Vote For Your Tracks of the Week: Monster Magnet, Rivers of Nihil, Hunters

Our favourite new death metal artist of the year is in here - can you guess who it is?

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With over 700 votes last week, the new Tracks of the Week feature is picking up the pace. But who will win this weeks vote, which you can take part in below? All you have to do it listen to a few tracks that we've rounded up after scoring the internet and listening to dozens of new releases to separate the best from the rest. You can vote for more than one artist, so give a thumbs up to anyone you like and we'll credit the winner in our monthly roundup. And not to be biased, but one of the albums below is in our top releases of the year so far. Can you guess what it is? Fire away in the comments.

Monster Magnet "Last Patrol" [FULL ALBUM]

Rivers of Nihil "The Conscious Seed of Light"

Hunters "Narcissist"

Eve to Adam "Straitjacket Supermodel"

Ayreon "The Theory of Everything"

Willie and the Bandits "Gypsy Woman"

Down Among the Dead Men "Draconian Rage"

Code "Becoming Host"

Place your votes here - you can vote for more than one artist too. Who was best in your opinion?

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    Not even joking I literally shouted "Fucking....YES!" when I saw Monster Magnet was on this.
    I'm with you... sure brought back some hazy memories...I think... time to break out Powertrip..
    Monster Magnet sounds decent. Didn't listen to the whole album, but heard a bit and its good, wouldn't buy it though. Rivers of Nihil are very hit and miss. They have one or two good tracks on that album but the rest is very plain I've never heard of Hunters, but I'm glad I have now. Those dudes are ****ing awesome. My fave song from the list. Eve to Adam are just dodgy as hell Ayeron are very talented. Not my cup of tea but they have some talent (singer is weak though) Willie and the Bandits is just solid blues music. Nothing special but still great. I'm not even going to bother with Down among the Dead Men Code is loud and gritty but they sound like an A Perfect Circle cover band. The singer is really pushing for that MJK feel.