UG Awards: Worst Thing That Could Happen Next Year?

What's the worst thing that could happen in 2014? Post your crazy ideas here for a fine list to end the year.

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It's our final awards category, and we want to get another round of votes from you before delivering our end-of-year top 10 lists for the Christmas holidays. So far, we've been asking for your favourite songs and albums of the year, with one poll looking forward to albums in 2014. Today we'll be looking forward again, but with something a little less positive in mind. Today's poll question is:

What is the worst thing that could happen in 2014?

We prefer light-hearted nominations over grim predictions of the future. Maybe your favourite band will break up, or a terrible musician will come back from hiatus. Let your imagination run wild, because this could be a really fun list. Just post one idea per comment, then upvote others that you agree with.

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    Metallica delay their album to do an album with yoko ono.
    Jonny 25 93
    "Kerry King is now the only original member of Slayer"
    Kerry said he'd stop Slayer if Tom Araya wanted to quit. As much as we like to think of Kerry as a bad guy, this probably won't be the case.
    Joey leaving Slipknot... oh wait.
    I'll be very honest, I hope that none of Black Sabbath members will pass away next year (you know, Tony's cancer, Ozzy's health is ruined), cause I'm gonna see them live in June for the very first time.
    Nero Galon
    That happened to my friend who was gonna see Ronnie James Dio
    Yeah I was meant to see Heaven & Hell with Maiden before he died
    That would've been an amazing concert. That was a very tragic loss, not just in the metal community, but for music as a whole.
    Ozzy's health has been in ruin since the 80's, I wouldn't count on that. He's pretty up much up there with Keith Richards. I do worry about Tony though. Cancer's a bitch.
    I worry more about Lemmy. If he leaves, my world would become a very sad place
    Whether you like Motorhead or not, if Lemmy died your world would be worse for it. He's that awesome.
    That will be terrible, probably the worst thing. At least Geezer won't die so soon, the guy is still one of the best bass players out there and he don't have any apparent health issues.
    Also, the same thing with Lemmy. It's sad to think about, but after all of that partying, his body will fail him one day.
    Avenged Sevenfold make a hip hop album called "Hizzle to the Kizzle" and say that it's more metal than metal.
    matteo cubano
    "We're really influenced by old school hip hop records, 2Pac and Biggie have a huge impact on us so we're writing a rap album that stays true to hip hop's roots and brings it into the 21st century, taking the torch from NWA. Someone has to do it and if we're that band then we accept that responsibility. It's time to make hip hop dangerous again"
    Lee Makky
    UG has Dave Grohl or Dave Mustaine articles everyday.
    Megadeth release a biblical inspired concept album about Obama being the one who ordered the killing of Jesus.
    Featuring a hit single co-produced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone called "Blame Obama"
    Hey they said "worst." That would be so laughable, I don't think it could be a bad thing.
    Jews ordered the killing of Jesus. Mustaine is not an idiot.
    This comment made me choke on thin air. Especially the second half. Anyone who can spend five minutes with Alex Jones and not laugh in his face is nothing but an idiot.
    Jonny 25 93
    Lars St Anger snare returns
    Ian Watkins gets a short sentence.
    Was he actually found guilty? I quit following that story a while ago
    Yes, he was. Also, some quite sickening details of his crimes have surfaced. I can't give you links now because I'm a derp when it comes to this smartphone keyboard, but search for "Ian Watkins" on Google.
    You don't want to link to that stuff anyway Iommi. It's sickening. Log off of UG, then look him up...that bastard!
    im not mental
    Mike Portnoy joins Slipknot
    Im starting to think that I'm the only person on earth who actually liked it. (not the only one actually..lars used to like it too)
    Ulrich said, "One day I forgot to turn the snare on because I wasn't thinking about this stuff. At the playbacks, I decided I was really liking what I was hearing...."
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    The Wednesday Question never returns.
    As much hate the wednesday-question got, I thought that it was entertaining, the only improvement I wished from it was that the questions varied a bit more, instead of constantly circling metal and hard rock.
    Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, and Falling In Reverse main stage Warped Tour.
    Asking Alexandria was actually okay at Warped. I saw about 30 seconds of BVB and just couldn't do it, can't stand that band.
    >thinks Asking Alexandria is ok >can't stand BVB Pick one.
    Yeah I do think Asking Alexandria is okay and they put on a decent performance when I saw part of their set at Warped Tour a few years ago. I've obviously picked one and if people don't like them that's fine, that's their opinion and they're entitled to it.
    Alinn4 tips his fedora.
    Bieber metal covers album.
    He already did!
    That sounds weirdly good. Because of the music, the words seem to have another dimension..Broody..
    Maynard announces new Puscifer album and year-long world tour,
    I think what you meant was "Maynard announces another Puscifer REMIX album." Conditions of My Parole is one of my favorite albums, but the remix version is just complete garbage. I couldn't even get through the whole thing.
    Yeah dude, I love Conditions. The only reason that band gets hate is because people perceive as a waste of Maynard's time that could have been spent on Tool/APC.
    I think that's what Stratus was making a joke about. At least, that's what I got out of it when I read it. "What's the worst thing that could happen next year?" "Maynard doing anything but making a Tool album."
    matteo cubano
    Ghost's identities get leaked
