Video of 14 Year Old Justin Bieber Singing About Killing Black People and Joining the KKK Appears Online

"I didn't understand the power of certain words and how they can hurt," says Bieber in his apology.

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As Rolling Stone reports, controversial video has appeared on TMZ of a 14 year old Justin Bieber singing about killing black people and joining the KKK.

The video, filmed five years ago, sees Bieber changing the lyrics of the song "One Less Lonely Girl" to "one less lonely n-gger" and also features the line "If I kill you, I'll be part of the KKK, but there'll be one less lonely n-gger."

The video marks the second time in recent weeks in which Bieber has come under fire for racist comments. A clip recently leaked of a 15 year old Bieber telling a racist joke in which he used the N-word. Bieber issued an apology for said joke, which reads as follows:

"As a kid, I didn't understand the power of certain words and how they can hurt. I thought it was ok to repeat hurtful words and jokes, but didn't realize at the time that it wasn't funny and that in fact my actions were continuing the ignorance."

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    See, fame didn't turn him into a prick, he was one the whole time.
    this one actually is really bad. ive heard the chainsaw joke from about 50 different people and i accept thats just an immature thing to do, but singing this is much much worse.
    Also a good video to watch is this leaked unreleased dream theater video demo. Fuck Justin Beiber. Dream Theater - Far From Heaven (Unreleased Video Demo)
    Get ready for the "beliebers" defending his action by "we're all racist <3 #Belieber"
    Didn't Usher discover him or something. That must be interesting.
    Another proof that we live in ****ed up world. Bricks like this get alot love and anything they want. Hopefully he gets lost in ghetto where some people have seen this.
    Really? He's practically the god of pricks right now, but how many people didn't say some fuсked up shіt when they were 14? I doubt more than about 5% of the people on this forum didn't say something at least as bad as this at that age. Kids say dumb shіt. The problem with Bieber is that he still goes around acting like a complete prick.
    I might have been stupid but i never was this stupid
    Then count yourself one of the lucky few.
    I'll admit to saying some pretty horrible shit. Not because I meant it, or to anyone who it mattered, but because we live in a free society. What's the point of freedom of thought if I can't say/ think the most horrible shit in my own house. It's not that I actually endorse those things or would EVER publicly say them. It's the same thing as something like Death Metal. Is Cannibal Corpse an evil entity for saying they want to rip the entrails from a virgins vagina? It's the same thing with racial jokes. There is something fun in saying things you are not allowed to. Obviously I would never actually broadcast those things publicly or actually murder someone because of their race. That's not something I would ever even consider actually doing. That being said, Justin Bieber is in the top 10 biggest douchebags in the entertainment industry and I don't feel the least bit bad that went public.
    Nevermind. I just watched the video. He is being a racist douchebag in the video. He was not doing what I was talking about. He was just being a dick.
    Can't even sing
    And to think I was enjoying not seeing any news about that brat showing up on here lately
    So... we're now bashing him because of a stupid joke he made when he was a dumb teenager, much like the kinds of jokes we all probably made when we were dumb teens? Come on guys, aren't we better than this?
    I would hate to think what our lives would be like if all of our mistakes were recorded for the world to see. He said something ignorant and asinine when he was a kid, and he said sorry - it's not like there's much else he can do in this situation. He's probably completely ashamed of himself anyway. The shit this kid has to go through is undoubtedly going to **** him up beyond repair.
    big muff pedal
    Yeah I agree. I mean he sucks and his music sucks and he's a manufactured pop star, but everyone does and says dumb shit at 14. It's part of growing up.
    Good to see a little sanity here. He's still a human being and one that gets more hate than the vast majority of people in the world. I feel bad for him. There's no way he could have known that he would end up being deified by annoying little girls and largely hated by the rest of the world once his mother was done pimping him out, and now he's on a downward spiral as even the teen girls are losing interest. That's a lot of shit for a kid to deal with.
    Yeah, we may have made jokes like this... but I'm sure most of us didn't post it on the internet for anyone to see. I know I haven't...
    Well, back when Bieber did this, he wasn't even famous. It was a year before he got famous. But yeah, I would never post that kind of stuff in the internet. Maybe it was some kind of a challenge (maybe his friends told him to do it) or something. I don't know.
    A full grown man just lost a million dollar franchise because of racist remarks, so yes, he needs bashing for saying racist shit, just like anybody else. Kids might be kids, but they are not stupid.
    Yeah, seems like when Justin Bieber is even mentioned, people start jumping on the JB hate bandwagon. What if your favorite band's vocalist had done the same? I think the reaction would be different. Also, JB apologized. I know it doesn't really change what he did but at least it means that he didn't really mean it. It was just a stupid joke.
