Trioscapes Premiere 'Digital Dream Sequence' Title Track Video, Full Album Officially Out

If you're new to these guys, check 'em out, now! You'll thank us later.

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Trioscapes, a young fusion/prog rock trio that really deserves your attention, has recently unveiled the video for title track of their new album "Digital Dream Sequence."

Led by bassist Dan Briggs of Between the Buried and Me fame, the group also consists of Walter Fancourt on tenor saxophone and flute, and Matt Lynch behind the drum kit.

Marking their sophomore studio effort, "Digital Dream Sequence" is out now via Metal Blade Records. You can order it here.

"I never yearned to have a fusion influenced band, but I've always loved that music," Dan said during a recent interview on "To us it's really just mixing our personal influences and pushing each other.

"Matt challenged me by sending the drum parts to 'Stab Wounds' to make a song out of, Walter challenged me by sending his linear melodies in 'Hysteria' to try and make a song out of. It's just great bouncing ideas off of these guys and creating music that wouldn't exist under any other circumstances."

So you guys tend to complain about the lack of coverage when it comes to younger acts. Let us know if you're digging this and you just might get more. The video awaits below.

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    Love love love dan briggs and his musical work outside and in BTBAM .. so much talent !
    I'm liking the bass and drums, but I'm not sure if I like the sax. Overall pretty cool song, though.