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December is a great time to celebrate everything that was great about the year, so we're posting polls to find all the best bits of 2013 this month. It's time to nominate for the biggest award of all. This is a special one, because the winner last year really smashed into the Ultimate Guitar community with a roar with all the publicity that followed:

What is the best album of 2013?

You've got plenty of great records to choose from, so this is sure to be a stunning list. We'll rank the full top ten rather than just announce the top single post, so it'll be a playlist to die for. There's one important rule: the album must have been released in 2013, and you can only nominate one album per comment to help us track your votes. Post your nominations in the comments, and upvote others that you agree with. We'll collect the results and reveal the winning track before the holidays. Remember to vote in our previous polls too: Vote for Song of the Year

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    Either: Karnivool - Asymmetry Hacride - Back To Where You've Never Been Ulcerate - Vermis. Was a good year though. Probably Hacride for me.
    Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing (and other stories)
    At the beginning of today, I had not heard of this album. Now I own it and have listened to it multiple times, it definitely gets my vote. Also I think this may be the first time that a UG poll helped me find an outstanding new album, so thanks for that
    Guitar Solo of the Year Award should definitely go to 'Drive Home'. No contest.
    Guthrie Govan, Marco Minnemann, Nick Beggs... that band of his is nothing short of a supergroup, but this often makes for disappointing records (ahem, CHICKENFOOT, cough) This album though is AMAZING. No contest imho, although the QOTSA album has grown on me as well
    The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here - Alice In Chains
    Growing up on AIC, and being a hardcore fan... this was easily the STALEST release they have ever made... the only thing original or amusing about it was the album title itself.
    But is better than any rock album put out this year still...
    Honestly man, I'm in the same boat as OMGERSAU!!! and I can happily say no, it is not better than any rock album out this year. Some? yes. All of them? **** no. Are you not tonally aware of the boredom and carelessness of this album? I swear, it's almost as if Jerry wrote these songs just to make another buck cause Dirt must be performing poorly or something. I felt like no ****s were given when they wrote this album, no matter what they have to say, it just seems so dry, so rushed and so boring. I REALLY had my hopes up for this one, and they let me down pretty hard
    The second variant - ...Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age.
    AM - Arctic Monkeys
    Eminem-The Marshall Mathers LP 2 fantastic album
    I love Eminem… But that album was the biggest pieces of crap he's released. Some of those hooks are embarrassing to listen to
    I didn't find it "terrible' but the good songs were spread out on the album, there were a lot better rap albums released this year (Yeezus not being one of them). And I don't understand why Chris Brown's ex-punching bag decided to stick her terrible vocals on another track. Album of the year for me though would probably either be ...Like Clockwork or The Theory of Everything.
    Of course people would hate on the Eminem record here... for one, it's not metal! Somehow that hadn't stopped it from topping the charts in over 80 countries.
    It's not that I don't like it because it's not metal. I don't like it because I don't like it.
    My Last Words
    I love the fact that according to you, one dislikes a record because it's not metal, and thus leave out the possibility for the record to suck. Also, don't get me started on charts... Two words: Justin Bieber.
    Arcane Roots - Blood & Chemistry
    Yeezus and Random Access Memories are contenders but most of the children on this website would dismiss this comment without even having listened to the albums
    Like Clockwork.
    lets make QOTSA the winner of every question UG asks while we're at it
    a drummer
    seriously. people quit jizzing over like clockwork. you would think the album is as good as The Dark Side of the Moon the way people here on UG praise Like Clockwork to be. it's good, but not great. and not even QOTSA's best. now let the downvotes commence
    It's my favourite QoTSA release to date. It is, in my opinion, more diverse than any of their other albums. I don't think I'm giving it unreasonable attention, because it was genuinely on repeat for the first month when I acquired it. Same with Volition, but I liked Like Clockwork a little bit more. But hey, that's just me. Let's just deem it overrated and call it a day.
    I agree. It takes a lot of listens to really get it, but it's so worth it. I like it more and more every time and listen to it and there's always something new to find in the textures and layering.
    I agree, it seems that QotSA can do no wrong around here. They drop an album, and automatically it's the Gospel. I personally thought "Songs for the Deaf" was better.
    I'm with you, man. I dig "...Like Clockwork", but that's about it. I even felt a little disappointed after listening to it for a couple of times, because I was expecting a masterpiece and "only" got a good album. Far away from being AOTY in my book, but the voters will have the final word and it'll probably sweep the UG awards lol. Oh well...
    So because it's the favorite of most people here, that means it's the new Dark Side? It doesn't need to be their best album to be album of the year. Seems to me someone's a bit pissy that their favorite band just released a new album and no one cares.
    a drummer
    nope. just think clockwork is overrated
    Maybe it's a tad overrated, but that tends to happen when a band hypes their album that much and it ends up being almost undebatably great. I still can't personally think of a better album that was released this year, all things considered.
    are you currently menstruating? It was good, people obviously enjoy it, Libra are known for their women healthcare products, have a good day.
