UG Awards: Most Anticipated Album of 2014?

Which artist are you excited to hear new material form in 2014? Post your nominations here.

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Welcome back to another in a series of polls to find the great and the good in our annual UG Awards ceremony. So far, we've been asking for your favourite songs and albums of the year. This week, we'll be looking forward with a couple of polls that get your opinion on next year. Today we want to find out:

What is your most anticipated album of 2014?

2013 will be a hard year to follow, but there's a fleet of rock musicians and producers hard at work on the future of music as we speak. Some of your favourite musicians could be among them, and those of you in-the-know are sure to have a few hot music tips for us at Ultimate Guitar and for your fellow readers. Just post one artist per comment (don't worry about the album name if it hasn't been announced). If you're looking forward to a long-awaited album next year (*ahem* Tool anyone?) then post it below.

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    Lamb Of God. Will be interesting to see how the Czech incident affects their mindsets in putting together a new record, and consequently how it will affect its sound.
    I feel like it might affect a song or two.. if even? Idk, on a professional level, after everything that happened, with all due respect to the family, it would almost gimmicky to use that stuff in the music. On the other hand, I'd just lvoe to hear some more brutal sounding log
    I wouldn't imagine it would be used as a gimmick - I can't imagine any lyrics about the situation. However, with how the experience will have affected Blythe (let's face it, incarcerated in a foreign country is no cakewalk) we could get some more brutal stuff like you say.
    And System of a Down!
    *tips alinn4 of the side of a cliff* I would love a system reunion but I've seen recently that John Dolmayan is working in a solo project, I get the feeling they were waiting on Serj and are just gonna do their own thing because Serj is taking too long, apart from Harakiri he actually put out like 3 albums this year, "Orca" which was classical. "Jazz-is-Christ" some jazz thing, and some weird techno shit, so I wouldn't hold my breath for a reunion
    *tips fedora*
    Tip that fedora one more time and it's going up your ass.
    The Presidents of the United States of America has a new album coming out in February
    A collaboration between Tool and Opeth.
    that would be a prog orgasm
    I almost forgot... what about DEFTONES? Do you guys think there's a chance they'll finish Eros next year?
    Small chance, Chino says that they're not really comfortable with finishing it. He said it will come when it will come or something like that. I think it's still too fresh for them.
    Foo Fighters
    Somehow, ...Like Clockwork will win this too
    Actually Josh Homme said something about the next QOTSA Album maybe coming sooner than expected and then that they should make an new record right away My fingers are crossed, but I doubt that's gonna happen...
    Plus as much as I'd like a new Tool record (same with Metallica) we may not even get one. :/
    As much as I know Tool loves ****ing with their fans, I find it hard to believe that they'd get people this amped up talking about their 20 minute song or whatever and saying how Maynard's in the studio if there was any chance that none of it was going to come to any fruition.
    Yeah, I could be wrong, but I feel like Tool was near the top of UG's Most Anticipated Album of 2013 list, too.Your move, Tool.
    foo fighters and metallica have sucked ever since theyve started. TOOL all the way
    Really? Cause from what history says they've been massive successes you ****ing nipple. Just because you dislike a band doesn't mean they suck. Grow up.
    Machine Head
    How does this not have more upvotes? Can't wait to see how they're going to follow up Locust and The Blackening. Let alone with a new bassist... MACHINE FUCKING HEAD!
    Off the top of my head, [b]"Crosses" by [b]††† . Other than that, i don't know how many of these bands will actually release an album or if it's just rumors, but if they do, i'm waiting for it: - Arch Enemy - blink-182 - Deftones, "Eros" - Foo Fighters - Foster The People - Opeth - The Dead Weather - The Offspring - The Raconteurs - The Subways - Tool - Wolfmother [b]EDIT: Also, since others mentioned: Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Mastodon, Mogwai and System Of A Down. And i believe a recent interview mentioned 2015 as the probable release date for the new Metallica album.
    Gojira! most badass thing to come out of France since Napoleon.
    Unless they finally release the Sea Sheperd EP, there is nothing to expect from them in 2014
    There have been multiple interviews on the internet where Joe and Mario both say they hope to have a new album out by the end of 2014. Also, the hard drive that had all of the music to the Sea Sheppard EP crashed a long time ago, there's no hope for that thing anymore sadly.
    I've heard this too. You'd hope that they could at least try to rerecord the EP. I heard Of Blood and Salt off of it and it was awesome. I'd love to see more collaborations with Devin Townsend or Fredrik Thordendal.
    In Fact, the hard drive crashed, but in an interview they said they could retrieve some of the work and that they were trying to extract the rest. If they manage to do so, we can have it sometime.
    for them to go back and try to re-record those songs the way they were is like asking a band to do something almost as good as the black album, oh wait (A7X).....
