Vote for Your Tracks of the Week: Trivium, Winery Dogs, Ephel Duath

Listen to the best new music tracks then vote for the best one in our brand new weekly playlist.

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Welcome back to our newly revamped weekly playlist, bringing you the best new rock and metal tracks from around the web.

We're shaking up the usual format and asking you to vote on your favourite from this week's roundup.

There's a new poll at the end of this post, and you can nominate as many songs as you like. We'll be keeping your favourite tracks in mind for a special end-of-year post.

Listen to each one now, and as usual, we love hearing your feedback and music tips in the comments.

Trivium "No Way to Heal"

The Winery Dogs "Time Machine"

Ephel Duath "Feathers Under My Skin"

Paradise Lost "Gothic 2013"

Impera "Beast Within"

Amoral "If Not Here, Where?"

Death Angel "The Dream Calls for Blood"

If you love one of the songs, place your votes here. You can nominate more than one song:

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    Great idea guys, but surely you should give props to the guy who actually suggested this in the Wednesday Question a few weeks back?
    This isn't part of the Wednesday question. This is just the recommendations that they give us on Thursdays. They just want to see what we like the most of what they suggest in order to see what would be a good idea to recommend next time.
    Paradise Lost even if it's not a new song (It's Paradise Lost <3) Death Angel's song is really great And Trivium really? That song is so easy... Sad.
    No Way Took ME a couple listens to really appreciate it. I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign.
    Good to see some metal finally. Just kidding. That's all that's ever on this site. The Trivium track was pretty good, but The Winery Dogs one wins for me by far.