    Why not? ...Like Clockwork was an amazing album!
    Cause it's such an "obvious" choice. they've won best song AND best album. I feel like this year's UG's votes of the year are going to be very boring. QOTSA is great, but it's just not THAT great to me. sorry
    It's not that QOTSA are overrated, it's more the fact that they're the only band who have put out a really good rock album this year. The only other album this year I seriously enjoyed was Tomorrows' Harvest by Boards of Canada, which I can't imagine would be very popular on UG
    If you think they're the only band that put out a good record you clearly haven't listened to much this year. I found Tomorrow's Harvest just ok, but /opinions. And to further up, people loved QOTSA. Really you'd expect someone's favorite song of the year would be more likely to come from the favorite album of the year.
    Yeah. Red Fang released Whales And Leeches this year too. Though I have this weird feeling that no one would want to vote for that.
    I would, great album!
    See? He knows! And soon you all will as well. Also about the whole "they're the only band who have put out a really good rock album this year" thing. Heres another album that came out this year that I like almost as much as Red Fang or QOTSA
    "they're the only band who have put out a really good rock album this year". Do you live under a rock?
    I really hope they don't have a poll for "greatest letdown", because it sure as hell isn't, and I want your scenario to be the case.
    It's a good album but not my favorite. My vote is definitely Coheed and Cambria - Descension. My 2nd vote would be Periphery - Periphery II
    that album annoyed the crap out of me. i tried, really. i tried. i like their other stuff, but this one killed me. . . on a side note, UG should count up all the down votes Hail to the King gets. seriously.
    So.. after months of me telling myself everyone on this site is simply d*** up the butt crazy over qotsa and its just some fad, because this has gone on long enough, i will finally sit down and just give this album a go.... wonder what it is all you folks are yapping about with your qotsa-this and qotsa that...
    So, I just listened to the whole thing.. and that was not the best album of the year, sorry everyone who thinks so
    Honestly if I listened to LC with the expectations UG would give you I'd probably be disappointed too.
    I get downvoted for having my own opinion - to each his own, you fellow UG prickmeister; you'll learn someday that you can't always win
    come on. didnt even like that album. everyone on here goes crazy over QOTSA. I dont like anything by them. -.-
    Alter Bridge- Fortress
    Epi g-310
    My only disappointment is that I had to scroll down so far to find this. I still listen to it constantly.
    I liked qotsa, pth and aic's new albums but i honestly think this album topped them all.
    decent enough album but not worth album of the year!!
    Either everyone who downvoted for you is nothing but a super ab fan,or they just dont understand that ab really didnt release the best album of the year I downloaded the album out of knowing nothing baout this band and a good review on UG; loved it, but as great as it is, its no album of the year material. nothing about reallly stands out imo, but to each his own, along with of you dowbnvoting ab fans.... i hope they get like 5th or 4th, if theres no other super unknown/pretty sweet bands that make the cut
    2nd option: Protest the Hero - Volition
    I really like the album and I think this is one of the best album this year, but maybe not THE best album. That's a good option though
    Dillinger Escape Plan's One Of Us Is The Killer absolutely blew me away. It's rare when you get an album, especially in today's hardcore scene, where every track is unique and interesting. Dillinger deserve this one, IMO. But there really were so many great albums this year, that I'd be totally fine if Queens' ...Like Clockwork or Jon Hopkins' Immunity won it.
    Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt Trust me guize, everytime PJ releases a new album a significant chunk of the general public (not the core fanbase) goes "kay, some of these songs are GREAT, others not so much -> this one isn't as good as the last couple of records", only for them to proclaim the exact same thing when the next album comes out (meaning they've come to like the previous one, obviously) As a huge fan I'm certainly biased, but believe me: when my favorite bands release disappointing records I'll be the first to admit it. This certainly ain't one of those instances
    It's terrible. Backspacer was a pile of shit too. Avocado had it's moments but their downward trend started with it. They're written out. You're just another blind faith PJ fan. I love them, but I fear the game's over for them.
    I consider myself a PJ fan... but this album feels really forced. Musically speaking, it's cool, but I've never felt like Eddie mailed it in lyrically like he did on this one before.
    sirens has amazing lyrics! "The slightest bit of light And I can see you clear Oh, have to take your hand And feel your breath for fear this someday will be over I pull you close, so much to lose knowing that nothing lasts forever I didn't care before you were here. I danced with laughter with the everafter But all things change Let this remain" and "Oh, it's a fragile thing This life we lead If I think too much I can get overwhelmed by the grace. By which we live our lives with death over our shoulders. Want you to know that should I go I always loved you, held you high above, true. I study your face, and the fear goes away." beautiful.
    "this one isn't as good as the last couple of records..." Do you think that maybe they don't like the last couple of records and this one is even worse?
    Pope Toast
    'Fortress' by Alter Bridge kicks a huge amount of ass.
    It certainly kicked mine and my ass is huge. I'd say this is the best AB cd yet but I can't compare it to the others yet since I can't stop listening to it.
    Dream Theater - Dream Theater
    Loads of excellent albums out this year. But for me the one that clinches it is: Fortress - Alter Bridge
    The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here - Alice in Chains or Lightning Bolt - Pearl Jam