UG Readers React to Kirk Hammett's 'Lulu' Defence

What did Ultimate Guitar readers say when Kirk Hammett called "Lulu" one of his favourite albums?

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Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett defended the band's widely-panned album "Lulu" with Lou Reed in a recent interview.

The album was widely criticised at the time, including by Ultimate Guitar commenters who found in-jokes like James Hetfield's infamous "I am the table!" lyrics hilarious, and for all the wrong reasons.

But Hammett disagreed with the negative hype:

"I think that 'Lulu' is some of the best stuff we've done. I mean the song 'Junior Dad' moves me to tears, and working with Lou Reed was such a cool, unique, and special thing for us," he said.

Some Ultimate Guitar commenters agreed, but others weren't so sensitive. Here's what they thought:

cocacolabottle: Good to see a musician proud of his art. If the four of them like "Lulu," then that's all that counts. It was brave of them to do something original and, though I don't like it personally, it's objectively renewing.

jpob: About 95% of the hate that "Lulu" gets are from people jumping on the bandwagon. Otherwise people would already respect that it was just something that the band (and Reed) wanted to do.

thebigredjj10: An additional 39.7% of stats are well crafted lies.

mur268: if they had just jammed it and kept lulu between themselves as a creative thing to not share with anyone, then the whole world would have been asking to let it be released. Fuck metal purists, metallica will always do what they want and that's the way it should be.

verbal.ken: I think the exploratory quality of the music is cool. It's Lou Reed who ****ing ruins it.

What's your view of Metallica's "Lulu"? Let us know in the comments.