    Did you people know that Napoleon Bonaparte (or Napoleone Buonaparte) was Is actually born Italian, and spoke french very badly? It's surprising but true! The more you know man...*sits back in the wardrobe*
    Well he was born in Corsica to Corsican parents, shortly after Corsica was taken over by France, although his parents were both born when Corsica was under Genoese rule, so he was effectively between nationalities. And I can't imagine he remained bad at speaking French for very long. It's probably also worth mentioning that Italy wasn't a single nation until around a century after Napoleon's birth, so I don't know to what extent his parents would have considered themselves Italian under an Italian republic.
    Well apparently it is no longer kosher to share your OPINION on an OPINIONS forum. I am sorry for any emotional trauma I have caused you.
    All of this because you were surprised that somebody picked Metallica. You didn't even insult him or the band. If anybody wants to know which band has the most oversensitive fanbase, look no further. For Christ's sake, relax.
    We all went to your profile, saw your "Do the Dew" shirt, and assumed your musical tastes were stuck in the '90s too.
    Alright, I obviously can't win this when people are going to make such childish stereotypical assumptions about me. I wish you all happy holidays.
    Nah man… don't sweat it… there was tons of projection going on with your original post… you said nothing wrong. It was taken wrong and this douchebag website ran with it.
    Thank you. I'm not insane then.
    Not at all insane third eye… well maybe a little to even consider anything a Lincoln Park fan says (that band sucks)… but anyway…. I agree with you… who cares what Metallica does nowadays? Lol.
    Linkin Park* I'm sorry. Its irking me.
    It's Lincoln Park in Chicago. The whole Nu-metal Staind, Trapt, Limp Dipshit, and asinine phonetic spelling and the god awful shitty music associated with it irks me.
    Haha yeah, I should have just let that go right out of the gate. That guy has no clue how to argue in a mature manner. I just REALLY hate when people call me a prick for asking an honest question and/or sharing my honest opinion.
    There seems to be a good amount of butthurt here. As well as an apparent rage quit.
    Really? Out of everything else there is to pick from, you'd pick Metallica?..
    You JUST got done saying above: "Who said you have to worry about downvotes? You must be a pretty sorry individual if you're worried about something like that. All they do is reflect how many people agree or disagree with you. This is all opinion." Maybe Metallica is Scarto's favorite band! Maybe he used to listen to it with his dad who isn't with us anymore! Maybe Master of Puppets got him through some tough times 10 years ago! Elitist prick.
    Yeah, and I'm sharing my opinion. My opinion is that it's surprising he would pick Metallica when there are so many other options. I haven't flamed him or insulted Metallica. I just used this comment section entirely in the way it was intended to be used. I think someone's a little oversensitive...
    Your mom is oversensitive... it took me 10 minutes to ease my dick in.
    Awesome. So you're about 15 years old then. That makes a lot of sense. By the way, have you noticed I haven't even downvoted any of your comments?
    Ahh I couldn't resist. I'm 25, but I feel 15 most days... and I'll like a good "your mom" joke till the day I die. Now listen. We're all Americans. Well, some of us aren't... point is, let's all get along and like whatever the hell we want.
    Current research suggests that adolescence be extended to include up to age 24. So yea… Lincoln Park and mom jokes on the internet sounds right.
    I was just having a good time reading the comments. I have only a comment, I'll surprise you how many people here aren't americans, like me for example, I'm from Argentina. By the way, I choose Metallica as well (I'd chosen Dream Theater but they've already launched a album this year). To Thir(eye, come on man, if someone wants to vote to "X" artist or band, just respect him (even if the X artist is someone like Justin B.).
    That's great, he had every right to like current Metallica if he wants, I didn't say he couldn't. But an opinions forum is for sharing opinions (in a mature manner, of course).
    Me and your mom were getting up to some VERY mature shit. By which I mean sex. By which I also mean she's old and milfy.
    Once UG establishes you as either a protagonist or an antagonist, there is nothing you can say to change that.
    I've noticed that, yeah. Someone has to be the bad guy and someone fas to be the good guy. I'm ok with being the former every once in a while.
    you just lost that nobel prize I wanted to give you earlier now it goes to freaking Dalai Lama >.<
    You are the biggest prick in this website. Congrats! Here is my finger. .1. Stick it in your third eye you elitist Tool fan prick. I'm a huge Tool fan, however the majority of fans are huge douches that judge other people's music taste and consider themselves as superior.
    Third eye didn't call anyone names like you did, he was just a little insensitive with his wording. All you people are way oversensitive about this whole thing. He didn't say a word bad about Metallica or the person, just asked why them instead of other bands in a badly worded sentence. You people are the hypocrites calling him a prick and for showing scorn when ya'll are doing exactly that. He had one statement that could be read as disrespectful, and it wasn't very much at all, more of a question.
