Two Men Arrested by Police for Saying 'Nickelback' in Public

Canadian rockers associated with a drug deal, men "handcuffed, detained and interrogated."

Ultimate Guitar

If you happen to be in Idaho these days, it might be best not to talk about Nickelback, as a two men were recently "handcuffed, detained and interrogated" for mentioning Canadian rockers.

About five minutes of the whole situation was captured on video, showing Kootenai County Sheriff's Office deputies accusing the young men of saying "nickel sack," a reference to a bag of marijuana.

Ultimately, an officer pulled a gun on one of the guys for "getting that attitude and being an a-shole," leading to the mentioned arrest.

Mere moments before the police arrival, a truck was leaving the gas station with Nickelback cranked up in the driver's cabin. "No, Nickelback. That guy was blaring Nickelback," the man holding a cell phone camera defended. "There was no nickel sack involved."

"He's talking about drugs. He's not talking about Nickelback," the deputy insisted. "We're not born yesterday. That's a bullsh-t story. He said nickel sack."

In the end, both guys were released with no charges. Check out the clip below for more.

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    This kind of criminals make me sick, to the electric chair with 'em!
    I can't tell what's funnier - get arrested over talking about Nickelback (should have been a crime years ago! haha)...or the police getting pissed off presumably over $5 worth of pot.
    Neither are funny. They're both tragic indicators of how terrible this country truly is.
    You couldn't get me to answer the phone for $5 if it was in my hand and my thumb was on the answer button. These guys are obviously power tripping idiots.
    They got a gram of weed? How f*ckin dare they, surprised they didn't call backup! Only the truly dangerous, hardened criminals carry around a couple of marijuana cigarettes with them!
    Fuck these cops, this is nothing but grasping at straws. Weren't born yesterday? Maybe not, but they were f*cking trained yesterday, that's for sure. Lucky that the truck driver wasn't playing Pantera, they might have mentioned "Dimebag" Darrell.
    Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcoholllll... C-c-c-c-c-cocaiiiiine!
    People are openly allowed to talk about drugs, these cops are idiots thinking they can arrest people for simply talking about drugs, even though they weren't in the first place.
    This too. If I were one of those guys, I would absolutely press charges for harassment, false arrest, illegal detainment, all that shit. I'd find a shifty lawyer looking to make some money, and sue the whole department out of existence. Those cops are criminals, plain and simple. As most of them are.
    More unnecessary threats from the cops, all thanks to the Police State of America® brought to you by the War on Weed™.
    Fuckin pigs. Should be in prison themselves, for the crime of being power hungry, emotionally and mentally unstable, violent people.
    So, if I say to my mate "You know what's bad? LSD!" and cop only hears the last part, he'll shoot me?
    and get away with it with a nice paid vacation before coming back in a couple of weeks.
    Blind In 1 Ear
    "an officer pulled a gun on one of the guys for "getting that attitude and being an a--hole," leading to the mentioned arrest." um... that's not why you pull a gun.
    Gee Halen
    So if the audience screams "Cocaine" at an Eric Clapton concert, will SWAT raid the scene?
    Finally the law is cracking down. Hopefully next you'll be jailed for talking about One Direction.
    There's only one direction you'll be going... and that one direction is the one direction of one direction. One direction.
    Ironic that the country with Freedom of Speech as it's first founding principle, and people can't even learn to defend themselves. I blame the lack of Rock in our society for this
    Only in America... The video just makes me angry. How stupid can the cops be in the USA? And who cares if they were talking about drugs? I mean, if you talk about drugs, it doesn't mean you use them.
    Law Enforcement is run by state, not federal; so I don't doubt that Idaho had a few potatoes in their Police Academy.
    "How stupid can the cops be in the USA?" The answer is, "incredibly". I've met and personally known a lot of cops. And I do mean A LOT. And I can say without any trace of hyperbole, that for every one decent man I've known to wear the uniform, there are literally dozens who can barely read, didn't graduate high school, are on steroids and tons of prescription drugs, making them more emotionally unstable than a 14 year old who just got dumped by his first girlfriend, and openly announce the fact that they only joined the force so they could "carry a gun and beat up scumbags". Either that or they joined the police because they were too ****ing fat for the army. God damn pigs.
    "You're killin me smalls!" "Get down on the ground smalls! and place your hands on top of your heads! You're under arrest for attempted murder on this man!"
    TBH, I'd have admitted I was talking about drugs. Less embarassing, and a less serious offense.
    but why would the cops be harassing them for talking about drugs? Do they bust into colleges every time there's a lecture about some kind of drug? "Today in Psychology 101, we're going to talk about the effects that drugs have on the brain..." *DEA kicks in the door*
    But they didn't commit any offense. "Talking" about drugs and "being a-holes" aren't crimes.
    What in the heck is a nickel sack? I have never, ever heard of that. Does he think that's a dimebag? Did he just make that shit up on the spot? Wow...
    It's a real term, at least down here in Texas. Probably a regional thing, you'd be surprised how differently drugs are referenced from place to place.
    Some American police officers need to be far more reserved. Pulling a gun out because of the guy's attitude? So shooting him and permanently scarring him or even killing him is the answer? No mate.
    Seriously, what kind of a pussy cop pulls his gun on someone because he doesn't like their "attitude"?
    A fictional story about this cop's childhood: Cop's Mom: One day when you grow up, you'll be a great man. Cop: Yeah, Mom I will. I bet he was thinking at the time of the arrest "I'm making you proud mama" (tear runs down his cheek)