Vote for Track of the Week: Eric Clapton, Ghost BC and Dave Grohl and More

Who has released the best new music stream to the web this week? Hear the playlist here then place your votes.

Ultimate Guitar

Our weekly playlist of brand new rock music streams is back. Vote for your favorite track in the playlist in the poll at the bottom to give the artist a chance to appear again in our end-of-the-month roundup. It's been a pretty slow week for big songs, but that doesn't mean our digital crate-digging team couldn't find a few solid alternative acts to discover. Which is your favorite?

Eric Clapton with the Allman Brothers Band

Ghost BC "If You Have Ghosts" (Produced by Dave Grohl)

Buckcherry "Wrath"

Hex "Voodoo Girl"

Kitten Pyramid "English Rosa"

Warbringer "Black Sun, Black Moon"

Ring of Fire "Battle of Leningrad"

Reuben Archer "Personal Sin"

Place your votes here. Remember, you can vote for more than one:

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    i could listen to eric clapton, the Ghost thing is either removed or not placed by UG properly at this time, so im goin for Mr. Clapton and the Allman Bro's
    what the **** was that kitten pyramid shit all about?! that has to be about the biggest pile of crap i've heard in a long time
    I'm having a hard time deciding between Clapton and Ghost. Most of the rest of the bands on here are kinda crappy to be honest.
    Ghost's version is pretty solid. And Ring Of Fire, I was missing something like that, McAlpine and Kuprij in one band is INSANE
    None of these are for me to be honest. With that in mind I'll share a true masterpiece I discovered this week:
    Is this a Keith Richards home video that leaked on the internet?
    while that video raises MANY questions, the main one for me is what's the deal with the stomach cleavage?
    hex sounds like a down south version of Rob Zombie. The pre chorus even sounds like Going to California
    Lol Natures
    Warbringer let me down. I probably had my hopes set too high, but I couldn't find one song off the new album that I liked.
    My votes: Eminem: Rap God Taylor Swift: Sweeter than Fiction 1D: Story of My Life
    Rap God isn't bad. Actually the whole album is really solid. The track Monsters is brilliant as well
    Nah, this guy is much better with Tech. Unless you prefer Em yelling about nothing.
    I love Hopsin, but you can't really say Em just yells about nothing, a lot of his lyrics are far more genuine and meaningful than most mainstream rappers today. Rap God is perhaps not the best example, but it's still a fantastic song.
    Well, i liked Monsters too, but the album in a whole was just a bit too pop-ish to me. But i am also more of a underground rap type.