UG Awards: Vote for Song of the Year

Our annual award polls are back with a bang. Today we want you to pick song of the year - what would you nominate?

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Hurrah! It's that time of the year when you get to vote for the best and greatest moments of 2013. We'll be posting nomination threads throughout the next couple of weeks, where you'll get the chance to vote for the great and the good and help propel them into the prestigious Ultimate Guitar Awards before everyone takes a break at Christmas. We're kicking off proceedings with a big one:

What is the best song of 2013?

It's a tough call, with so many strong tracks released in 2013, but we think you'll be able to separate the good from the bad. We've got some simple rules to follow. The song must have been released in 2013, and you can only nominate one track per post. You don't have to pick something that was released as a single, but to have a shot of seeing your nomination in the final post, it would probably help get you extra votes. As long as the song is truly awesome, it's eligible for the award. Post your nominations in the comments, and upvote others that you agree with. We'll collect the results and reveal the winning track before Christmas. Thanks for taking part!

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    My God Is The Song, or I Appear Missing from ...Like Clockwork. Hard decision.... but I Appear Missing gets my vote.
    You might've just made a typo but it's My God Is The Sun* not My God Is The Song
    My God is definitely one of those songs. I'd vote I Appear Missing.
    Yep, i agree. It's a difficult choice between those two, but my vote has to go to "I Appear Missing " as well. "My God Is The Sun " in 2nd place, and "Do I Wanna Know? " by the Arctic Monkeys in 3rd place.
    my vote goes to r u mine I could never get tired of listening to that song
    I Appear Missing - Queens Of The Stone Age from '…Like Clockwork'
    I Appear Missing has everything, haunting lyrics, fantastic dynamic changes, great guitar work, powerful drums and an incredibly emotional guitar solo to play the song out.
    Keep your eyes peeled. It has the best parts of the songs for the deaf album, blended with their newer sound.
    As weird as it sounds I actually cried a bit once while listening to that song... It's just so amazing :') Still my second favorite song off of that album though. My favorite is If I Had A Tail. Also this whole thing made me suddenly decide to get out my copy of this and listen to it.
    Stone by AIC
    Oh **** yes! The fact that it took this long for it to come up disappoints me. Dat riff
    It's actually mentioned towards the top of the page, but at least we get to vote for it more than once now :
    Do I Wanna Know? - The Arctic Monkeys
    R U Mine is my favourite but anything from that album deserves mention. Album of the Year I reckon
    Anything from AM, one of the best albums of the year. AM - Arctic Monkeys Damage-Jimmy Eat World Opposites- Biffy Clyro
    All of these QOTSA suggestions and no "If I Had A Tail"? What kind of world is this? That song gets my vote.
    Drumhead Trial- Protest The Hero
    Can't believe this hasn't been mentioned yet, but my vote goes to "Brennisteinn" by Sigur Ros - People tend to forget that this is a sudden shift in Sigur ros's sound, to a much more dark and aggresive atmosphere, and they've nailed it in a way that only they could. Everything from the thundering bass, the harrowing guitar, and the haunting vocals sends a sensation of fire, destruction, and overall bleakness in sudden gigantic bursts of distortion. And this is from the same band that not even a decade ago wrote "Hoppipolla", one of the most ridiculously lighthearted and joyfull songs in recent time.
    My favorite song of the year. Right above I Appear Missing. Immense sound and I love the dark style of it. I wish the entire album had that similar feel. But anyways, +1 for Brennisteinn.
    Steven Wilson - The Watchmaker
    Almost every track from that album is worth a mention!
    Steven Wilson shouldn't be in Song Of The Year, but in Album Of The Year.
    Pretty much this. I chose The Watchmaker because I just happen to connect better with the mood of that song, but the whole album is just perfect, definitely my AOTY. I'm happy with QOTSA winning though; Like Clockwork is on my top 5 of the year too.
    Definitely my Album of the Year! Also seeing the band perform was my Live Event of the Year.
    Alter bridge - Cry of Achilles The whole album was epic nut this is probably my favorite
    God is Dead? - Black Sabbath
    Really? Just because its Sabbath doesn't mean its great. It is nowhere near the best song of the year
    Its a good song. But I'd say there are a few songs off of the album that are better. Loner, Zeitgeist, Pariah, Age Of Reason, End Of The Beginning....
    I'll go with My God Is the Sun by Queens of the Stone Age.
    Alice in Chains deserve recognition for their amazing new album. A perfect follow up to Black Gives Way to Blue and it rocks so much harder. Stone should get song of the year, but The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here should get album of the year.
    Don't get me wrong, QOTSA is one of my favorite bands, and I'm really glad they're getting recognition for ...Like Clockwork because it really is an incredible album, but there is a serious lack of Alice in Chains support on this page.
    Alice in Chains as a band polarized people with their decision to keep making music, there's a serious lack of support in general for that band.
    I feel that the members of Alice in Chains have earned their right to keep going. They may have lost their lead singer, but he's been replaced by their more than capable backup singer/lead lyricist, Jerry Cantrell. I love the modern Alice in Chains, just as much as the old line-up. It's sad that Layne is gone, but I'm grateful that they were able to keep going, and create great new songs in the process.
    Alice in Chains - Stone
    Kalopsia - QOTSA One of my favorites off the album, which is already pretty hard because I love every track on ...Like Clockwork. I figured it at least needs a mention.
    I personally think I Appear Missing is a much more incredible song than My God is the Sun
    I would argue The Vampyre of Time and Memory. Though I appreciate not everyone would share that view, its a damn good song.
