Video: Mumford & Sons Kicked Out of Strip Club

artist: Mumford and Sons date: 09/16/2013 category: wtf?
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Video: Mumford & Sons Kicked Out of Strip Club
Mumford & Sons were forced to leave a strip club on Tuesday because they broke the "No Filming" rule. The British band, whose second album "Babel" was a tearaway success in the US, were at the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta on karaoke night when banjo player Winston Marshall stepped on stage to sing. His bandmates took the opportunity to film the moment, but the DJ repeatedly asked them to stop. The band reportedly swore at the DJ, accusing him of "ruining" Marshall's karaoke performance, so staff told them to leave. Footage of the band being ejected from the club was captured below, with one bouncer shouting "Everybody out! Go, go, go!" The band have since declined to comment on the incident. Meanwhile, the band announced in July their plans to produce their own brand of whiskey. "It'll happen. It takes a few years to make, so we better cracking," said keyboardist Ben Lovett. Watch Mumford & Sons being kicked out of a strip club here:
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