Vinyl-Only Public Library Opens in London

Records were donated from as far as New Orleans for the discounted public library which offer only vinyl records and a warm music community.

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A vinyl-only music library has opened doors in London, offering a huge collection of records for loan for the first time.

The Vinyl Library was founded by two London DJs, Sophie Austin and Elly Rendall, who have recruited volunteers to help run the not-for-profit store. The catalog of records was kindly donated by the public, with some contributions coming from as far as New Orleans.

"We were DJing UK garage sets and we wanted to build up our vinyl collection," said co-founder Sophie Austin (via NME). "We didn't have the budget to buy a whole new collections, there's no vinyl in libraries any more and we have quite eclectic tastes so we thought: 'Wouldn't it be great to have a vinyl library?'

She continued: "People can share their knowledge with people who are new to vinyl [...] We like the idea of getting people tactile with a piece of vinyl and getting everyone connected to that again."

Their next mission is to introduce DJ lessons to the library, and then to start screening music documentaries.

If you live near the Vinyl Library in Stoke Newington, London, you can visit between 11am-9pm from Monday to Sunday where you can register to borrow records for as little as £1.

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    This is a great idea. There needs to be one of these in every major city
    Appreciating something from the past does not make somebody a hipster. I think vinyl records, cassettes and VHS tapes hold a charm all their own, but you'll never catch me wearing skin tight pants and a fedora.
    Hipsters, contain your orgasms.
    Hipsters or not, but some albums sound great on vinyl. Something like Floyd's "Dark Side" or Jarre's "Oxygen." Vinyl's very expensive, so I think it's a good idea to let people listen to those masterpieces for free
    Vinyl is the best quality of sound. I find it so funny how record players went out of fashion over tapes and cds when they give off a better sound... but if you have good enough speakers, FLAC is right up there. I'd swap all my cd's for vinyls in an instant given the opportunity. Plus you get massive cover art. They're just friggin cool things.
    Just joking bro. But you're right, vinyl does have great sound quality. I also own Dark Side on vinyl, and I love it.
    I love Dark Side on vinyl, but there's nothing like hearing it in 5.1 surround sound. You know that if the technology had been available at the time that Floyd would've been taking full advantage of it.
    Actually they were already playing around with Quadraphonic sound in the 60s. They did take full advantage of at least the 4.0 surround, I remember at least Dark Side was released on quadraphonic vinyl. Too bad the quadraphonic system was a flop. They also experimented with holophonic sound techniques.
    overrated. not even in the top 10 records of all time. stop jizzing and don't hurt me. plz
    I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm just gonna beat you unconscious with a rake and listen to Dark Side of the Moon while I set your body on fire.
    Mind Kill
    With you bro. Overrated pretentious band, loads of way better prog rock bands out there from that era.
    Vinyl isn't really that expensive as some people think. Sure, new artist tend to charge like $20 but older records are like $5 a piece!
    There's so much hipster bashing on UG these days. I used to do it before it was cool.
    People on this sight are such cynical buzz kills. The vast majority of people who buy vinyl do so as a matter of nostalgia, or because the grainey sound of the needle enhances the experience of the album. I for one love vinyl for the latter reason. You can't play them through headphones (unless you want to look like an idiot) and they force you to share your music and turn it back into a group experience. None of this hiding away in your own little isolated world. That's what makes them unique.
    Great news. Vinyl sounds majestic and I'm glad people from newer generations are getting a chance to experience analog recordings too, in the digital era. I'll certainly visit it as soon as I go down to London. And there's a strong correlation between people who run libraries of any kind and amazing conversations. PS: stop the hipster jokes already, it was funny for 5 minutes.
    Quick, somebody phone Mikael Akerfeldt, there may be those last 2 rare records he desperately wants.
    Is it only going to be records for DJing, like loops and dance records, or will they have everything?
    You can DJ anything man, I know a professional DJ who plays a lot of New-Wave, Jazz and all sorts of crazy stuff
    I don't really see the point of this... I like to own my records, just having it for a short time seems like teasing. It's a cool idea but this is just my opinion. Borrowing CD's from the library makes a bit more sense, since you can rip them.
    I'm the kind of guy who think ''everythings sound better on vinyl, straight to recent technical death metal from krautrock to hte late 60 early 70 (if you have quality equipement).'' Sooo..! How I wish there was something like this in my city!
    **** yea i wish there was one where i lived. although i could probably start my own... this give me an idea
    This is such a funny argument to me. I own vinyl, but without the proper stereo system, it is still going to sound like shit. Vinyl on a good system sounds amazing... just like FLAC. Vinyl on a shit stereo sounds like... shit. Just like 128kbps MP3 sounds on a shit system. Good audio is good audio. I love vinyl but there is no need to be a douche-snob about it.