U2 Aiming to Release New Album This Summer

Official "Invisible" video also surfaces, details inside.

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Irish rockers U2 have confirmed hopes for a new album release sometime during summer, noting that their recent work on "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" soundtrack has fairly slowed down the process.

Chatting with Hollywood Reporter, drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. explained, "It was hard to stop what we were doing. We were on a roll - it was clear where we were going. And a decision was made to abandon ship, more or less, to focus on this."

The album is expected to contain 12 fresh songs and was previously announced for a December 2013 release. But once the band received a call from Harvey Weinstein on the behalf of film producers, the Danger Mouse-produced album was put on hold.

"When we got the call from Harvey to say, 'It's happening, are you in?,' it was like, 'Oh man, really? Now?'" guitarist the Edge said. "But we just had to do it, with the history that we have with the man and the cause."

"This was the one project you just couldn't say no to," bassist Adam Clayton chipped in. "For our generation, South Africa was a real illustration of how music could affect change in the world, and it was a rite of passage in terms of our political awareness."

Meanwhile, the band has premiered an official video for "Invisible" track, a song that recently fetched over $3 million for AIDS charity RED. Check out the clip below.

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    Haters say they are pompous and arrogant...quite the contrary..I find them to be servants of the world community...unfortunately there are those who would piss on Mother Theresa if they could...do they make money...sure...$3 million off one download for charity...oh I know...it's not enough...by the way, amazingly creative and productive band...
    Im going to California is a couple of weeks and I want to find that U2 plaque thats at The Joshua Tree
    Bono sounds nasally. And why are they using electronic drums? Really bad song -.- But hey, if it raises money for AIDS then it doesn't matter.
    that's great more of the same old crap they have been putting out all these years and what gets me is people will buy it!