Two Musicians Compose Metal Song in Binary Code, Invent Binary Metal Along the Way

They also invent a new way of texting, this is the most epic thing ever!

Ultimate Guitar

Rob and Fluff are the two guys behind one of the most brilliant ideas of the guitar-driven world we've seen in a while - binary metal.

Basically, it's "like morse code, but more metal." The deadly duo has recently unveiled an exclusive premiere of binary metal, composing a chugging track using nothing but guitars and binary code.

They have successfully managed to not only invent a new genre, eerily similar to djent, but also a new way of text messaging. A cantaloupe is also involved in the mixture.

So without further ado, the clip is right below, gaze at it in awe.

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    What is this? edit: 011101110110100001111001001000001101001011100110010000011101 000110100001101001011100110010000011011100110010101110111011 10011
    If you're having djent problems I feel bad for you son, they've got 24 frets but they only use 1.
    Nobody likes me. Detuning is and has been overrated for like ever. 011000100 . Play the bass man.
    inb4 people talking shit about djent and other bands that have been doing it before and text messaging actually consisting of binary codesc'mon this is just meant to be funny and it actually is, there's nothing to complain about.
    2 comments below; a medalled comment making a joke about djent and deathcore. Excuse me while I use my highly extensive range of internet lingo that I learned from educational sites such as Tumblr and 4chan: *ahem* U MAD BRO?
    This is why 90% of core bands suck. The 10% being bands like my band, Bullet For My Valentine.
    I wonder if the tabs would be in hexadecimal binary. Gives a whole new meaning to E5.
    Rob is slowly becoming the next UG Celebrity. I dunno, Slackerbitch is still #1 in my book.