Vote for Your Track of the Week: Protest the Hero, Lamb of God, Crosses and More

There's also songs from Warlock, Wolf Alice, Death angel and some random girl covering Guns N' Roses on a crazy Eastern instrument. Place your votes now!

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Who will win our weekly playlist vote this week? Have a listen to the latest new music streams, as curated by Ultimate Guitar, and check out the poll at the end of this list to vote for your favorites. Remember, you can vote for multiple artists, so you don't just have to pick one. There's a bit of variety in the playlist, so make sure you check new artists out. We love hearing your suggestions for new tracks, so let us know if we missed anyone and we'll endeavour to get them on the playlist next week. We might even take a chance with your band - share a link below!

Protest the Hero "Drumhead Trial"

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Lamb of God "Purified" (Remastered)

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Crosses "The Epilogue"

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The Warlocks "Dead Generation"

Wolf Alice "She"

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Death Angel "The Dream Calls for Blood"

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Hell "The Ages of Nefarious"

Some girl playing "Sweet Child O' Mine" on a weird and awesome instrument

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If you love one of the songs, place your votes here and it will appear again in our months roundup. You can nominate more than one song:

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    Why isn't Protest in the poll?
    Sorry everyone, I did add Protest the Hero to the poll before posting it online, but the embed code didn't seem to update with the current version.
    Why can't i vote for Drumhead Trial, oh well Protest The Hero is too awesome for the poll anyway
    "Some girl playing "Sweet Child O' Mine" on a weird and awesome instrument" - those solo's are awesome. But Protest the Hero gets my overall vote.
    I like Hell and Death Angel, but if we're counting comments as votes, PtH def wins!
    my vote goes to protest the hero, since i can't vote in the poll
    The Spoon
    Drumhead Trial is probably my favorite PTH song ever. Definitely would vote for that.
    I am comment voting Protest the Hero since they are not in the poll
    UG readers are going to be very unhappy if the results article doesn't report that PTH still one won despite your broken poll.
    Protest the hero for me plz... epic poll fail. Death Angel was pretty awesome too. And the girl was a trip lol
    I love to vote for Protest the Hero, but they are not in the poll, so that sucks.
    put this on the next one
    it was really cool until the vocals came in. then it lost me. that vocal style is SOOOO overdone. i used to love it, but i just cant listen to it anymore.
    In my opinion that kind of a "singing" is just stupid. Even if the song itself would be bearable, that kind of a noise ruins it.
    Overall really boring song, using riffs heard a million times before, some cool elements here and there, the metalcore parts just ruins it. Don't see the big problem with the vocals though, they are okay.
    The girl playing "Sweet Child O' Mine" made me want to eat thai food.
    I would really enjoy Protest if it wasn't for those vocals.
    Seriously, you just haven't listened to them enough. The first time I listened to PTH, I though he sounded horrible, but now he's my favourite singer.
    I have never listened to protest the hero before and simply in my opinion I can't understand the fuss on here. Sure there's lots going on and it could be exciting but that vocalist sounds like a parody. Dire.
    In all honesty, give them another chance or check out fortress. It is strange at first, but he is having a lot of fun and the lyrics are all really really good. Watch any interview and you see they are all just a bunch of goofy guys having fun, what all metal should be really.
    i think what i love most about as the palaces burn is the production. it is terrible, but unique. listening to purified re-mastered was cool and all, but it takes away from the atmosphere i connect with that album.
    As The Palaces Burn Re-mastered. Best ****in idea ive heard in a long time. Sounds alot more alive and not flat.
    Usually when a band does a remix, it's something I can recognize immediately.. there's a few posts saying how great the new LOG remix sounds... I was playing that youtube vid in HD side by side with my track of Purified from the original CD.. I could barely notice a difference, and like the original CD more. I hope this doesn't happen with Soilwork's A Predator's Portrait remaster that's coming out soon.. that new album artwork is ridiculous, and it has Asylum Dance..
    To my understanding the Soilwork re-release is just a re-release. No re-master going on.
    If you guys wouldnt vote for protest and the poll had it included you probably have terrible taste. lol jk but yeah protest. Hi hydra how are you today
    Cara Gato
    "Some girl playing "Sweet Child O' Mine". That girl rocks that shit! I believe the instrument she is playing is a Chinese Zheng. I love it.
    What made As the Palaces Burn so special (and it's STILL LoG's best album, by far) was how raw it was. It added to the brutality, the ferocity, of their sound. Why did it need remastering?
    I was going to angrily vent about having to choose between PTH and Crosses, but thankfully it looks like I don't have to.