I dished it out when I played guitar. It's just a fact of life. Vocalists and guitarists get the most glory, followed by drummers, then bassists. That's how it's worked as I've observed, with rare exceptions. At least bassists aren't as low on the totem pole as keyboardists!
    not unless of course you can play the bass like say Stu Hamm, Wictor Wooten, etc....but nah I do understand what you mean, but of course alot of people dont understand the importance of bass
    Diony x
    iommi600 youve been lately gone many times to minus with your comments. Focus man!
    Sammy Mantis
    He's an amazing bass player that played/plays in the legendary bands Br. Bungle and The Melvins as well as many other bands. BJ Armstrong isn't worthy of wiping this man's ass. Something I would expect the little kids at UG to know nothing about, and I see I'm correct.
    Sorry, but he hardly counts as legendary if the younger generations haven't heard of him? He may be very talented and have done a lot of work (personally, I don't know, having never heard of him of any of the aforementioned bands he's been in), but that doesn't make his opinion right.
    Sammy Mantis
    I'm sorry too, because anyone worth their salt has at least heard of Mr. Bungle and The Melvins, even if you don't know their music. The younger generations should probably get acquainted with these bands, since a lot of the bands the listen to would probably cite them as an influence. They aren't radio rock, but they are certainly legendary in their own right to those of us in the know.
    To those of you in the know? Anyone can be famous to those of you in the know?! And if you want to look back at what influenced what, we could probably go back even further to whoever influenced them... And I doubt they influenced the sorts of music I generally listen to. Also, just because they were reasonably well-known once, doesn't mean they are still popular, or that they play the sort of music more modern generations listen to, regardless of who they "influenced".
    Sammy Mantis
    I never said he was famous, I'm saying that these bands are still highly revered even today and both maintain extremely dedicated cult followings. Hence me saying he is legendary for those "in the know". Of course given his level of talent, Trevor Dunn should be more famous, but as we know talent does equal fame.
    Always a dodgy way to criticise someone, all you do is expose your own ignorance.
    This guy just sounds like a dick - i hate people who come out and slag other guys they dont even know off - especially guys who are a lo more relevant than them
    You're all ****ing stupid, just stop arguing and accept that Green Day is the best technical death metal band to have come out in the last 5 years.
    Let me guess this stright... your telling off a guy who had a tantrum by having a tantrum?!?! Green Day got cut for Usher, even though Green Days been around longer. Imagine the conversation between them, yeah we're cutting you off for Usher because we really just want him instead of you. You become a musician to perform so if my performance was cut i would be pissed too.
    Usher has been around just as long, and even if he hadn't, the amount of time they've been around doesn't mean anything. Also Trevor isn't having a tantrum. He's just being honest. Something you apparently can't take.
    Also, I think Sorum's comments are being misunderstood. I think he was sarcastic about saying what he did was the most punk thing they've done. He's not on the fence here.
    "What kind of band name is Green Day anyway? Is that in reference to all the chord progressions they continually recycle?" I don't get this at all.
    There's not really much to get. He didn't come up with any reasons to explain why Billie Joe "is Justin Bieber", so he took a (bad) jab at the band name instead.
    Yeah, I'm not sure what he meant by that, either. Someone could just as easily turn that around and ask, "What kind of band name is The Melvins?" (Please avoid the temptation to copy/paste the excerpt from Wikipedia here to explain it.)
    There name because billie joe sold weed in highschool and they are ****ing awsome they say what other bands dont dare to say and what people is afraid to say
    they say what other bands don't dare to say? Sounds like you have never listen to anything but radio rock
    there's no "radio rock" band that sound like or sing about the same things as green day. you're clearly generalizing or have never listened to anything but their hits
    There is absolutely nothing special about Green Day's lyrics. The most controversial thing they've done was American Idiot. Whoa real controversial
    they don't have to be controversial. just well written, which they are
    Not really, but ok. I listem to them, but as far as musicianship goes, they bring nothing special to the table
    now that's a fair statement. but they're new album has a lot of good solos actually. and it doesn't have to be technical, its punk rock.