    I have a feeling that it's going to happen pretty soon. I've met them backstage, and they come out without masks on, so i know what they all look like. They still don't allow photography, but they are open to talking to people without hiding their identities. I'm also pretty sure that they are going to release 1 more album, before moving onto something else. With this there will be a new "papa" like with Infestissumam, only this will be the last one.
    matteo cubano
    i hope they dont till after they're done, there anonymity is such an impressive achievement
    I think they only planned on doing 3 albums from the beginning. In Con Clavi it has the lyrics "we are 1, out of three, trinity" And they've had two "Papa's" for each album. It's very possible that the next album and papa will be the last.
    Rush deciding to call it quits.
    Guns N' Chains
    - Another pop sensation like One Direction or Justin Bieber become the new hot thing. - UG shuts down and we can no longer take part in polls like these or come to a site in search of tabs or music news - Guns N' Roses don't announce a reunion (Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven) - Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal is outlawed in the world due to its "bad influence on the young" - We lose any great musicians that are incredibly talented and are great people to death. Just spit-balling. That's all I got...
    The first one has been happening since the 70's (maybe even earlier) I don't understand how some people are still caught off guard whenever a new pop artists comes out and become the "new hot thing."
    Guns N' Chains
    That's just it! It's a never ending cycle like you say. Its not about being caught off guard. That's the irony in my comment that its a reflection of what happens yearly. These artists come out and are shoved down your throat and get all this attention only then to eventually fade away as a memory of yesteryear (Unless they are quite good and have staying power and produce meaningful, timeless music. Someone or something new comes along and is the new shinny toy for the time being. That only happens once. But with the industry and a media driven society: Wash, rinse, repeat.
    Jimi Hendrix film is released with no Jimi Hendrix music
    That actually happened before.They did a TV movie with no original Hendrix songs in it.only covers.
    The guys in Mastodon goes for a new image with the new album and shaves of their beards
    metallica does another album with eccentric rock star and declare no homo. avenged sevenfold release …and justice for some g'n'r release album in general corey taylor leaves slipknot and is replaced by miles kennedy
    Avenged Sevenfold: ...And Justice For Us for carrying the torch of heavy metal.
    Liam Gallagher expresses an opinion again.
    Interviewer: "So Liam, what do you think of UG's hate for you and..." Liam: "Well fook 'em lad, listen up all ya UG wankers me mam taught me 2 say shit 2 people's faces so I might as well go to yer stupid website and kick all yer arses ya ****s? Live forever LG xx"
    Simon Cowell starts a Metal version of the X Factor, putting the last nail in the coffin if the music industry and cementing his status Satan.
    Tool releases new album and we find out why Maynard wasn't impressed by the music. It was riddled with DubStep.
    Every musician alive dies in one foul-swoop, and music is gone from the world... What, UG didn't say it had to be plausible, did they?
    Think about the devastation that would cause. But I bet within a week after little kids have been beating on coffee cans and twsnging rubber bands, and who knows what to make sounds we would soon have music again--primitive, but music. Write a screen play for that one. Best comment today
    Justin Bieber will realize that the pop music world isn't the place for him and announce that he will be working with a team of very talented musician's from the world of metal to make his debut. It will be a 15 track LP and will be called Bieb-tallica in tribute to one of his favorite metal band's of all time. The sad part about all of this is that the entire UG community, while very upset, will unfortunately have to admit that it is very good and that Bieber is a great additon to the metal community. He will then tour with the likes of Machinehead, Trivium, Devildriver, etc. and go down as an influential person who changed the metal genre and brought it back to the prominence and mainstream attention it deserves.
    C. Jasper
    this one is so bizarre and random, while illuding to the fact that bieber carries mainstream credit, that it has a possibility of happening. But for the love of god let that not happen. It would be like brett favre joining the vikings.... oh wait
    It would definitely usher in that much alluded to "Apocalypse" we here about every year.
    Seeing as we now have an article where Bieber has announced his retirement from the music industry, this is the perfect time for him to secretly form the team that will help him craft a revolutionary metal album. Keep your eyes and ears open people. Bieb-tallica is coming.
    Courtney Love admits she killed Kurt Toni Iommi loses his battle with cancer Ozzy dies of a heart attack Tool's and Metallica's albums get delayed Megadeth breaks up..... there are so many things that could happen
    Wouldn't Courtney admitting she killed him be a good thing ?
    Yet a bad thing though. Just think about it, if she admits, she blamed Kurt and that's why he doesn't have many followers after his death. He's still an icon, but not much following in his steps
    Yellowstone erupts instantly killing half of North America. The fallout results in failed crops around the world knocking the population by 2/3. ;___;
    SUPERVOLCANO ERUPTION!!! With EVH simultaneously playing it thru a Dethklok like stage/soundsystem from outer space! Nah but seriously, if Yellowstone erupts, that would be by far the worst thing that could happen.
    Rex Inclitus
    And Fred Durst, Kanye West, Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus survive the eruption and record a Motorhead tribute album, that is a worst case scenario IMO.
    Dave Grohl dies.
    This is supposed to be the worst thing that could happen next year, and everyone is down voting, so that means UG wants Dave Grohl to die?