Vans Announce Metallica Skate Shoes

In what could be the best merch collaboration all year, Vans have prepared a special set of red, white and black Metallica shoes. Take a look at them in our gallery here.

Ultimate Guitar

Shoes were just shoes until today.

Metallica have teamed up with Vans for a special limited edition run of shoes to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut album "Kill 'Em All" - and they look pretty sweet.

Vans say the special pack, which is available in October, will include two pairs of shoes. One is a slip on, the other a skate shoe, as far as we can tell. Both shoes will be coloured in red, white and black and will include the hand and hammer design from the original album artwork.

"Kill 'Em All" was released in 1983 and proved to be one of the most authentic thrash metal records of all time. It featured heavily in their new and ambitious live show where props from their early tours appear in the new stage show.

Metal Hammer highlight an interview from a few years back where the band talk through their memories of the debut album, which you can see in the player below the images.

Check out the skate shoes here (images via Blacklist). Would you buy them?

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    Is my monitor just bad, or does it look like it says '20 YEARS' in that first picture?
    Cheeseman Jay
    That's not red white and black. That's black.
    After a quick google search, it appears that they have the shoes in other colors.. one being red, white, and black. The one in the picture is, as you said, just black.
    I would get them, but I like the way Vans feel on my feet, and Metallica.
    When i saw the headline i thought they would be a lot more gaudy. Really they are understated; and unless a person is actually familiar with metallica, they will think "Kill 'em All" is just a new "x-treme" slogan for vans. I wouldn't feel self-conscious wearing them. Not going to buy them, but i wouldn't grief someone.
    They're Steve Caballero's signature pro-model half cab's Cab's one of the greatest and legendary skaters ever, a huge Metallica fan, one of the first skaters to have a pro-model shoe endorsement, and the half cab shoes are now the longest running and produced pro-model shoes in skateboarding history. It's the 20th anniversary of the release of the shoe, and the 30th of the album and since Caballero is known to be such a huge Metallica fan and highly influenced by them, it's really not surprising to see him and the band cross marketing these. They might be kinda ugly but they're more about function than fashion and were a big deal in the skate world when there weren't many other skate specific shoes on the market, like there are today. The first Caballero Vans were full on high tops but old school skaters, like myself, used to cut them down to 3/4's high for more comfort. Caballero noticed the trend and changed the shoe to look like it does now and they've been selling ever since. Skating and loud, rude and aggressive rock n roll go together like peas and carrots. Vans has always collaborated with bands, there were EVH striped Vans back in the day and even Iron Maiden Vans just back some years ago. I had a pair of and skated alot in Iron Maiden Vans Hi's with the Trooper graphic on them. They were ugly as sin, comfortable as hell and really supportive while skating, and as a bonus had my favorite band on the side so I freakin' loved them. I really didn't care if other people were offended by them, because they made me skate faster and ollie higher, haha, kidding. But I get it Metallica haters gonna hate...I might buy a pair of these to skate in just to piss you haters off! Skate and Destroy!
    An educated comment, thats rare in these parts Why couldn't UG do a little research like you did and put that in the article?
    They look ugly as sin, I hope there's more styles than that It's also odd that they're celebrating the 30th year anniversary by releasing it in October, which is 29 years by my count. I'd definitely buy them if they didn't come in just straight black and incorporated a little more of the Kill 'Em All artwork. I also wonder if Hetfield still skates at his age
    Stupid. But my friend would buy them.
    Agree - absolutely stupid.
    why is it stupid? maiden has done it! sabbath has done it! the stones, the who, and a lot of other bands that i have seen. really no different than t shirts or other marketing schemes. perhaps it's because it happens to be metallica and they are selling their brand and stand to make even more money.... well good for them! thats not selling out thats business!
