Unauthorized 'Ozzy' Beer Gets Shut Down By Osbourne's Lawyers

Meanwhile, Vinnie Apice reveals difference between Ozzy-fronted and Dio-fronted Sabbath.

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A Baltimore brewer has been handed a cease and desist order after selling a beer named "Ozzy," Classic Rock Magazine is reporting.

The singer's lawyers stepped in when they discovered that Baltimore based firm, the Brewer's Art has been distributing a pale ale called named after the Black Sabbath frontman. The can for the beer also featured Osbourne's signature "Ozzy" knuckle tattoo, as well as images of beheaded bats.

In other Black Sabbath news, former drummer Vinny Appice has been talking about the different character that Ronnie James Dio and Ozzy Osbourne brought to the band as front men.

As Appice notes: "It's two different bands - it's two different sounds. There's a tie between them: you can hear Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler's style and personality - but the stuff done with Ronnie sounds different than the old Sabbath stuff.

"It became a different band, a little bit more musical. They could play more challenging stuff than what they did before.

"It's very unusual. Same with Van Halen: with David Lee Roth it was a different band, then they got Sammy Hagar and became more musical, more mature. 'We can try different things - we've got a different singer.' It's a different band with the same name."

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    This is literally two articles merge together.
    After a couple cans of Ozzy things get blurry.
    I had a few cans of Ozzy. Blacked out, woke up and I was pissing on the Alamo in a dress.
    Would you rather see 5 articles stemming from a 1 minute Dave Grohl interview? Or 17 articles speculating on the next Tool album (which we will get)?
    Ah, Vinny Appice, ever so observant. "Dio Sabbath and Ozzy Sabbath sounded different from each other" That's basically all he's said.