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    Is it that UG is running out of articles or just want to stir the pot? Lulu is LONG GONE. Why should you bring it back?...smh
    UG editors react to UG readers react to Kirk
    And now this is UG readers reacting to UG editors reacting to UG readers reacting to Kirk's reaction to the general reaction to Lulu. Ow...
    Because UG just can't leave it alone. It's a dead horse they just keep beating mercilessly.
    ...It's the album being crap that ruins the album.
    the problem is that it's so fake... it's like a painter painting a red dot on a white canvas and pretend it's art, it's so self sufficient an uninspired,it has nothing to do with being a purist or whatever
    i sense that ug has nothing much to say atm if theyre bringing out articles about the comments on other articles...
    I dont know whether I should be proud that I was in an UG article or dissapointed that UG made an article with me in it
    It's one thing to write an article about readers reactions to an article. It's a whole other story, asking people to leave comments for the possibility of being mentioned again in yet another recycling of the same article.
    Has anyone pictured the album w/o Lou's singing in the key of "whatever" ? The music behind is pretty damn cool.
    Humorously forgettable album, humorously memorable lyric.
    Music being good or bad is an opinion, just because childish mob mentality on this site deemed it a poor album doesn't mean a lot of people out there don't love it. And unfortunately for Metallica a large portion of their fans don't even acknowledge anything past their first four albums, and were butt hurt that they cut their hair.
    I acknowledge all their albums, I just avoid a few of them like the plague.
    Gave lulu a listen quite a few times, didn't stick with me. Every other album (yes, St.Anger included) I have loved
    I bet in a few years, the album will be getting those "how underrated" comments.
    You ever hear the Marshall Tucker Band? Didn't think so...they were awesome compared to this album (Lulu). Go YouTube them right now and tell me you don't think they're better. Or tell me you love them, I don't care...point made!
    You know what's good? Pie. It's awesome compared to Lulu, go have a slice right now and tell me you don't think it's better than Lulu. Point made.
    That is like the most random comparison to bring up. Point made.
    I like these articles about the UG people reacting to articles. it gives me the knowledge that the UG folks actually read our comments, which makes their headline sensationalizing and lack of proofreading that much more disturbing.
    Do you know what sucked the most about Lulu? The drums. Lars should have used the set of pots and buckets he played on St. Anger, that would have made it kickass.
    It's not about being a metal purist, it's about the quality of the music and Lulu sounds totally forced, overwritten and uninspired. But well, it's the same with all the "modern art" music, movies and other forms of crap from Reed's friends. Liking it is the intellectual thing to do and if you bash that kind of stuff you're an ignorant. Just remember the Simpons episode with Yoko Ono and that number 8 song lol Kind of the same thing. I appreciate they did the album because they wanted, but that doesn't mean it's any good. However, it's their band so they are able to release all forms of crap they want and if we don't like it, well, tough luck.
    'The quality of the music' is not an objective thing whatsoever. The issue is that people always think that their opinion is superior, which might just be the way we are. I personally try to overcome that when I write comments, as taste is something... That's just silly to argue about, because nobody wins. Ever. Liking or disliking something does not make anyone a better or worse person and if people were to realize that... Boy, would the internet be a nicer place. I thought Lulu was alright, but that's just as valid an answer as 'it ****ing sucks'.
    People are downvoting me for saying that opinions are subjective? Heh.
    I constantly plagiarize and repeat my self when writing papers. Sometimes I'll even cut and paste from what I've already written to fill gaps and voids. Does anyone know if ultimateGuitar is hiring?
    "UG Readers React" are the dumbest articles on this site. We already have a comment section. Do we now need articles about the comment sections?
    I love Metallica, but Lou Reed's vocals ruined that project. There was nothing wrong with the music, besides a few of Lou's tones clashing with theirs. I managed to make it through a few of the songs, but then I just couldn't take his voice anymore.
    Funny how terrible albums always get the "you just don't understand it" excuse. It's not hard to understand bad music.
    The hate towards this reminds me of the hate towards Load when it came out. They're musicians who are free to do what they want for themselves first. Our opinion, merited or not, is second. It's not a perfect album, far from that, but it's not a terrible album either. It's progressive, artsy, and different. But what determines a bad album? Popularity? Sales? awkwardness? Its ability to convey itself? I mean, compare it to Kill Em All. Is Kill Em All that great of an album? Hell even Ride the Lightning or And Justice for All have glaring issues that over time, have been overlooked because they don't matter in the end. This isn't another Limp Bizkit album and we should all be thankful for that, but I'm also glad that it isn't another Master of Puppets. I hate hearing something I've already heard before regardless if the album is made well or not.
    No no no, you are wrong in everything you just said. All of the albums you just mentioned set the standard for what, at the time, was a new genre of music. This musical outing was atrocious and they deserve every bit of ridicule for making it. Most of your comment doesn't even make sense.
    I'm going to say the same thing about Lulu now as when I first listened to it: A good collaboration is not taking two completely different musical styles, melding them together, and using the names of the collaborators to sell the project. A good collaboration is using prowess as musicians to find a style that is still capable of reflecting the skill and personality of its members. For Lulu, that is where it fell flat. I can see what they here trying to accomplish, but it only felt unique in its awkward lyrics.
