Wednesday Question: Best Drinking Song?

Music and alcohol often go hand in hand - but which songs are the best for drinking and singing along to? Post your suggestions here.

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Alcohol and music often go hand in hand. Whether it's at a bar and singing with friends, or holding a plastic beer cup at a festival, it's as if they were a match made in musical heaven.

This weeks Wednesday question pits your music wits against each other to answer the following:

What is the best drinking song?

Drinking songs are going to be social, loud, and fun to sing-along to. They'll probably remind you of good times, and while it's sometimes right to drink to sad songs, we're looking for tracks that will cheer your drinking buddies on to the morning hours.

You know the rules - post one nomination per comment, and upvote any other songs you agree with. Feel free to share YouTube links to the songs so others can hear your submission.

We'll round up the results in a top 10 playlist this Friday - just in time for you to play at parties this weekend!

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    If this gets the number one spot, my life will have been officially fulfilled.
    If you are listening to this for on repeat and are enjoying it like a motherf**ker, you are officially drunked out of your mind.
    My friend and I actually turn this on most nights when shit gets silly. Especially right in the middle of people playing shitty dubstep or whatnot.
    Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly or Vodka - Korpiklaani.
    Since you you can only post one nomination per comment I will do you a favor: Vodka - Korpilaani
    hilarious to drink to
    i also drink to mashugga, even though i'm a hair metal head haha
    Stating the obvious: Whiskey in the Jar. And I don't care wether it's the Metallica version or the Thin Lizzy original.
    u do know this song isnt actually original, its a traditional music from Ireland but yea, agree on the choice!
    True, but of any recordings I would choose one of those two. And ofcourse, if you're Irish you may LOL at that. I don't mind as long as there's whiskey in the jar
    well if you put metallica, thin lizzy and original in the same sentence, that kinda make sense, since Metallica or others like Gary Moore didnt play the original folk song, but the rock version made by thin lizzy, the same riffs, the same solo etc... so yeah THin lizzy made the original rock version which was covered countless times
    Yeah, It has to be Whiskey in the Jar.
    I can think of a few more, Wild Rover, Black velvet band, Fiesta, countless, if you listen to any irish drinking songs, you will find loads
    The absolute best.
    thats not a flogging molly song
    It's written by Bondo, as it states in the title. But it's performed by both Flogging Molly and Dropkick
    I've been going to molly and dropkick shows since 2001, never seen them play it. That's definitely Bondo. People think flogging molly and dropkick murphys are the only irish bands.
    what flogging molly album is that "**** you im drunk" song from? if im getting downvoted for calling this out show me the proof.
    Guns n roses - Nightrain Makes me train beer in to my night
    Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen, as demonstrated in both Wayne's World and of course...this dude:
    I support Bohemian Rhapsody! Especially if you and your drinking buddies grew up watching Wayne's World!
    One bourbon one scotch one beer by George thorogood
    Fucking love that song. How is it that GT could make blues sound so fresh all the time?
    Yellow Submarine - The Beatles. fun to sing loudly with buddies
    I agree with you if the drink is beer, which makes me happy. When it comes to any other alcohol I believe that the exact opposite mood is best for drinking. And one of the best songs to be in the mood is Keith Urban - Nobody Drinks Alone
    Korpiklaani - Bring us pints of beer
    YES!! that or "happy little boozer" by korpiklaani. this is the only real good drinking song ive seen on here yet. everyone's just posting their favorite metal song. and did i really see someone post a doors song under drinking music? unless it was roadhouse blues ill make the exception.
    Rebel Scum
    Bliss by Th' Dudes - originally called Piss Chorus Lyrics: Drink yourself more Bliss Forget about the last one get yourself another [url][/url]
    Yeah bro New Zealand has the best beer drinking songs. The Dudes are great! If i knew how to link or cared I'd link Deja Voodoo - Beers. "I'm a great lyricist. I can rhyme words like this. I would give you one of my beers,... but I've only got six. I would but I don't like to share,... and I've only got six! I like songs that always rhyme Thats why I made this one rhyme chorus Words this good don't write themselves Thats why I wrote them myself chorus etc Gold. Also Aluminium Bikerack, google those guys
    Franko 316
    Eagle Rock - Daddy Cool... I have dropped my pants many times to the eagle drop while drunk. Not sure if this is just an Aussie custom or not?
    Im sorry I have to post it here but ive been scrolling for ages and couldn't get to the damn comment box at the bottom of the page Nancy the Tavern Wench by Alestorm
    Nightrains a good one, but i challenge anyone here to get drunk and then not sing along to "hey makkalaya makkalaya makkalaya HEEEEEYY makkalaya... HEY!"
    Also this.
    Easiest question ever.
    always pick this song right as we all crack open the cans, every one of my mates know the words too and it's very hard not to dance around to it when you're drunk XD
    I'd never heard of these guys before, and I'm really glad I clicked on the video haha. All their songs are hilarious and heavy. I love it. Thank you sir.
    Yeah, I remember when I first 'gave in to the stick'. BTW, in case you didn't get that reference.
    George Thorogood - I drink alone
    is this even a question?