Vanilla Ice Criticises Wiz Khalifa's 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Song

US rapper teamed up with Juicy J and TY Dolla $ign on "Shell Shocked."

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Vanilla Ice has said that he is not a fan of the new "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" song, criticising the artificial sound of Wiz Khalifa's "Shell Shocked."

As NME notes, "Shell Shocked" also features Juicy J and TY Dolla $ign and is on the soundtrack to Michael Bay's forthcoming blockbuster remake. Back in 1991, Vanilla Ice recorded "Ninja Rap (Go Ninja Go!)" for the second Turtles film, "The Secret of the Ooze" and he recently made his feelings about the 2014 theme tune known in an interview with GQ.

"With respect to all of the artists, the song doesn't really do it for me," he said. "It feels a little artificial ­– what I mean by that is that it sounds like a bunch of executives in the corporate world put it together. It really does not fit the theme of the Ninja Turtles' legend. I think you have to understand, and be a true Ninja, to possess the magic to really pull off the secret sound."

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles features the voices of Will Arnett and Johnny Knoxville while Megan Fox takes on the role of April O'Neil. The film will be released this October.

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    TY Dolla $ign. My god that has to be one of the most retarded rap names ever.
    "sounds like a bunch of executives in the corporate world put it together" you just described every damn pop/hip-hop song that comes out these days