    @Crack Monkey--We can all try to treat people better. Thanks for reminding me of that. I'm not referring to this necessarily. If most of us are musicians, that explains a lot as well. We tend to be sensitive, and want people to like us and our music. You are right.
    Human nature to do that really, not just Tool fans. I'm sure everyone is guilty of it for something whether it is verbalised or not.
    I was an early 80s Rush elitist prick. I was in Junior High when Permanent Waves was released. Can you imagine all of the awesome shows I got to see back then? But if I could do it over I would have been more open to music like Funk, because as a bassist it would have helped my versatility. My closed mindedness--and bigotry--hindered my talent. Lesson learned
    OK, I've got nothing to do with this discussion, I'm just here to say that I'm glad someone else thinks that the majority of Tool fans are more aggressive than a swarming mass of 5,000 football hooligans. Holy hell, I just stay away from every Tool article on the internet.
    As a Tool fan, have to agree. They are one of my top 4 or 5 favorite bands, but I don't think they're out there curing cancer or anything....
    In general I agree with you, they can get pretty out of control. But I REALLY don't think that's me in this situation.
    I can't believe so many people got on you for the Metallica thing. It wasn't overly disrespectful or anything (just a little impolite), and they're a great band that've put out a ton of albums. But there are way more bands to look forward to. It's just as soon as anyone see's something that looks a little rude coming from a Tool fan, they dismiss you as a dumb opinionated jackass. I go thru the same things, you just gotta word stuff a little more carefully.
    Somehow I hold onto this hope that they will release a Re-ride the Lightning. I know they are capable of greatness, but they can do what they want. Even if their first three albums were all they released ever, they would still be great. I was blown away when those albums came out, and I won't forget that. I can only hope...
    Wow, you woulda thought I told him to kill himself. Read what I said again and tell me how that is so demeaning.
    You were showing scorn for someone's indication of what they were excited about - that's pretty much the definition of demeaning. Just accept you were called for it, particularly given the seeming hypocrisy of your consecutive posts, stop arguing and move on....
    I'm reaaaaally not sure how I'm being hypocritical. I've been saying this whole time that he's entitled to his opinion. But that doesn't mean I can't voice my agreement or disagreement with him. I don't think I showed "scorn", if it came across that way I do actually apologize. I just think there are a lot of newer artists that I personally am more excited in seeing what they come out with next than a thrash metal band that's been around since the 80's.
    I think this is one of those cases where my intentions did not translate well to text. So I will own up to not making them clearer, sure.
    Butthurt. Butthurt everywhere.
    Sir, there is a difference between being "butthurt" and acting on a basic need to defend yourself. The butthurt ones are the people who blew this way out of proportion just because I said there are better artists to choose from than Metallica.
    link no1
    Well...You said Deftones above, I think there are far better bands than that to pick.
    thats just dumb of you to chirp about in general, for one it's his opinin for 2 even though ive grown to hate metallicas new material metallica hasnt released theyre own album since 2008, i remember how long i was waiting for clockwork angels to come out last year after a 5 year wait, megadeth is apparently starting to build material to and im already excited for a potential late 2014/early 2015 release so shutup
    Periphery - Clear
    And hopefully Juggernaut
    if we have to wait any longer for juggernaut, I'm going to declare Periphery the next Tool. first it was 5-6 months after PII. then it was after summer slaughter. then it was after This Tour is Personal. Now their releasing Clear instead (which is a great idea). 5-6 months after PII my ass.
    The way I look at Periphery's Clear is hopefully the ideas that they loved while in the studio, but don't fit Juggernaut. Maybe it's just wishful thinking and they have still not started work on it, still excited for Clear
    I think the main reason for the setback in the first place was the offer to go on tour with Dream Theater..
    It's not an album. But it's not an EP either. People shouldn't confuse it with an album though because Periphery said it's not.
    Cynic and Behemoth
    Faith No More ..I wish
    We can dream, can we? I'll be happy if they ever decide to tour the U.S. again. Been a fan for only a few years so I missed my chance last time, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
    I know it is not likely to be happening in 2014, probably it will never happen at all, but ... System Of A Down? There was quite a buzz about the band recording a new album, mostly with a negative outcome but nontheless.
    Steel Panther - "All You Can Eat"
    Balls Out was freaking amazing so I am definatly backing your choice good sir (or madame as I am too lazy to check your profile for gender, yet feel the need to address you as sir or madame).
    I am indeed a Sir. Steel Panther have yet to disappoint so I am looking forward to this album. Thank you for your support good Sir(I checked your profile. Don't freak out. I'm not Dexter.....).
    In Flames! Always been a fan, but I saw them live last year and it was the best show of my life. Ridiculously excited for the new album. In Flames we trust!