    "Hey faggot", "How much?", "I'm gonna kick your ass mother****er" - Billie Joe I rest my case
    You obviously didn't even listen to that song because those lyrics that you quoted were what other people were saying to him and he kept on in spite of them. But good job on taking things out of context to prove a stupid point.
    nope, u cant say shit like that in lyrics, saying somthing like faggot is almost unheard of
    One in a million, may be an older tune but there is a man who doesn't care what people think
    ""What kind of band name is Green Day anyway? Is that in reference to all the chord progressions they continually recycle? " oh god I sprayed my juice all over my monitor. this was the funniest thing Ive heard all week.
    Ha, story of my life. Like it's Green Day, not Nickelback.
    apart form the whole rehab thing, the meltdown was freaking hilarious. This Trevor dude is obviously jealous of all the publicity Billie Joe and Green Day are getting from this.
    i don't understand where he gets off calling this spoiled, really. he didn't do this for money or just to show off. he did it because he wanted to play his music and get it out there to a completely different crowd. hell maybe convert some of these pop listening idiots into real rock fans. i'd challenge this dunn guy to stand up for himself when he's getting pushed around by a bunch of ***** event organizers. probably just take like a bitch
    The Melvins would never be in that kind of situation because they're far too "indie". I'm not saying that as a bad thing, necessarily, but there is a reason that they've been underground for as long as they have. Popular artists have drawn much inspiration from the Melvins, but they'll never be "big" in a Green Day or Nirvana sense. Having said that, I saw them last month (here in Portland) and they played (awesomely, of course) to a packed crowd. Unfortunately, that packed crowd consisted of more hipsters and lame scenesters than one could shake a stick at.
    honestly, that was the most respectful response i've gotten to an opinion i've posted on this site. appreciate it
    Considering that the timing coincides with a new album release it could very well have been done for money to be honest
    I don't like Green Day, personally, but I can understand why Billie was pissed at having his set cut short for that weasel Bieber. BJA has been around a lot longer, spent years working to get to where he is without technology to accelerate his and Green Day's rise to fame, and to get your set cut to make way for someone who has hardly done any hard work and plays terrible music would anger any musician. It was. perhaps, a bit of an overreaction in hindsight, but hindsight is always 20/20 and I think that he was entitled to it to some degree.
    It wasn't cut short for Bieber. You haven't even paid attention so nothing you have to say is even relevant.
    "What kind of band name is Green Day anyway? Is that in reference to all the chord progressions they continually recycle?" pfff hahaha I admit that this made me laugh
    I just find this funny, its a good example of irrelevant rockstars bad mouthing relevant ones just to get a glimpse of the lime light for the first time in a while, Trevor Dunn im sure i will forget your name by tomorrow
    Have you guys heard about bieber's/Armstrong's new release? It's said to be all over some dude's back.
    I love how in these arguments, anyone who says they don't like Trevor Dunn or Mr. Bungle is automatically assumed to be ignorant of what 'real music' is. I'm a college student who's been playing since I was 8, and I've been studying music theory since I was 12. I really don't care how basic Green Day's songs are, they're well written. I'm not some Green Day fanboy, their "rock operas" don't appeal to me in any way, but their older stuff and the latest album are pure gold. And here's my theory on the whole argument about Dunn's technical skills, if anyone cares. It's obvious that he has some technical proficiency, but from an objective point of view, I don't find Mr. Bungle enjoyable to listen to at all. It could just be that all the players on here that wanted to make it big and never did like to side with the underdog and say that he's a technical genius who was never recognized for his talent, which is exactly how they feel about themselves. I say this because I notice at least a few people like this on every single UG newspost talking about any disagreement that involves popular musicians. Let the hate-comments fly in.
    i agree with what bille joe did..dont like my opinion f**k off. usher,lil wayne, nicki manaj,icp,msi,hollywood undead,justin bieber are just a very small list of the people who made the music industry shit. he was drunk..ok? ever heard that drunk people are the most truthful? apparently not. you cant be around as long as green day has and be okay with getting your set cut short by some stupid rap "artist" id be pissed too. if you are a true rock/punk/metal you would agree too.
