UG Top 10 Sexiest Rock Chicks

You came, you voted, and now we've compiled the first ever official chart of the sexiest women in rock. It's quite a gallery...

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Who are the sexiest rock chicks?

That's what we asked you as part of our series to find out who your real rock heroes are, and you voted in droves.

With over 200 votes, you separated the great from the good, and we have a stunning lineup of winners to share with you.

Of course, some of you pranksters sneaked in your own votes.

Technically, the winner today should be Susan Boyle with 77 votes, and even Lars Ulrich got 22 votes which would place him 8th. Congratulations to both of them, but we decided to cut them off the list. Sorry!

Enjoy the list, and make sure you scroll down to see our winners.

10. Katy Perry

She's not even a rock chick, but enough of you voted for her to just about make it into the list.

She might look like a walking talking barbie, but there's certainly something about Miss Perry that would catch the eye of even the most anti-mainstream metal fan.

09. Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy

The stoner frontwoman has her own fan club on UG, and tends to win over a certain subset of readers with her calls to legalise cannabis. "For most people it's very harmless, compared to hard liquor," she said in January. "I'd rather see a 16 year-old smoke a spliff than having a bottle of vodka in their hands."

08. Simone Simons from Epica

If her stunning red hair doesn't win you over, Simone has a remarkable four-octave singing range. Good looks and great musicianship - could she be any better? Well, she's been known to wear leather on occasion, so yes.

07. Lzzy Hale from Halestorm

This hardworking singer is rarely off tour, and she might be even busier if her calls to form a female supergroup last year come to fruition. Maybe she can hook up with some of the other entrants on this list.

06. Lauren Harris

Her dad might be Steve Harris from Iron Maiden, but Lauren made it in music all by herself. Legend says that songwriter Russ Ballard spotted her performing in a pub, which led to her career in the music industry. Let's be honest, she's hard to miss.

05. Zooey Deschannel

We didn't expect this one, but the kooky actress from "500 Days Of Summer" and "New Girl" has a musical background so it's fair. We can't tell if she's ever performed rock, but here's an open invite: Zooey, come to UG Studios and we'll record some Sabbath covers. You game?

04. Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil

Christina is no stranger to these "hot rock chick" lists. She frequently appears on magazine covers fondling a microphone, but she's even better at singing those high notes.

03. Orianthi

The apple-faced singer is a cracking guitarist, and currently plays in Alice Cooper's live band. She's often credited for her musicianship in guitarist charts, and won "Breakthrough Guitarist of the Year" in 2010. Not bad by any measure.

02. Hayley Williams

Hayley was always going to rank high. She's one of the best-known modern rock stars, and has been a female icon since Paramore broke into the mainstream in 2005 when she was only 16. Now she's the highest ranking female on this chart, and secretly your real winner.

01. Dee Snider

Fine, the pranksters win. Dee Snider, the cross-dressing singer from Twisted Sister, is your official sexiest chick in rock. That's democracy for you!

Okay fellas, pick your jaws back up from the floor. Especially after that Snider pic.

Did the voters miss anyone out? Add your favourites to the comments.

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    LOL @ Dee. Can't argue much with this list except for Katy Perry. Yes, she's hot, but she's not a rock chick. Switch her out with Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist.
    Charlotte Cooper from the Subways. That girl is fine! Looks sexy in the Oh Yeah video
    The chicks on this list are boner inducing but the sight of Anneke Van Giersbergen always makes my day. Especially when she smiles.
    "but there's certainly something about Miss Perry that would catch the eye of even the most anti-mainstream metal fan." Yeah its her tits.
    Simone Simons is very very very very very very very very hot! Very very!
    I would have cringed at the inclusion of Katy Perry on a rock list, but I saw some ass cleavage so it's ok.
    Katy Perry pic looks like someone cut and paste her head onto someone else.
    spiff-corgi wrote: I've always loved Zooey Deschannel ever since I saw Elf. She's like Katy Perry's old sister who can sing, write songs, act and doesn't resort to getting her tits out and complaining about her ex husband to get attention. New Girl's a great show too. And Hayley... I'll always have a soft spot for Hayley.
    Personally, I got a hard spot for Hayley
    With Alissa White-Gluz needed to be on here, and the sisters from Eyes Set To Kill deserved an honorable mention. Other than that, its perfect.
    Hey Alexi Laiho should have had 1st place, wtf is wrong with you guys?!
    anttown wrote: THE IRON MAIDENS!!! ALL OF THEM!!
    i half agree, Courtney Cox is damn fine, but have you seen the singer?
    How bout Grace Potter from the Nocturnals? Thought she'd be the obvious #1. Can't beat Dee Snider though i guess...
    Agent 00Awesome
    jillkavi wrote: WHERE THE HECK IS JOAN JETT? Or are we forgetting our real womyn who actually changed rock 'n' roll, and didn't just prance around stage in a crop top? Where's Kim Gordon? Where's Aimee Mann? Where's Palmyra Delran? Where's Suzi Quatro? Where's Lita Ford? Where's Liz Phair? Where are all our all-girl Scandinavian punk bands? AND WHERE IN THE HECK IS KAKI KING? I'm supremely disappointed in this list. Isn't being able to play a guitar upside-down sexier than having a skinny waist and big tits, gentlemen? Because if not, it should be. Let's learn who the true womyn of rock are first. Sound good? Good.
    Chill the hell out. Its sexiest, not most influential.
    Jen Ledger from Skillet. she's a decent drummer and has amazing backing vocals. cute as hell too.
    I was surprised that Maria Brink from "In This Moment" didn't make it. That is indeed a "Beautiful Tragedy"
    Fergie looked pretty ****ing sexy in the Beautiful Dangerous video with Slash. Damn!
    Nero Galon
    Amy Lee? Smashing Pumpkins Bassist's? Flyleaf singer? (Sorry I don't know their names)
    I don't know why Ang and Cristina don't top this list... is Hayley Williams even graduated from high school?