    that whole album was really really good. my favorite off of it is probably i appear missing though. either that or smooth sailing
    i have to respect someone who picks a song off of the new QOTSA and doesnt choose I appear Missing. although that whole album is still great
    The Enemy Inside by Dream Theater. Holy Sh!#, it's the greatest thing to be released in years.
    David Bowie - the next day. Best single song this year
    What does the fox say..
    The fox does not say anything, it is an animal, animals don't say things they simply make noises, and based on what I've heard for foxes it's creepy sex noises at 3 in the morning.
    Love that song!
    It appears that Bowie is quite unpopular around here, while not the best on the new album (Stars are out and Love is lost) i still think it's a damn good song. Reminds me a lot of Beauty and the Beast, just a bit more energetic and manic. Defineately the song i've heard most this year.
    I know a lot of users on this site were very happy to hear that Mark Lanegan joined Qotsa on this album, but I didn't see any mention of his solo album, which was amazing. I'm going to nominate Mescalito by Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood:
    It has to be SOMETHING from ...Like Clockwork. Still can't get over how good that record was.
    what is with UG reader's love-affair with a very average band like QOTSA?
    What do you listen to? Just because you don't like a band doesn't mean that they are average. The queen of the stone age rock.
    I'll try this song: Eminem - Rap god. I didn't feel like there was any epic rock tune this year. sadly. there were good ones, but not epic ones.
    Perhaps you haven't heard Sweet Mountain River by Monster Truck
    I saw these guys live and they were incredible. I had never heard of them before but I was blown away.
    definitely the best rap track of the year.
    Getting downvoted, of course UG readers can't appreciate other genre's outside of "rock." It's a shame, considering how great the album is, and Rap God is just insane.
    What if that type of music, for one reason or another, makes your stomach twist and gargle like a 3 day old Big Mac? How am I supposed to fairly judge such an album? I don't know what is "good" or "awesome" in the rap genre...just like my mom can't appreciate Slayer or Carcass. That shouldn't be "a shame" is what it is.
    It's a shame that people downvote something they know nothing about. It's ignorant =/
    Trust me, I love Em, but Rap God did absolutely nothing for me. I'm not a big fan of his speed-rapping, to be honest. Not a bad song by any stretch, but definitely not one of my favorites.
    Now did you jerks actually hear the song or just read the name of the band? I didn't like bmth before but this new album get's very experimental, it's like deftones with more aggression.
    I thought this band sucked until this album came out. It wasn't easy getting my friends to give this album a chance. Same situation with Asking Alexandria. The past 2 albums were great, but again, took awhile to get people to give the albums a chance
    This album ****ing sucked cock. This was the only DECENT song. Just decent. This band has been going the opposite direction for me. Their first album from 2006 is ****ing excellent, and since Suicide Season they've been going down a road of shitty lazy 14 year old emo girl music.
    "...and since Suicide Season they've been going down a road of shitty lazy 14 year old emo girl music." i'm sorry but are you trying to say they weren't always that
    Seriously this is one of the best rap songs of all time, take the time to listen to it before you downvote it.
    There have been SO many better rap songs this year, and even off that album. If your going to mention a rap song on UG, at least recommend something good.
    If we're talking rap its gotta be Christmas F**king Miracle by Run the Jewels.
    OK, I'm a dimwit for not posting this one before, but oh well... Johnny Marr - Upstarts
    Avenged Sevenfold - This Means War is the best song of the year FACT!!
    I Appear Missing by quotsa lyrics, singing, arrangement, the outro... this song is a masterpiece
    Illumination Theory by Dream Theater
    yes, its just the perfect dream theater song. its beautiful, epic, skillful but no excessive keyboard insanity that gets tedious
    The Looking Glass is another great one. Hell any song off that album is amazing. Personally I think it's their best album since SDoIT.
    Clarity by Protest the Hero gets my vote, One of us is the Killer by The Dillinger Escape Plan is a close second though.
    Mr. Von Eichel
    The Enemy Inside - Dream Theater I don't know if anyone else liked it, but I thought it was epic.
    I think i can agree with this. I also thought it was ****ing awesome. Reminds me of The Dark Eternal Night from Systematic Chaos.
    I disliked it in the beginning, but after buying the album the song got stuck in my head, and now it´s my favourite song of the album :p.
    i was going to nominate A7X Hail to the King or Triviums- Vengeance Falls, but then u commented bro. had to upvote ;D
    *tips fedora*
    Are you doing this *tips fedora* thing as a joke, or do you genuinely think it's a good way to agree with a post? Either way, it's ****ing stupid.
    ALTER BRIDGE - Cry of Achillies Anything off of Fortress is pure gold IMO...
    i was going to put this thinking no one had my taste in music. Thanks!
    Exactly! Doesn't it make you feel better???
    Are you clowns serious? Altered Bridge has a ton of fans who crave their brand of mediocre MMA advertisement inspired art. They suck.
    Ment to upvote this, accidentally downvoted because of tiny iphone buttons, but I agree Fortress was killer!
    Dark 9
    Unfortunately without the context of the whole musical it's a bit silly but whatever, those solos are nuts.
    Alter Bridge - Addicted To Pain
    Cry of Achilles!
    I second, or third, or forth, or whenever the hell I got here-th, this.
    I was scrolling down the comments and was wondering where Addicted to pain was, definitely gets my vote!
    I think anything off of Fortress could be on this list. Favorite album this year by far.
    Pearl Jam- Sirens
    here's another vid for anyone interested:"Sirens" (Official Music Video) - Pearl Jam