Vote for Track of the Week: QOTSA, Soundgarden, A Perfect Circle and More

Who has the best new music stream this week? Hear the full weekly playlist here.

Ultimate Guitar

Our weekly collection of the best new music streams is back. There's some really awesome new releases, and not just from the big names either - the lesser known acts have some solid tracks too. Be sure to listen to them all. As usual, we want your votes for every decent track for a chance to appear in our monthly roundup. Check out the tracks, then post your votes at the end.

Queens of the Stone Age "The Vampyre of Time and Memory"

Soundgarden "Screaming Life" [RESISSUE]

A Perfect Circle "Stone and Echo" [LIVE]

Fit For a King "Keep Me Alive"

The Virgin Marys "Portrait of Red"

The Pretty Wreckless "Heaven Knows"

Crematory "Shadowmaker"

Which is your favorite stream this week? Vote for as many as you liked in this poll:

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    QOTSA or Soundgarden QOTSA or Soundgarden QOTSA or Soundgarden.....AH I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!
    A Perfect Circle for me. Some of the live versions of tracks like Choke, Counting Bodies.. and Passive are appreciably different from the studio versions, and arguably blow them out of the water. I can only imagine () how awesome those songs must have sounded live!
    Soundgarden…easy choice. Just got the "Loser" edition reissue Thursday
    I noticed all the comments had a -1, so I decided to change that.
    Is that Crematory thing serious lol? Doesn't help that instead of Shadowmaker I hear 'Cheryl Baker' (of Bucks Fizz/Record Breakers fame). Ah each to his own I guess. Err, whatever, QOTSA