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UG Playlist 2013
Year of 2013 was musically interesting and diverse, both inside and outside UG office. You can only guess what kind of music UG staff listens to, but enough guessing - we'd like to invite you to check our 2013 playlist. This is not a best-of list, just a collection of music that people with different tastes have been listening to this year. Not every song on the list was released in 2013, but in one way or another they became our soundtrack. And, of course, everyone who shared their favorites with you also wrote a few lines to express their feelings about the songs. Read, comment, share and don't forget to hail your personal favorites in the comments section! Let's get started with...

Daft Punk "Get Lucky"

"This is a really cool song, but it was a bit overplayed!" Ivan, designer.

Junip "Line of Fire"

"Awesome song, played in the trailer to final episode of 'Breaking Bad.'" Arkon, designer.

Eminem "Berzerk"

"I really enjoyed 'Berzerk' by Eminem, this guy keeps reinventing himself with every new album release. Who would've thought that 40-year old white rapper could produce such an intense and cool sounding song? It's all good: a bit of '80s production, '90s attitude and '00s eclecticism made a perfect summer hit for me!" Alexander, editor-in-chief.

Avril Lavigne "Rock 'n' Roll"

"The song unfortunately didn't leave me any chances to pass it by. The hilarious and ridiculous music video totally killed me. Especially the Sony ad in the beginning." Pavel, tab editor.

Skillet "Rise"

"This was one of the songs I discovered with great pleasure this year." Alexey, system administrator.

Within Temptation feat. Tarja Turunen "Paradise (What About Us?)"

"This song is my local Fallout." Natalia, programmer.

Lyndsey Stirling feat. Pentatonix "Radioactive" (Imagine Dragons cover)

"The human race is ready for revolution. Firstly, for revolution in minds..." Andrew, programmer.

Senses Fail "The Path"

"It was very hard to me to pick just only one song, because year 2013 has brought a lot of great songs and albums (Dark Buddha Rising, Terra Tenebrosa, Palms, Alice In Chains, Death Grips - and much, much more - even Elton John and Placebo). But I choose the song that pleasantly surprised me (I didn't listen to this band before) - great combination of aggression and melody with really deep lyrics." Anton, editor.

Palms "Short Wave Radio"

"This is one of many, many songs that impressed me this year. I really can not pick up one, but let it be this brilliant thing." Olga, programmer.

Smallpools "Dreaming"

"'So live it up, live it up!' - Live life to the fullest, always thinking how you can be better tomorrow, always trying new things." Max, programmer.

Fever Ray "If I Had a Heart"

"The one that mesmerized me completely. The lyrics, the perfect fusion of northen ethnics and modern rytms. First I heard it on the opening of 'Vikings' series. Good one, by the way." Isaac, tester.

Queensryche "Where Dreams Go to Die"

"It's great to hear Queensryche actually play heavy metal again! When the first few Michael Wilton guitar chords come ringing out through your speakers, it's like a time warp back to the band's 'Empire' days." Lou, UG writer/reviewer.

Sound City Players "Centipede"

"I will probably pick this one, because I love the musicians that worked on that track and it has a laid back jam vibe to it that gets me tapping my foot." Brandon, UG writer/reviewer.

Omnium Gatherum "The Unknowing"

"Although this song would be better as an instrumental, it is still my favorite song of the year. I'd never heard of Omnium Gatherum before this song, but the guitar work and the production really blew me away." Parker Abt, UG writer/reviewer.

Arcade Fire "Reflektor"

"This video is kinda weird, but the song ... Seeing what Arcade Fire did on their previous albums, I was f--king obsessed with it. It's groovy, catchy, eclectic, musically diversed and Bowie's appearance was kinda surprising. I think this song is my personal Song of the Year." Tony, editor. So this is it, hope you enjoyed the list! By the way, what song caught your attention in 2013? Share in the comments section!
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