    No thanks. If I don't like your opinion I'll openly disagree. You can defend your position too. Discussion works like that. Anyway, implying that rappers aren't artists by putting "artist" in quotes is funny. So is your whole "If you don't agree with me you aren't true punx" comment. That's so punk of you.
    I've been scrolling down for so long to leave my comment that I've forgotten what I was even going to say.
    I agree. If you agree to play that sort of a festival, you should know what you're getting yourself into, and what the audience is gonna want. And one of the complaints was that Green Day has been around for decades, but if you've been around that long you should know what you're getting yourself into, playing shows with Usher and Lil Wayne. Yeah it sucks for everyone that they were cut short, but you're really not helping your case by complaining about it on stage. That's just bad musicianship.
    haha no bad musicianship is when you don't like the sound or the crowd and walk off after 45 minutes at your own concert. *cough* jack white *cough* i mean you can say what you want, but the fact is he wanted to play that venue. it may not have been the most eloquently said thing, but he really wants to perform. and maybe, just maybe, he wanted to play good rock music to a bunch of people who only to listen to the same pop garbage. i highly doubt he was like, "omgzzz i can't wait to perform with usher."
    If he really wanted to perform and get his music out to the people who only listen to pop garbage, he should have used all his time for performing instead. But he didn't. Simple as that.
    yeah he did. he took it all the way down to one minute moron
    He stopped mid-song, and complained for nearly two minutes.
    did you even watch the rant. he complained about having one minute left. which means he played all his time, but one minute. that means he played his music for as long as they allowed him, except one minute.
    Yes, I watched the rant. It lasted one minute and 45 seconds, which is over the time limit. If he was gonna go over the time limit anyways, he could have done it playing music.
    I kind of get what you're saying, but unless you're the Minutemen, one minute ain't gonna cut it. I got around this once on stage by knowing exactly how much time I had, and playing a bunch of short songs until there was two minutes left, then played an eight minute song.
    he could have, that's fair deuce. but i think being cut short, or at the least, not given their promised time, raised another issue with the fact of not being treated fairly. its one thing to want to introduce your music to a different crowd, but nobody wants to be treated inferior to other people/acts. yeah they signed on to play a festival with crap acts, but to be treated like their act is lesser(when clearly not) than the other acts, i could see where getting pissed, after essentially finishing your set, would come into play
    Last time I checked Billie Joe didn't puke on stage, he cussed out the venue for cutting his time. Justin Bieber just puked, and isn't even mature enough to know what half the words BJ said mean. Trevor Dunn must be blind, because BJ is a punk legend and Justin is a punk bi*ch. If he chooses the say that BJ is Justin Bieber, then we have every right to say Trevor Dunn is Selina Gomez. No connection between the two at all? Exactly, because there's no connection between BJ and Justin at all.
    Billie isn't punk at all though. Then again, you don't even understand the comparison. You can say Trevor is Selina, but it wouldn't be accurate. Claiming Billie is the bieber of "punk" is pretty accurate. If you don't think it is you're fooling yourself.
    Nailed it. Trevor Dunn = Selina Gomez is an equivalency that makes no sense whatsoever.
    Exactly. The fact is Billie is just as much of a "whiny sell out" as the pop music stars he bitches about. His band is generic and packaged, and sold to teens who want to feel like they're rebelling. He's just as much of a tool of the music industry as any top 40 pop star. Trevor does not hold that status, and therefore comparing him to a pop star like Selina Gomez is invalid.
