Turn Your Keyboard Into a Magical Musical Instrument

Now, with Patatap, you can jam with your keyboard.

Ultimate Guitar

A new website called Patatap turns the very keyboard in front of you into a magical musical instrument, Consequence of Sound reports.

Want to jam, but no instruments around? You're good to go! Feeling the sudden wave of inspiration while being at work? Not a problem! Want to spend hours creating something while waiting in queue or in a traffic jam? It's possible now! Keys A through Z reveal a buffet of sonic bits, everything from twinkling synths and thwacking drums to hissing hi-hats and whirring vocal samples. Each sound is also accompanied by a fun and colorful animation, such as spinning dots and dancing zigzags.

One simple click of the space bar swaps in a new set of sounds and animations, guaranteeing endless hours of mindless entertainment and procrastination thoughtful musical productivity on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Patatap was designed by Jono Brandel of Google Creative Lab's Data Arts Team and Japanese duo Lullatone. According to Fast Co. Design, it was created in order to "capture the experience of synesthesia," a neurological phenomenon in which senses tend to crisscross, resulting in people "seeing" sounds and "hearing" colors.

Play along with Patatap below.

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    The amount of people in this comment section who somehow thought this was supposed to be a fully-functional musical instrument that you could use to write songs with is both sad and hilarious, and a little infuriating.
    Honestly, I have no problem with effect soundbanks, but I can't really find a use for this other than just making some weird sounds. If it at least had a couple of samples that could be used to augment a musical piece, I'd be down for it, but it's mostly just the sounds you get in any DAW or Android app. I mean, it's a nice idea. A little polish and variety could make this awesome.
    Well for starters it being front paged on a music website made it seem like it was going to be a lot more musical.
    Hit your head on the keyboard twice and u get pop hits from todays music
    Did they just say people should play this game in traffic?
    ...you're telling me you don't drive down busy highways with your laptop out? Shit, I wouldn't even be posting this right now if I wasn't doing that!
    damn what are you people talking about, I was creating some awesome beats with this thing! Burgery showed it to me yesterday and I had a good amount of fun for about an hour. I'm thinking about plugging it into my big ass looper I'm borrowing from a friend and creating some awesome shit with it, then pair my guitar up with it. Honestly, I made cool melodies. You people either didn't experiment enough or you don't know how to improv?
    When I read the news title, I actually thought it was talking about "real keyboards", you know, the instrument. Not you computer's keyboard. Useless.
    Aww man, the spam bot comment was deleted...
    Pablo Mortis
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    I am usually pretty ****ing good at these things but I can't get a musical sound out of this to save my life... useless.
    It's just like a sample people...why the **** are you all getting your panties in a bunch xD
    Fun to play around with....but why would some of you assume it turns a MUSICAL keyboard into an INSTRUMENT? Did you even read the article?
    Pablo Mortis
    I think they were under the impression that it would turn their already musical keyboard Magical, like with unicorns and glitter and such...
    It would be cool if they added a looping feature, or something, so you could build up some beats without having to co-ordinate all of your fingers.
    I'm sure Skrillex will use this to **** music in the dirt hole in the next few days :O
    I can't play any actual music with this thing. It's more a pretty toy than a musical instrument. I'll pass. Try Plink by DinahMoe instead. It's a fun multiplayer synth.
    On the white setting if you play "T T Y T T Y" it sounds like "We Will Rock You".
    That's pretty fun. It's kinda like a preset auto Supercollider. Reminds me of when I was younger and would make tracks from some cheesy sample program on an older sony ericsson phone, but with better sounds. Only problem I really have is I get delay on hits which makes it hard to really get a rhythm. Looking at the reaction, what the hell were people expecting from this?
    Funny enough I use the approach of turning the guitar into a controller/keyboard and playing it https://www.youtube.com/user/rocksmithdi... through the use of converting guitar pro files into rocksmith i've played more songs than ive ever dreamed of with this approach. There's playlists documenting this 2 year process for anyone interested.