Vinnie Paul Regrets Not Using a Photo of Drill Entering Anus for 'Far Beyond Driven' Cover

artist: Pantera date: 03/28/2014 category: wtf?

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Vinnie Paul Regrets Not Using a Photo of Drill Entering Anus for 'Far Beyond Driven' Cover
Discussing the 20th anniversary of classic Pantera record "Far Beyond Driven," drummer Vinnie Paul admitted he regrets the decision to alter the original cover featuring a drill entering an anus.

Directly asked by Vanyaland on whether he's glad that the original cover wasn't used, Vinnie replied, "Hmmm ... um, not really. The original thought was 'metal up your a-s,' you know? And like you said, in 1994, heavy metal was uncool and we wanted to be as metal as we could.

"The label agreed with us and then came back three days later and said, 'Uhhh ... we can't get this into Wallmart, Target and retail and it's gonna kill us.' So we got back with the guy who did the artwork, Dean Karr, and he did the one with the drill in the head which signifies the same thing," the drummer added.

In related news, Rolling Stone recently posted a detailed article featuring the surviving Pantera members sharing their thoughts on the record and even going through each of the songs.

"The record company was pushing for something like [Metallica's] 'Black Album,'" bassist Rex Brown said. "We were like, 'No, that's not going to happen.' We were going to the airport the day the record came out, and I picked up a USA Today, and it said, 'Pantera: The overnight sensation from Texas.' And I went, 'Overnight my a-s.'"
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