Varg Vikernes Posts Burzum Playthrough Videos, Uses Table as Amp for $40 Guitar

No, he did not use Hetfield as an amp. Also, Papyrus font.

Ultimate Guitar

Following his recent hate crime sentence, Burzum mastermind Varg Vikernes got back to music, presenting a series of guitar playthrough videos via YouTube.

The thing that strikingly stands out in the clips is the fact that Varg apparently doesn't own an amplifier. In fact, it seems that up until recently, he didn't own an electric guitar either, but a $40 used axe changed that. So basically, it's as metal as it can get.

Throughout the videos, Vikernes is using his table as a replacement for an amp, pointing out that it's been a while since he wielded a six-string. He also dubbed the clips a closest thing we'll get to "Burzum Live," just in case you had any hopes up in that area.

Also, Varg was using the Papyrus font, which apparently caught a lot of attention from the crowd, ultimately resulting in a few snarky comments. So check out the vids below.

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    It's papyrus font
    I logged onto my UG account for the first time in roughly 2 years to upvote this perfect 1st comment. Bless you.
    im missing something. is that the new comic sans or what?
    He has a thing for the font apparently, even some albums have the Burzum name and album title in Papyrus. (Not sure right now since I stumbled in there only once, but I think even his blog is written in Papyrus.)
    The Ways of Yore has Papyrus font (great ambient album btw), as well as most of Varg's site and ThuleanPerspective's youtube videos.
    I like the smiley-face emoticon in the second video. Coming from a guy who calls himself Darkness.
    Eclectic Lizard
    You know, Varg's personal views are really idiotic but the man wrote some really cool music. Det Som Engang Var is one of the most badass songs I've ever heard. I like to just do what I do with Dissection and separate the music and the person.
    Using an oak table as a resonator would be more appropriate actually, but hey, it's doing it's job of amplifying the sound, so I really shouldn't complain about the terminology.
    Should read "Varg uses James Hetfield as amp."
    "No, he did not use Hetfield as an amp" says the sub-headline, probably hoping to prevent your exact comment.
    he could just get an adaptor from guiter to a normal 3,5cm connector and he could get some semi-good sounds with amplitude or some other rig simulation software, it doesn't even cost 2 bucks....
    Ive used the table as an amp alot, some years ago when I was just playing clean at my desk. The resonance of it works fine to amplify the sound!
    The 40$ guitar is an acoustic. It is written in the video. Wonder how such a blatant mistake got in this article... Oh wait, this is UG!
    First lps then cassettes now amplifiers to go by the way side?, his vocals have improved.
    Pick 'n' Finger
    Why is Varg like he is... His music is awesome and I wished I could support him without second thoughts. Some glorious People are not making the wisest decisions...
    I hate Varg just as much as the next guy buy please, someone buy this racist piece of s**t a god damn amp and guitar thats not from lidl.
    Pick 'n' Finger
    Varg has long lost the status of a good person, but beating on him doesn't make you much better.
    I would hardly say calling him a racist piece of s**t is beating on him. People call Dave Mustaine and Teg Nugent a lot worse and Varg makes them look like Ghandi and Nelson Mandela.
    Gandhi was a racist.
    You'll get downvoted for that, but it's the truth. He was also a wifebeater and possible pedophile and he's generally considered one of the best human beings to ever live on the planet. The winner writes the history books.
    1984 is real, same with how FDR and Hitler had many commonalities (Eugenics for one) before Hitler invaded most of Europe however.
    I dont know why this guy is in UG, he promotes racism and hate...