Vote for Track of the Week: Korn, Protest the Hero, Dethklok

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Which new rock track is the biggest and best this week? Play the curated list selected by the Ultimate Guitar team below, then check out the poll at the end. We were blown away by Exivious who we've never heard before, and it's rad to have an entire Protest the Hero album to enjoy - but don't let that sway your vote - check out all the songs and vote for your favorite. You can pick more than one song, and we've got a real spread of heavy tracks so there's sure to be something to tickle your fancy. If you have a top music tip, let us know in the comments below - we always check out your recommendations.

Korn "Love & Meth"

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Protest the Hero "Volition" [FULL ALBUM]

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Dethklok "Blazing Star"

Exivious "Deeply Woven"

Kill Devil Him "Wake Up The Dead"

Enabler "Flies"

Meek is Murder "Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters"

Which is your favourite artist this week? Vote here, and the winner will appear in our monthly roundup. Remember, you can nominate more than one song:

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    Protest the Hero, easy. It's quite possibly their best album yet.
    When did Protest the Hero become so popular? I got nothing against them, just asking, because I don't recall such a hype about them in the past.
    They've always had a pretty large but quiet following, the indiegogo campaign showed how popular they are.
    Fourth full LP and now they are starting to really get momentum with a fanbase. Fanbases aren't grown over night and it often takes a good 5-8 years to really breakthrough. They've been known in the industry since they debuted with Kezia, but now they are starting to reach the next level of popularity. Most big bands of today went through periods of growing popularity such as this. That being said their music is not as accessible as some other artists and that often means that it takes longer to grow an audience. Still, I've been listening to them since Kezia and a lot of people I know have known them since them. Good for them with their fundraising, I'm really glad that worked out for them.
    Protest the Hero, you can really see more maturity in this album from previous efforts with the more interesting chord choices among other things they do in this album that just really work for me, vocal range and delivery, and I'd even say Rody has improved in his lyric writing if he wrote the songs or most of the songs like he did in Scurrilous.
    I had no idea Protest were streaming Volition, this automatically gets my vote.
    Korn & Protest for me, although protest will have to take it. It's going to be such a killer live show for this album.
    Except Arif isn't on the tour. I was about to buy tickets til I heard that.
    The dude from The Kindred is still great. They'll still be killer to see.
    Mike is the new drummer, their buddy Cam who has done tons of studio work with them and a bunch of other Canadian groups is playing bass on tour while Arif works on a stage production. Cam worked on a lot of the songs on Volition and he's credited with writing a bunch in the album booklet.
    Without a doubt, Protest. The album is absolutely ridiculous. So, so good.
    I haven't listened to it all of the songs all the way through yet, but Volition might be Protest's best album so far - and that's saying a lot.
    The Spoon
    Lol, a bunch of songs vs. an entire album. PTH's new album is my personal album of the year so that gets my vote.
    Dethklok. No question.
    I chose dethklok but thought that exivious was a close 2nd very unique and fun sound
    Actually, their sound is clearly Cynic-influenced, which is not a surprising considering the fact that their guitarist and bassist played in Cynic for several years.
    Gotta give it to Dethklok. Fantastic song and I personally really haven't liked much that PTH has put out since Fortress
    As much as I like Dethklok and wanted to vote them... I gotta say Protest the Hero just is plain better this time.
    I was here to vote for Dethklok, but Kill Devil Hill is on the list.. Decisions decisions.. Fast and brutal or slow and brutal..
    Okay you say you check out all recommendations. Check out ****ing WITCH RIPPER!
    I'm trying to get these guys as much exposure as I can xD So every view counts.
    Deathklok, because they're the only real band in that list
    Dethklok. I love PTH as well but Dethklok is going to have the heaviest, most brutal album this year. Without any doubt.
    Protest! Without a doubt their best album yet, I was in love with the album after just Clarity and Drumhead Trial.