US University Offers Course in Bruce Springsteen Theology

By all accounts, it's Boss...

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Rutgers University in New Jersey is currently offering students the chance to take a theology class on Bruce Springsteen, NME reports. Students will have the opportunity to study the biblical references in the lyrics of Springsteen, spanning his 40 year career. Azzan Yadin-Isreal, the Jewish studies and classics specialist responsible for the module, has issued the following statement about the course: "Interestingly, Springsteen refers more often to the stories of the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) than the New Testament. On a literary level, Springsteen often recasts biblical figures and stories into the American landscape." He continues, "The narrator of 'Adam Raised a Cain' describes his strained relationship with his father through the prism of the biblical story of the first father and son; apocalyptic storms accompany a boy’s tortured transition into manhood in 'The Promised Land', and the first responders of 9/11 rise up to 'someplace higher' in the flames, much as Elijah the prophet ascended in a chariot of fire ('Into the Fire')."

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    People will pay for this... that is what has become of us.
    I can just see sitting in a job interview and explaining to my (hopefully) new employer that, in addition to majoring in Accounting, I also took some "Bruce Springsteen Theology" classes.
    matteo cubano
    It's absurd. however i'd pay for a Springsteen class if it was Bruce himself teaching on stage presence, showmanship and songwriting.
    As a senior at Rutgers New Brunswick, and as a consequence of having such a large school, there are a hell of a lot weirder classes in the humanities than this. There's hundreds upon hundreds of courses at Rutgers, so it's not super weird that there's one on Bruce Springsteen. Oh, and nobody seems to be making mention of it, but the class isn't really a "class" per se. It's a ten-week course that's part of this thing we have at Rutgers called a Byrne Seminar, which is capped at 20 students per class and reserved for first-years only. It's a way to accustom new freshmen to college courses and workloads with some interesting/unorthodox material to boot. I took one freshmen year in the Mason Gross Arts department and ended up teaching underprivileged kids at a local school varying types of music and basic notation. They're very cool classes for freshmen to take and it's cool that they're still putting effort into them. I'm not the biggest Springsteen fan myself, but I'd give it a go if I were a freshmen.
    I'm not sure what people are complaining about. There are plenty of worse humanities classes you could take as an elective. I think this would be awesome.
    The comments downgrading this are asinine and sophomoric. I'm not the biggest Springsteen fan, but courses like this, where popular culture can be cross referenced with other disciplines are very beneficial.
    Theology as a class would only be beneficial when viewed from a historical or social perspective; I don't think this class would have much scientific value (and that is coming from a media studies masters student)
    Springsteen is jewish? Also, whats with people going nuts over generic radio pop?
    No he is Catholic. The person who created the class is Jewish. Also: "They say Eve tempted Adam with an apple, but I ain't going for that, I know it was her Pink Cadillac"
    I wouldn't take this, but there are plenty of "pointless" classes you can take for the hell of it. Just remember that you have to put a lot of money into that education but if that still doesn't bother you then I'm sure it'll be an interesting thing to say you learned about.