UG Awards: Most Anticipated Album of 2014?

Which artist are you excited to hear new material form in 2014? Post your nominations here.

UG Awards: Most Anticipated Album of 2014?
Welcome back to another in a series of polls to find the great and the good in our annual UG Awards ceremony. So far, we've been asking for your favourite songs and albums of the year. This week, we'll be looking forward with a couple of polls that get your opinion on next year. Today we want to find out:

What is your most anticipated album of 2014?

2013 will be a hard year to follow, but there's a fleet of rock musicians and producers hard at work on the future of music as we speak. Some of your favourite musicians could be among them, and those of you in-the-know are sure to have a few hot music tips for us at Ultimate Guitar and for your fellow readers. Just post one artist per comment (don't worry about the album name if it hasn't been announced). If you're looking forward to a long-awaited album next year (*ahem* Tool anyone?) then post it below.

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    Lamb Of God. Will be interesting to see how the Czech incident affects their mindsets in putting together a new record, and consequently how it will affect its sound.
    I feel like it might affect a song or two.. if even? Idk, on a professional level, after everything that happened, with all due respect to the family, it would almost gimmicky to use that stuff in the music. On the other hand, I'd just lvoe to hear some more brutal sounding log
    I wouldn't imagine it would be used as a gimmick - I can't imagine any lyrics about the situation. However, with how the experience will have affected Blythe (let's face it, incarcerated in a foreign country is no cakewalk) we could get some more brutal stuff like you say.
    And System of a Down!
    *tips alinn4 of the side of a cliff* I would love a system reunion but I've seen recently that John Dolmayan is working in a solo project, I get the feeling they were waiting on Serj and are just gonna do their own thing because Serj is taking too long, apart from Harakiri he actually put out like 3 albums this year, "Orca" which was classical. "Jazz-is-Christ" some jazz thing, and some weird techno shit, so I wouldn't hold my breath for a reunion
    *tips fedora*
    Tip that fedora one more time and it's going up your ass.
    The Presidents of the United States of America has a new album coming out in February
    A collaboration between Tool and Opeth.
    that would be a prog orgasm
    I almost forgot... what about DEFTONES? Do you guys think there's a chance they'll finish Eros next year?
    Small chance, Chino says that they're not really comfortable with finishing it. He said it will come when it will come or something like that. I think it's still too fresh for them.