    Sadly as an older guy who still wears skate shoes (I'm only 26) I really do not like 99% of the shoes they currently make as the majority of them are high tops and 8 different neon colors. If West 49 was selling these for $80 I would probably pick up a pair as they are all black. Feel free to flame, I slightly deserve it for this confession!
    I'm 33 and still wear skate shoes. It's not about age or fashion, they're just comfortable. Although I do agree about disliking the hideous colour schemes.
    Diony x
    One of the ugliest shoes Ive seen from outside you can hardly tell that they actually are Metallica shoes
    I don't see any hand and hammer anywhere on them, from the pictures here. They look like the cheapest, most plain pair of black Vans you could find, with a little Kill 'Em All tag inside the shoe and a couple Metallica tags on the tongue, with a little man on a skateboard. So, pretty much, pay a sure-to-be-ridiculous amount for a pair of 'Metallica' shoes that, while you're wearing them, will look (and probably feel) like any other pair of the cheapest Vans you could buy. ...And people give KISS shit for their merchandising.
    "oh look Metallica is selling a shoe, they ****ing sold out", "make an album already, we want to buy your albums", "please Metallica come to (insert country/city here i want to pay to see you live"... Goddamit people, do you want Metallica to make money or not?... The money they make helps pay their crew that each earn about a million dollars, and it also helps pay their next tour for you and the next album especially now since they are not part of a label anymore.. shut up and respect Metallica
    usually i dont give into this commercialised bullshit but....shut up and take my money
    So the only part you can see which lets you know its Metallica is on the tongue which will probably be covered by the bottoms of jeans?
    Von II
    I'm waiting for white Nike high top Thrash style Metallica shoes!
    "HEY! IT'S 30 YEARS OF METALLICA! HELL YEAH! SO HERE'S... some very subtly styled skate shoes..." I mean why? I was expecting them to have the artwork all along the shoe. Why just have them all black with "Kill Em All" written on the inside? Even having "Kill Em All" written along the side would have been enough and I'd have bought a pair, but these are just lame, not as exciting as I had hoped.
    At least until some genius makes the obligatory 'slams', 'table' or 'mustaine's shoes are better' jokes...
    Haha, they could have at least been a bit more imaginative. It's just a black shoe, it looks so boring. Whose idea was it to put the design on the inside, where no-one will EVER see it?!
    Those are nice looking shoes, though Vans are some of the worst shoes I've ever bought. Never buying another pair.
    Good idea, ugly shoes. Think I'll be sticking with my Gorillaz Chuck Taylors...
    Ugly as ****. I love Metallica, but it's getting to be really hard to contradict people who say they sold out :S
    Well done Metallica following in on Green Days footsteps. I think Metallica dont care for the anniversary, they just want thee money.
    Metallica do a lot of skating?
    James (at least) used to. He busted his arm at least once back in the day and had to have someone fill in for him on guitar.
    He used to break his arm so often while skateboarding I believe the label made him sign something agreeing not to skateboard while touring.
    "...fill in for him on guitar."
    (when they played live)
    What are you doing?
    Sorry, I was trying to clarify that it was only live that someone filled in for him; lest someone misconstrue what I said and go off about how it wasn't James playing on an album, or something. I know no one would be that dumb, right, but still... Anyhow, the first clarifying comment got cut off by using a left arrow thing (above the comma). OK, I'm done. } : - ) >
    Looks like just about every other cool new type of shoes for the kids..pfft
    It's funny because Metallica members actually wear Italian designer shoes, like Gucci or Armani or shit like that.
    I understand when bands that have something to do with the skateboarding-scene do stuff like this. In case of Metallica - I don't.
    Not a fan; I think they are kinda ugly. The "..Justice for all" Converse however, is something I wish I could still buy.
    Wow, this is literally perfect. I love wearing Vans, I love skating and Metallica.
    I love Vans shoes. They're kind of like the old school Airwalks from the late 90's. Depending on price, and availability (i.e. if they're on shelf at Kohls, in a size 12), I might just pick these up.
    I like Vans Half Cabs. I don't like Vans Metallica Half Cabs. Metallica should just play some thrash and leave it at that.