    But Billie isn't the Bieber of punk. Bieber is a sell out that doesn't talk back, a perfect little modern Jonas brother. Billie has never done anything more than work towards his goals, from going to diamond sold albums to broadway to taking year long tours in Europe. There is no comparison at all.
    But he is the Bieber of "punk." How did Bieber "sell out" when he had the goal of becoming famous? Also even though I find the term "sell out" beyond stupid, Billie is pretty much the definition of it. He's the very thing he complains about. The people who don't see this have to be CHOOSING not to, because I refuse to believe anyone is that dumb.
    Billie started his career as a teenager with angst. It wasn't until after fifteen years he accepted someone to be, or to be a featured artist for a song. Sell outs are those who will grab at any chance they get to obtain money. Bieber has been featured in songs and has featured others, as well as went into TV shows to become big. Billie only has had appearances on TV when performing, he even told SNL that he wasnt going to buy in and act on SNL. Bieber went on a TV series as a guest star, and for what reason? Fame and fortune. BJ has only acted in his own damn musical. HIS musical, that HE wrote. Bieber has earned more hits on YouTube because people love making fun of it. That's his fame. I watched him get shot in the TV show he was on over ten times, because I wanted to see him get shot. Why he is being compared to Bieber is pointless. If anyone is Bieber in punk music it is Hailey Williams. She's has so many publicity issues that she makes Justin Bieber look like the King of Mainstream. Get your facts straight: Bieber is a sellout, and Billie is telling his own stories, not what people tell him to write, but what he actually thinks.
    You could compare many rock stars to Bieber, yes, but you honestly don't see how Billie is just as much of a corporate tool? There are things you mentioned in your post that are evidence of the fact he's just as much of a mainstream joke. Whether he even realizes it or not, the corporations are selling his packaged punk to teens who think they're rebellious when they don't even know what rebellion is. It's not like his thoughts are original anyway though. Also your whole "I wanted to watch Bieber get shot!" thing tells me a lot of what I need to know about you. You're either 14 or you're stuck there mentally. Of course, you think Green Day is so diy punx, so yeah.
    i have to keep shitting on you dude. You say this guy doesn't understand the comparison? it's obviously an insult because he's being compared to Justin Bieber. when you create an argument you need supporting evidence. For example: Your argument is invalid because you state Billie is the Bieber of punk, but offer no reasoning for this. Also, don't make claims like, " you don't understand." It just makes you look ignorant because you have nothing else to say. also, your mom says hi.
    He doesn't understand the comparison. It's an extremely valid one. Billie is just as much of a "whiny sell out" as any of the pop music stars he's bitching about. Jesus Christ, the evidence is right there in front of you and yet you people refuse to see it. Green Day is the most generic, packaged "punk" you can get. Sure, they started like everyone else and got discovered. They've become the music industry's way of making hawt tawpic teens punx rawxers feel rebellious and "underground" regardless of how they started. "You don't understand" doesn't make me look ignorant. If anything it would make me look ARROGANT if anything. Please, stop being ignorant when it comes to the language you're trying to speak. Also, your mom jokes are beyond old and tell me that nothing you say should be taken seriously.
    Like, seriously bro, learn what "ignorant" means before you use it next time.
    The name Green Day came from the bands love of smoking Marijuana, which happens to have the slang of Green, ****ing just must be an ultra square if he didn't know that, heck I only know because I smoke weed, only Green Day album I ever liked was Dookie.
    Anyone in the Melvins has probably smoked more weed than you're going to see in your life. Yet they can still come up with a joke that goes over your head.
    I made the same point last week. Armstrong is just another variation of Bieber.
    to bad no one knows who the melvins are
    There are too many people who base someone's relevance on whether or not they've heard of them. Well, there are a ton of books, movies, bands, and general artists that you might never have come across in your time, but that doesn't say anything about anything except you living under a rock and thinking that's the extent of art. Trevor Dunn is the man, and has been involved in much more worthwhile music for almost 30 years. Of course, if you're ignorant of him, you can feel free to form whatever opinion you like. Too bad it's fueled by butthurt and an unwillingness to broaden your horizons.