    So... he went from a lonely, annoying, racist prick to a self-centered, arrogant, annoying prick. Not quite the improvement.
    can we deport him now?
    On behalf of all Canadians, no, you may not. We don't want him back
    Oh no. A 14 year old doing something stupid? That is COMPLETELY unheard of
    Yeah, it's really hard to understand the power of words like "kill", "nigga" and "KKK"...
    tbh I still don't understand some racial issues in America. You got white people,African-American, Asian, natives and Latinos? Yet they are all colored people except whites? And black people are complaining about racism when you call them a nigga, but they call themselves that all the time. Telling someone they can't call them that way cause of their skin color IS racism. And it's ridiculous cause there is a country called Nigeria. I know there is history behind that term and I did say I don't get it all, but sure is funny. This world is funny.
    Can his career end now? Please?
    Didn't know UG turned into Gossip Girl, post a real article and not this celebrity waste of space.
    Dafuq? Jeremy Clarkson mumbles and the whole country goes berserk.... bieber does this and no one bats an eye
    exactly, puts it into perspetive. one guy says a word so quietly they needed audio forensics to prove he said it, the other sings openly about how he wants to kill black people because he is in the kkk
    I was 14 once and I never sang made a song about killing black people.
    1.) How would you not know at 15 those words would be hurtful? 2.) Why the hell would you take a video of it? Congratulations America, here is your children's role model
    I wonder if Donald Sterling needs someone to sing the national anthem at the Clipers Game
    I can almost hear my sister in law going "Awww he's so dreamy" whenever someone mentions his name
    My opinion: He made a stupid joke. We all did stupid crap as early teens. Said things that really should never get said. He just happens to be where he is now and it makes it worse. Yes it seems he is a manufactured musician but he can sing. He can sing well and is a performer in HIS GENRE. And he plays guitar. How freaky is that for us? Now we can identify with him.
    Somebody got a lot of money for supplying this video.
    Racism is a quite an awful thing when it's serious and/or violent, but come on, racist jokes can be sometimes funny (unless your jokes are all about racism)
    Why the **** would you so it on camera?
    Althought this is morally wrong on many is his opinion. -There, I said it
    People find hard to understand that there are other people with other opinions, it just gets weirder and weirder...
    Fuck off. I knew the harm of racism since I was 12. Bieber grew up in the same town as me; he has no excuse.
    he has nothing aginst black people he thinks everyone shpuld own one
    am i the only one who found this ****ing hilarious?
    Dont worry, soon he will flip one of his sports cars doing 100mph and then he won't be a racist assh*le anymore, he'll be a dead assh*le.
    I called everyone a nigger when I was 14. Now I'm married to a black girl and got two mixed race daughters. What does that make me, KKK?
    you tell us... what does that make you? how do you want to be seen by others? what labels do you want to be given? and then more importantly what labels do you want your kids to grow up with?
    By the way, I do not want to start some massive heat or be banned but while driving this morning, a thought came into my mind: Any idea how comes it was the black people taken as slaves? How did they allow this? Why was it not the other day around? How comes white people were technologically more advance and intelligent at the time so that they could surpress Africa? I am not being racist but all of this must tell you something. It's a clean discussion by the way
    It was a social climate issue and not to do with intelligence, intelligence is relative, you put a group of Englishman from the time before slavery into rural/wild Africa and stack up how they manage to survive in comparison to the people that were already living there, they'd die within a week, this is a time where people learn only what they need to know so this has nothing to do with "intelligence" or "advancements", and it's a dangerous way to think, history proves it so (I.e slavery, the holocaust)
    "I am not being racist but" Protip: If you start a sentence with these words, you're about to say something racist.
    May I recommend you a couple of books, sir? Read "Transformations in Slavery" by Paul Lovejoy and "Passages From Antiquity to Feudalism" by Perry Anderson if you want your answers. In short, @strataclysm didn't say anything wrong here - it was caused by economic and cultural circumstances.
    Guns N' Chains
    I'm sick of this jackass already!
    Bet in the next week there'll be another one because that's how the press work. It's bad... but he was 14 at the time? He's a cock but... it's not all that bad
    It's true that sometimes kids say dumb stuff. On the other hand, sometimes those kids grow up to be still-racist a**hats: So, there's that.
    Think he'll be made to sell his posessions like Donald Sterling?
    It seems like someone wrote that apology for him.
    Justin Bieber is a jackass. SURPRISE! In all honesty though I agree with Izzy-sweet. Technology means that all our mistakes are permanently recorded. God forbid I ever make it to King, lest someone dredge up 15 year old me calling my best mate something unspeakable and air it for the world to see.