UG Awards: Worst Thing That Could Happen Next Year?

What's the worst thing that could happen in 2014? Post your crazy ideas here for a fine list to end the year.

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It's our final awards category, and we want to get another round of votes from you before delivering our end-of-year top 10 lists for the Christmas holidays. So far, we've been asking for your favourite songs and albums of the year, with one poll looking forward to albums in 2014. Today we'll be looking forward again, but with something a little less positive in mind. Today's poll question is:

What is the worst thing that could happen in 2014?

We prefer light-hearted nominations over grim predictions of the future. Maybe your favourite band will break up, or a terrible musician will come back from hiatus. Let your imagination run wild, because this could be a really fun list. Just post one idea per comment, then upvote others that you agree with.

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    Metallica delay their album to do an album with yoko ono.
    Jonny 25 93
    "Kerry King is now the only original member of Slayer"
    Kerry said he'd stop Slayer if Tom Araya wanted to quit. As much as we like to think of Kerry as a bad guy, this probably won't be the case.
    Joey leaving Slipknot... oh wait.
    I'll be very honest, I hope that none of Black Sabbath members will pass away next year (you know, Tony's cancer, Ozzy's health is ruined), cause I'm gonna see them live in June for the very first time.
    Nero Galon
    That happened to my friend who was gonna see Ronnie James Dio
    Yeah I was meant to see Heaven & Hell with Maiden before he died
    That would've been an amazing concert. That was a very tragic loss, not just in the metal community, but for music as a whole.
    Ozzy's health has been in ruin since the 80's, I wouldn't count on that. He's pretty up much up there with Keith Richards. I do worry about Tony though. Cancer's a bitch.
    I worry more about Lemmy. If he leaves, my world would become a very sad place
    Whether you like Motorhead or not, if Lemmy died your world would be worse for it. He's that awesome.
    That will be terrible, probably the worst thing. At least Geezer won't die so soon, the guy is still one of the best bass players out there and he don't have any apparent health issues.
    Also, the same thing with Lemmy. It's sad to think about, but after all of that partying, his body will fail him one day.
    Avenged Sevenfold make a hip hop album called "Hizzle to the Kizzle" and say that it's more metal than metal.
    matteo cubano
    "We're really influenced by old school hip hop records, 2Pac and Biggie have a huge impact on us so we're writing a rap album that stays true to hip hop's roots and brings it into the 21st century, taking the torch from NWA. Someone has to do it and if we're that band then we accept that responsibility. It's time to make hip hop dangerous again"
    Lee Makky
    UG has Dave Grohl or Dave Mustaine articles everyday.
    Megadeth release a biblical inspired concept album about Obama being the one who ordered the killing of Jesus.
    Featuring a hit single co-produced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone called "Blame Obama"
    Hey they said "worst." That would be so laughable, I don't think it could be a bad thing.
    Jews ordered the killing of Jesus. Mustaine is not an idiot.
    This comment made me choke on thin air. Especially the second half. Anyone who can spend five minutes with Alex Jones and not laugh in his face is nothing but an idiot.