Vinnie Paul Regrets Not Using a Photo of Drill Entering Anus for 'Far Beyond Driven' Cover

"The original thought was 'metal up your a-s,' you know?" the drummer adds.

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Discussing the 20th anniversary of classic Pantera record "Far Beyond Driven," drummer Vinnie Paul admitted he regrets the decision to alter the original cover featuring a drill entering an anus.

Directly asked by Vanyaland on whether he's glad that the original cover wasn't used, Vinnie replied, "Hmmm ... um, not really. The original thought was 'metal up your a-s,' you know? And like you said, in 1994, heavy metal was uncool and we wanted to be as metal as we could.

"The label agreed with us and then came back three days later and said, 'Uhhh ... we can't get this into Wallmart, Target and retail and it's gonna kill us.' So we got back with the guy who did the artwork, Dean Karr, and he did the one with the drill in the head which signifies the same thing," the drummer added.

In related news, Rolling Stone recently posted a detailed article featuring the surviving Pantera members sharing their thoughts on the record and even going through each of the songs.

"The record company was pushing for something like [Metallica's] 'Black Album,'" bassist Rex Brown said. "We were like, 'No, that's not going to happen.' We were going to the airport the day the record came out, and I picked up a USA Today, and it said, 'Pantera: The overnight sensation from Texas.' And I went, 'Overnight my a-s.'"

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    Too bad he doesn't regret ignoring Phil for all these years.
    I am pretty sure that Metal up you're *** was the first idea for Metallica's Kill em' all...
    Actually, it was their early EP, which they released themselves before they got a contract and recorded "Kill 'Em All".
    It was what they wanted to call their first album, but the record execs said no, so they called the album Kill Em All, meaning kill all the record execs.
    At least they ended up using an iconic image rather than change it to something awful, the artwork and the title and the whole album is a masterpiece!
    How can an image be iconic before it's released?
    I meant at least they ended up using an image that went on to be iconic, rather than use something shitty that gave the album one negative aspect in an otherwise masterpiece... If they had originally chosen art that was awesome, and then changed it to something awful, it would have been way worse
    I saw a vinyl down at my local music shop that has the original cover. If I had a record player, I woulda bought it.
    Vinnie, I love the past and all but please for the love of metal create music that's worth creating!!! I can think of ONLY 3 SONGS from the Hellyeah catalogue that are worth anything to me. Being as how Chad Grey is singing I'd expect much more from your new band but it's more of a joke than a band by now. I'm sorry but that's how me and a lot of other fans feel.
    I speak my mind and mean what I say. Thumbs up if you like me AND if you DON'T? DOWNVOTE ME? I guess.
    If people don't agree with you, don't take it personally. It has nothing to do people liking you or not.
    Of course it doesn't. I've had many people both cheer, and boo me here a number of times. I'm just happy for this site period.
    Despite the C- level reporting, this site is really great for guitarists. I enjoy reading articles simply because of the comments sections where there are conversations filled with guitar lovers. Not many sites offer that, and UG has a fairly large community. The Pit is great for communicating, the tab selection is the best on the internet, and so on. But yeah, don't cry over downvotes. It often just means you have an unpopular opinion.
    As a big Pantera fan, and other their bands. I wish they will get over this. Vinnie, Phil and Rex. Please don't hate each other while we are still alive. You could still do some cool songs together, not under name of Pantera of course. I wish everything good for you all! I mean it!
    Is it just me or did they release a version with the 'iconic' drill in the pie hole? Because i remember i had the Australian Limited edition of far beyond driven disc it was for one of their tours i went to. It came in a black box and there was two discs, The far beyond driven cd had a brown cover (pretty sure it was the drill in ass pic) and from memory it had their version of a black sabbath song...planet caravan ??
    Yes, the brown one is the drill-in-ass pic (lol) and the blue one is the normal cover (which I have) and the blue one also has planet caravan at the end. It's part of the album, not just a bonus song (as far as I know).
    Was never a fan of the original album art... even when they released it on vinyl with it. Glad they used the blue drill entering skull art instead. A much better album cover, in my opinion.
    Besides, it adds some color to their catalog. Don't they have enough brown/grey/dark covers? Makes "Far Beyond Driven" stand out a little from the rest, like it should!