    you deserve to be quoted in the "UG readers react to UG readers reacting on Kirk Hammett's 'Lulu' Defense" article
    Lars n Metallica always say they are trying to push boundaries n progress as musicians but every godamn time they release something it takes 10 steps back n 12 steps down face first. I would rather they turn into Dream Theater or Mastodon or anything remotely close...n focus on "progressing" as musicians not actors or other BS. They should get back on drugs.
    cmonkey81 Anger....1/2of Death difference
    Seriously UG, you're hitting new lows...
    PS: I really miss the paragraphs. Whatever it is that is turning everything we write into one giant paragraph, please make it stahp
    First of all, whatmiserybusiness1said. Then, I love the fact that everyone insulted the crap out of this album when it came out, and now the same people is going like "Well yeah, it's really good, leave Metallica and Reed alone, they can do whatever they want, you don't understand, this is awesome, Reed's vocals are the best, whoa take a look at those table lyrics". It's just really funny.
    I have never really seen anybody praise Lulu. I have seen some people say they think it's a good album, though. But IMO most people really over reacted. The biggest problem with the album was that people didn't realize that it wasn't a real Metallica album. People were expecting it to be the next Master of Puppets and got angry (for no reason - it's just music after all). If it was released by somebody else than Metallica, it wouldn't have got any hate - though I also think nobody would have heard of it. I respect Metallica for doing Lulu, even though I don't like the album. They did it because they wanted to do it. And I'm sure they knew most fans won't like it and they still did it. I'm sure they just wanted to experiment and do something a bit different. I don't think they made the album for their fans - I think they made it for themselves. It's their music and I see no point in getting angry and bashing it so much, even though I don't think it's a great album. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. Even negative publicity is publicity.
    I honestly don't think the album is that horrible. It's descent. But the lyrics.... Oh my god. "If I waggle my ass like a dark hooker, would you think less of me?" That is lyrical gold. lol
    The main reason Lulu is crap is cuz Lu Reed sings like sh*t. Take a random person off the street and get him in the booth with 'tallica. What follows is a better album than Lulu.
    Internet reacts to Kirk Hammett's reaction to the Internet's reaction of Lulu
    As artists, its all up to Metallica what they wanna do with music.We all have the right to say whether we like it or not but we don't have the right to say they did the wrong thing by doing Lulu, its totally there choice what they wanna do with there art.
    It seems people are surprised Hammett would defend Lulu, even though it was shown times and again that he's a talentless musician.
    Why UG users whine about this article, this article, this article and so on, being shit? It doesn't cost you anything and you don't have to read it if you don't want! Don't be so negative.
    before anyone makes the "I am the table" joke, remember that James is the "Thorn Within". I don't like Lou Reed's slam, but the riffs in Lulu are something! any other band would have saved them for their own thing, (even the Beyond Magnetic songs would have been kept for a following album if it was another band), but Metallica is committed to working with fresh ideas, and if anyone doesn't see that then they're ****ing idiots.
    I wish Metallica would play songs from St Anger, Load, Reload, and Lulu live...instead of the same old songs they have played a million times
    The article's title had me questioning my own memory of how to spell "defense".
    ug readers react to ug readers reacting on kirk hammets lulu defence!!!! and by the way, most statistics are false.
    I am all for artist trying new things, but Metallica has over done it. I feel if they went back to their sound from Justice and brought back Jason to replace the pet gorilla they bought for 1 mill they would be back on top. Like if u agree
    Lulu is near enough proof that Metallica doesn't care about their fans. If you're lucky enough to have made a lot of money out of the music industry, then be grateful and give your fans the music they want to hear, if you take steady income as a free pass to start making pointless, self-masturbatory music, then you're all that's wrong with the music industry.
    I personally love St. Anger, yeah the songs are a little repetitive, that's undeniable, but you also can't deny it's a heavy album, and it's dripping with raw emotion, both in the guitars and James' vocals (I ain't touching the snare with a 10 foot pole) but Some Kind of Monster, My World, Shoot Me Again, Sweet Amber, The Unnamed Feeling, and All Within My Hands are brain hemorrhaging heavy metal songs, i've probably listened to that album more than Kill 'em All
    If they are again 1000% sure that absolutely every their effort is genious just 'cause the are METALLICA, so it seems that the guys have got an acute attack of a "disease" called senile marasmus, which symptoms we could notice much earlier in St.Anger.
    Next article will be called UG Readers react to UG Readers reactions to Kirk Hammet's Defense of Lulu.
    I love the album, the first time i heard it i thought it was a masterpiece At first lou reed did annoy me a bit but after a while i realized how much he adds to the intensity and dramatics of the album People need to realize that its a sort of concept album with a tragic story being told It's a beautiful album people, learn to open your minds!
    I have been a Metallica fan since I have first listened to them. But I am a loyal Metallica fan. If they create a horrible album or single, I just don't stop liking them, I just get over it. But Metallica fan's started turning there backs on Metallica for creating Lulu. The Metallica part of the album is awesome, guitars, bass, drums. But it wasn't there fault the album was horrible. IT WAS LOU REED'S FAULT!!!!! He is a terrible singer. He did the same thing to the Velvet Underground.