Ween Singer To Become A Woman

artist: Ween date: 12/18/2012 category: wtf?

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Ween Singer To Become A Woman
Former Ween singer Aaron Freeman, a.k.a. Gene Ween, has strongly hinted that he is undergoing surgery to become a woman. Freeman will be the second rock musician to undergo gender reassignment in 2012, following Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel who announced plans to become Laura-Jane Grace in October. The clue is in his new song "Genene", streaming below, which was released alongside news that he is undergoing "a transformative procedure." The opening lyrics: "Genene, wake up and see the day the operation's through... the transformation's done, you're truly born again." "This song is left to interpretation on purpose," Freeman told Glide. "To me it's just an honest song about where Im at, creepy, real and pretty, just the way I like itOn one hand it's about change and acceptance on a personal, spiritual level but can obviously be interpreted literally as a sex change." Some believe it could be Freeman's way of "one-upping" his former bandmate Dean Ween, who announced plans to record a solo album with Josh Homme last October. "I'm very excited," Dean said at the time. "It's hard to even call what we're doing 'demos' because they sound incredible." Hear Aaron Freeman's revealing new song "Genene" here:
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