Trivium Stream New Album 'Vengeance Falls'

Listen to the brand new album by Trivium in full right here. What's your first impression of their latest effort?

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Trivium have posted their brand new album "Vengeance Falls" to stream in full over on the Roadrunner website. Let us know what you think by clicking here then coming back to post your first impression in the comments. Trivium collaborated with Disturbed frontman David Draiman on this record, and it sounds like he's had a positive influence on the vocal delivery on the record, which has a more cohesive and consistent sound - something the band have stated they were striving for. Of course, there's plenty of guitar solos to enjoy too. The band are pretty confident in their latest effort, with guitarist Corey Beaulieu recently claiming "it has everything a metal fan could want. It's heavy and aggressive, high energy, and it's full of melodic hooks which was a thing we really wanted to push forward." "Vengeance Falls" will be released on October 15. What's your first impression of the new Trivium album? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments, and your view might be posted in our weekly "UG Reacts" post.

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    I really feel that Trivium have more creativity in them than this. It isn't a terrible album by any stretch but it is quite bland and uninteresting at times. Like most sane people I absolutely loved Shogun. It kept me guessing and I didn't know what was coming next. But their music lately has become very predictable. Half the choruses on this album sound the same as one another. I don't particularly enjoy the mix on this album either. Guitars sound bad especially in the tremolo picked sections. Still love Trivium but disappointed in this effort as I was with in Waves. It isn't like me to be overly critical but I can't give this any more than 4/10 unfortunately.
    That's exactly how I feel about this album. It's not totally bad per se, but it isn't good either. It just leaves me cold, which is something that NEVER happened with any of their previous albums (not even In Waves, which while not as good as Shogun or Ascendancy, I still found it pretty good). I've always defended them against the criticism they get from elitists... but man, I can't do it this time. Most songs on this album are terribly bland and uninspired... add to that the fact that Draiman's influence is all over the place, particularly on vocals (and that I absolutely despise Draiman's vocal style) and it's very hard for me to say this... but this is the first Trivium album I really can't enjoy. There are good bits here and there, and the playing is good as usual, but those things alone can't save an otherwise very weak album (WTF were they thinking with To Believe? That's a straight up Disturbed ripoff, and that means to me it's total crap, easily the worst stuff they've ever done). I only enjoy 3-4 out of 12 songs, and still they aren't as good as the stuff they've done previously. Overall, I feel a 5/10 is fair, but I can totally see it going down to a 4/10 in a close future. Damn, I'm disappointed...
    Trivium have always been one of my favorite bands, but it seems like every album they have a massive identity crisis and try to completely change their sound or emulate another. It's like they are afraid to say "this is our sound." I'm all for keeping things fresh and changing directions when things get artistically stagnant, but when your "new direction" is just sounding like Disturbed (or any other band for that matter) then you risk alienating a lot of your fans. I've always defended Trivium against the haters but it gets harder to do when they keep releasing mediocre albums like this.
    inb4 "it's not shogun"Pretty solid album overall I'd say. Not their best but their earlier efforts were once-in-a-career albums.I like the mixture of clean versus screams vocals. The last vocal line in the chorus of Vengeance Falls reminds me a lot of Iron Maiden. Overall it feels like they're trying to be simpler rather than fast and technical. I like that.
    My previous statement has been proven, no beer, naked women, or a viking god riding a majestic beast.
    The Draiman Vocals still bug the hell out of me, but they get much better on the second half of the album. And the bonus songs are also pretty good. Have to say the album is pretty decent, definately not their best, but also not their worst. Just leaves me f*cking excited for the follow up and I pray to god that they pick a decent producer this time, someone who is actually a producer and not a worn-out mediocre musician.
    I do agree than Shogun is definately more favourable than this effort, I do have to agree that the writing of the riffs and soloing has been thought about a bit more, instead of playing as fast and loud as possible it is a bit more refined
    David Draiman written all over. Very generic. Very chuggy. Very boring.
    I've only heard the first two songs released (Brave This Storm and Strife), but it's not that bad. Brave This Storm bit me like a mosquito and hasn't let go. And Draiman...can't really say, I need to listen to the full album. I respect your opinions, don't worry. Anyways, excited for the new Protest the Hero album? Need to listen to "Clarity"...
    To me it sounds like an evolution of the style they found with In Waves. The influence of a certain Mr Draiman is visible in places, but certainly doesn't stop this from sounding distinctly like Trivium. Overall I'm really pleased with what they've made here
    I think my expectations might have been too high. I remember them saying in an interview that they were unhappy with the state and quality of metal music being put out. They also said this album was going to be very aggressive. I don't hear an album that will have the impact that they hoped. The quality of the instruments and the mix is great and so is Heafy's vocals but I think the song writing is not as good as In Waves or Shogun. I'm having a hard time with the Draimen influenced vocals on some of the songs. That being said creativity can be a bitch sometimes and maybe it just wasn't flowing on this album like the others. I think this album will set them up to make a great follow up if Draimen is out of the picture.
    my first impression was "in waves part 2" which is fine for me. i agree on "shogun" being their best album but every other album including "vengeance falls" is a masterpiece as well. corey beaulieu was right as well: the album has everything, a metalfan could ask for - even a new bass-solo by paulo gregoletto!
    Mr Winters
    Boring and disappointing. I wasn't even expecting anything like Shogun but this is just bad. Couple great songs (Incineration and Wake), some nice parts here and there, great guitar solos, but the rest of the album is total meh. Trivium can do MUCH better than this.
    hey guys Trivium rules! just listened to it all the way through on their site and I really want to get a copy even more than before. Its just more awesome stuff from this amazing band.
    Mix between Shogun and In Waves, some thrashy right hand from the Crusade aswell. Matt is not screaming, and putting electronic stuff in the mix like most "metal" bands tend to do nowadays.
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    First time i listened i thought not bad at all. Second time, i love this song, i love that riff. Third time, is definitely a good album. Good riffs, good lyrics, awesome voice. I think theres too few duo solos. But good job!