    Exactly - a TON of books, and musicians. No one can find the time to listen to every single band out there. Or, perhaps it's simply not to their taste, they don't listen to that kind of music, so have never come across a particular band. Doesn't mean living under a rock. I find new bands every week or so - is that not broadening my horizons? I'm not going to base whether I agree with someone on their relevance - I'll base it on whether I agree with them. In this case, I am struggling to find Dunn's link between BJA & Bieber. I don't care who is his, he still only has an opinion same as mine.
    Ask yourself this: was I saying there's something wrong with not knowing everything, or was I saying there's a problem with assuming your knowledge and experiences are the be-all, end-all of relevance? But yeah, if you're going to act like something is only relevant based on whether or not you, yourself, have come across it, that's a lot closer to living under a rock.
    I clearly stated that's now how I base my opinions of things. Yes, assuming you know everything is foolish, and does not mean you actually know everything. But living under a rock is hardly the same as not having heard of a band, or particular person, that some consider influential.
    Here's what I learned today: 'relevance' is defined by whether or not a 15 year old. who has never taken the time to broaden their horizons, has heard of something. You guys are living the dream, way to be.
    im sure i know more music and understand it waaaay more than you do, but let me clarify, i know who they are, but not many do- and this guy sounds mre whiny than BJA did, at least billies was funny
    You got me. You 'know' more music than me, and understand it better to boot. How you figured that out, I'll never know.
    im saying i know a lot about music, im not some 15 year old green day fan boy getting pissed off that some guy he has never heard of is SLAMMING his man crush billie joe armstrong
    Your saying you know a lot about music yet never heard of the Melvins? These guys aren't some crazy obscure band their pretty well known outside of the radio crowd. Kurt Cobain has mentioned them several times and said they were the best band at the time (He actually auditioned to be the bassist but failed), Mastodon has covered songs by them, and Tool has collaborated with them and yet you never even heard of them?
    "He should take some of the green in his wallet, buy himself a green smoothie and relax." lol, Trevor knows what's up.
    I think this ***** wants to fight. Oh, and do some research before calling people out. Really? You can't figure out what the name Green Day means? Get your head out of your ass, Trevor. No one knows who the **** you are anyway.
    Then how come no one's ever heard of this bass player. He needs to keep his freakin' mouth shut. Trevor Dunn obviously has no taste in great music. Green Day rocks. Period. BJ is one of the most respected singers in punk's history and he deserves respect.
    BJ one the most respected singers in punk history? clearly you have no understanding of what punk music is....
    Most good musicians have never heard of Billie Joe Armstrong.
    thats so not true and you know it
    It's 100% true. There's a vast world outside of pop radio. Check it out sometime.
    most good musicians enjoy all types of music and green day is hardly something so ridiculous that a good musician would distance themselves from it- BJA is a great songwriter- simple guitar player, but effective
    I get really depressed reading these comments. People, Trevor Dunn is an amazing musician. If anyone in here is equating fame and popularity to a legit musical standing, then you might as well be a Justin Bieber fan.
