Ween Singer To Become A Woman

Gene Ween will become a Genene after transgender surgery, which he revealed in a new song which is streaming online.

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Former Ween singer Aaron Freeman, a.k.a. Gene Ween, has strongly hinted that he is undergoing surgery to become a woman.

Freeman will be the second rock musician to undergo gender reassignment in 2012, following Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel who announced plans to become Laura-Jane Grace in October.

The clue is in his new song "Genene", streaming below, which was released alongside news that he is undergoing "a transformative procedure."

The opening lyrics: "Genene, wake up and see the day the operation's through... the transformation's done, you're truly born again."

"This song is left to interpretation on purpose," Freeman told Glide. "To me it's just an honest song about where Im at, creepy, real and pretty, just the way I like itOn one hand it's about change and acceptance on a personal, spiritual level but can obviously be interpreted literally as a sex change."

Some believe it could be Freeman's way of "one-upping" his former bandmate Dean Ween, who announced plans to record a solo album with Josh Homme last October. "I'm very excited," Dean said at the time. "It's hard to even call what we're doing 'demos' because they sound incredible."

Hear Aaron Freeman's revealing new song "Genene" here:

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    He will be 'Waving His Dick in the Wind' no-more.
    I like where u went with that...lol
    Really... Thumbs down for liking a comment? Trolls.. By the way... Im a fan of Ween... Been listening for over 20yrs.. Eat it Baby Bitches!
    So Gene Ween writes a song about a sex change and he explains its about him going through certain things changing in his life (It doesnt say anywhere in this article but Aaron recently went back to his Jewish faith in a pretty strong way) and he finishes by saying that the song can also be interpreted literally as a sex change and UG runs this as "OMG THAT GUY FROM WEEN IS HAVING A SEX CHANGE!".
    I have nothing against his decision, I will miss his voice though since it will likely be changed in the operation too.
    I've known a couple people who went through the hormones & surgery and it doesn't change their voice. They usually work with a speech therapist and learn how to talk in a way that matches their new gender.
    I think anyone considering gender reassignment should listen to Type O Negative's "Angry Inch" before making the decision. Just sayin'....