Turner Apologizes To Van Halen's Anthony For Supergroup Rumor

artist: Joe Lynn Turner date: 09/20/2012 category: wtf?

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Turner Apologizes To Van Halen's Anthony For Supergroup Rumor
Joe Lynn Turner and Carmine Appice have apologised to Michael Anthony after rumours circulated the three were forming a supergroup. The story made headlines after Melodic Rock said former Rainbow frontman Turner and drummer Appice had started work on a musical project, and Chickenfoot bassist Anthony was involved. Turner has dismissed the rumor as just that and states he didn't speak to the press or send out a news release on the subject. But he does admit they've discussed the possibility and that Anthony's name was mentioned. A press statement says: "Turner and Appice would like to specifically apologise to Anthony and his fans for any confusion this rumour or any casual conversations might have caused". Thanks to Antimusic for the report.
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