Watch: Here's a Compilation of RHCP Failing Onstage

Red hot chili fails...

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Watch: Here's a Compilation of RHCP Failing Onstage

A fun little video mix has surfaced via YouTube, featuring various onstage fails of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

You can check it all out in the embedded player below.

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    I just thought it would be video from their superbowl performance. 
    I saw them in Australia in the mid to late 90's and Fleas cable came out of his Bass while he was jumping around like a maniac. He just kept playing while the roadie was trying to plug it back in. It was hilarious as the roadie basically ended up hugging Flea to restrain him get the cable back in. Had to be there to fully appreciate this scenario.
    No wonder the NFL wouldn't let them plug in their instruments for the Super Bowl last year, they made them fake it
    Shit, that was the worst Soul to Squeeze performance I've seen... It was in Birmingham, UK on Dec 10th. My favorite song ruined, and I traveled from Costa Rica to see that...
    It would have been nice if they used decent videos. First clip wasn't a fail of technique but rather sound and what's up with using terrible video from the Johnny Ramone Too Tough To Die Show? I don't know why everything thinks they aren't human.
    Note how most of this video shows Frusciante on guitar.. Get over the past and move on.