    popularity and fame are pretty important to your status as a musician, but i think where certain things come into play is how long can your music actually remain popular, or relevant for that matter? green day has been around since '88 and still running strong, while dunn was never well-known (which im not saying is bad), but if you ask more people in the music business, who truly is more relevant to music, green day or mr bungle? obviously green day. thats like asking who's more relevant to music, the beatles or yngwie malmsteen. technical skill isnt everything (although very important), but what truly is important is songwriting skills: being able to display your talent through songs people can enjoy. and he's not some god of bass either, as there are plenty of bassists around that can run circles around this cocky ****head, i.e. Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, Flea, Les Claypool, etc (only mentioned bassist still alive), all of which have actually proven to the world they're relevancy. dunn on the other hand has not. just some other technical musician that cant write any memorable music. he wont go down in history. hell, most people probably have no idea who he is, because hes nothing. its clearly obvious he only made these statements out of his own either jealousy or perhaps for his own attention craving, which makes him seem far worse than billie couldve done during the iheartradio festival. I guess to make this short and sweet, dunn is a talented bassist but is not important to music and decided to bash someone whos far more legendary in his (billie joe) own aspect (songwriting and maybe to a certain extent, guitar playing)
    I don't mean to be a dick when I say this, but your comments are extremely naive. California by Mr. Bungle is constantly getting praised as an amazing album (Yes, it is, do your research). Maybe not from the Ultimate-guitar community where most of the website consists of tab reading Green Day fans who only know how to play Basket Case, but if you go to New York and talk to people in the Jazz or Avant Garde scene, they know who Trevor Dunn is. Go to any music school and I guarantee people will have more to say about Trevor Dunn than Green Day. I'm not saying this to say. "Oh Mr. Bungle is better!" I'm saying this to point out that being relevant pertains to what circles you run in. Kurt Rosenwinkel is a lot more relevant in jazz circles, than green day, Schoenberg is a lot more relevant to people who enjoy atonal music, etc.....To say that he hasn't written any memorable music is bullshit.
    Sammy Mantis
    Dunn and Mr. Bungle were never "relevant" in the context you're referring to, so all these long-winded rants of yours are pretty much void to begin with. They were always an underground band that made unique, innovative music for people who craved more than just the usual ho-hum radio rock. For these same reasons, it remains unknown to mainstream music fans to this day. It's music that transcends time and genre, which is why it still sounds just as fresh today as it did back in the early 90's. At any rate, we'll see who's still talking about "Kill the DJ" 20 years from now. Regardless of whether you're a mainstream, or underground music fan.
    well, who all still talks about Mr. Bungle? like, the 10 fans they have? what about the millions of green day fans, or just the people who still revere albums like dookie, which is almost 20 years old, and is already considered a classic album. many would say it was one of those albums that defined the music scene in the 90s, along with Nevermind, 10, OK Computer, etc. you see, bands like who i mentioned through their albums (nirvana, pearl jam, radiohead) were bands that revolutionized the 90s. and "we'll see who's still talking about 'kill the dj' 20 years from now" is a rather weak statement, because of the simple fact that nobody ever even talks about Mr Bungle's hits (if they have any) today, save for, like i said, the very few fans they had in the first place who think they're so cool for bashing a popular band. not to mention "kill the dj" isnt even one of green day's signature songs. but u still hear people talk about songs like "basket case" and "longview", which are nearly 20 years old.
    If the "93" in your user name is any indication of when you were born, you still have plenty to learn about music.
    well actually, you'd be surprised how much i know. i listen to all sorts of music from all time periods. and i probably know more about music than anybody my age, and plenty of adults as well. you see, music is a strong passion of mine. i listen to it, read about it, even research the history of music (all genres) as part of my own personal enjoyment. so to just assume because of my age that i know nothing is quite foolish. i know about the melvins, and i even know about mr bungle. i know things u may not know. maybe u know things i dont. but like i said, dont just guess im a stupid kid who knows nothing because im 19 years old.
    oh my bad, when i said i know more than anybody my age, i meant people i know personally, not everybody in the whole world, before u try to turn that on me
    I really don't consider bands who just popularized sounds to be the bands that revolutionized whatever decade. The bands that really did it should get more credit, not the bands they influenced who just brought that sound to the mainstream. Because if it wasn't band x who popularized it, it would be band y. Also no one is thinking they're cool for bashing a popular band. They're just calling w/e band on their bullshit. I like plenty of popular things, and I'm calling Green Day on their bullshit. I also don't hear a ton of people talking about them today, honestly. Which is funny considering the amount of places I go and hang out.
