Video: Lego Motorhead Perform 'Ace of Spades'

What's better than one of the greatest rock songs ever? A Lego version, of course.

Ultimate Guitar

An animated version of Motorhead's classic "Ace of Spades" has reemerged online after being shared by the band ahead of their new album release.

Their new record "Aftershock" is the band's 21st effort, and will be released on October 22. The band are said to be immensely proud of the new effort, with frontman Lemmy telling fans: "Steal it if you must, buy it if you can!"

It's been a pretty rough year for Lemmy though. He's been warned by doctors to wind down his hard-partying lifestyle after surfing a burst blood vessel, forcing the band to cancer major summer tour dates. And that's after being fitted with a pacemaker in the spring because of heart problems.

Maybe the rocking Lego video has helped to cheer him up. Watch Lego Motorhead performing "Ace of Spades" here:

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    Looks so weird. They have no fingers. Guitarist is just leaving his hand in the same spot the whole time lol
    I think I've already seen Ace of Spades performed by robots, that was much more weird than this.