    Usher has actually been in the music biz just as long as Green Day has.
    not true, green day started in late 80s
    Er...You should check yourself before you wreck yourself: Usher started 1987. Green Day formed in 1987. When Billy Whiny Joel complains about his veteran status being ignored he is wrong because Usher is also a veteran. BOOOOOM
    Yep, and Usher was putting plenty of time into his career. I'm not a fan. I just think people acting like every rapper, pop star, or r&b singer has a free ride is stupid. It's actually pretty rare that someone does, and when they do they usually crash and burn after a hit or two. But, people need something to blame. In this case it's blaming those people for the "state of music." Which is funny because this is no new trend, and music is really better off now than it has been.
    Everyone is saying "Who is Trevor Dunn?" Does it matter? Do you have to be a rockstar to say Billy Joe Armstrong sucks and he acted like a little girl? Dunn is also completely right about them recycling the same chords over and over again... Green Day sucks. Billy Joe Armstrong wears eyeliner and he's like 43.... lol
    1) Little girls don't go, "I'm not f*cking Justin Bieber, you motherf*ckers!" 2) Green Day is a name formed when they were smoking pot --> yeah they're a punk band. They're not Nickelback, none of their songs sound remotely alike. 3) Um he's 40... So, know what you're talking about before you say it because now you just look like a fool.
    1) Tween girls do say shit like that. Did you not go to school when you were a kid? Or did you just not hang out with any girls? That's not meant to be insulting. It's a real question. 2) Pointing that out means the joke flew over your head. Also a bunch of Green Day songs do kind of sound alike. The ones that don't, or that you'll claim I haven't heard, probably just weren't memorable enough for me to recall them enough to say they don't. 3) Pointing that out is missing the point of that guy's post.
    1) You're so funny. In all honesty, I go to an all-girls high school. So... 2) No, it didn't "fly over my head", it's an explanation. And which songs sound alike? 3) That was just to show how ignorant he is about Green Day. So now, you look like the fool.
    1) Well, you've probably said it. Not because you're a girl though. People in general between the ages of 12 and 18 say things comparable to that all the time. 2) The explanation wasn't needed. Everyone knows. Not everyone gets the joke though. Re-read the rest of part 2. 3) It was pointless and did not add any validity to your post whatsoever. It also does not take away from the fact this man is in his 40s and acting like a child instead of handling things like an adult. No you're just a tween/teen who probably thinks she's underground punx, outside the "mainstream" , etc. I didn't try to make a fool out of you. The fact you think this is about that tells me enough about you as a person. I'm not going to hold it against you too much though since you're probably 15.
    Completely agree with Matt Sorum. That was the most punk thing Green Day ever did. They literally took the system by the balls in front of everybody and said they weren't some pop joke of a band, whether or not their new music may reflect that. Then what happens? They ****ing apologize. Lost so much respect for Green Day after that.
    The apology tells you enough. Maybe that he feels he embarrassed himself, and recognizes he should handle things like an adult instead of trying to look cool in front of everyone. Maybe he's not confident in his own opinions. They can also claim they aren't just as packaged and generic all they want, but it doesn't make it true and their music does reflect that.
    I feel the same way. I mean maybe they apologized so they wouldn't piss of any fans. But still, they're an amazing band.
    worst meltdown ever, had he not apologized and drawn attention I don't think anyone would of even noticed or considered it a meltdown. It reminds me of the family guy episode were Peter is elected to school board and his old teacher Mr. Fargas is sitting there munchin on pills and when Peter asks if someone gave him a fun-ectomy he goes "No, they gave me these by order of the School Board. They said it evens me out. Sorry to fly off the handle like that." if people are not wondering if your career is ruined it doesn't count as meltdown, it was just another day of you mouthing off, the only difference is you took time out of your day to apologize for a change, everyone gets cranky sometimes.
    Birth name---Trevor Roy Dunn / Labels---Ipecac makes me wanna puke