Weirdest Rockstar Outfits Ever

Teddy bear pants, duct tape pants, overly manly pants and more. Check out our picks of weirdest rockstar clothes.

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The fact that rockstars can get away with a lot of things doesn't mean that they still dont like going overboard, especially when it comes to style and outfits. Ever since the early days, rock music had a tendency to shock certain listeners. Sometimes, the shock factor was heavily relying on the appearance and musicians image, but sometimes it just turned out as plain weird.

So it's time to look back at all the odd rock star apparel we've encountered over the years. You might say how styling is not important and how it's all about the music, but you know perfectly well that it's just not true. Granted, music definitely comes first, but the style, behavior, artists statements and the whole image are definitely among the factors that affect your perception of the given band. But back to the weird clothes here are the picks we made, let's check them out.

Less clothes - more passion

Who could possibly be more appropriate to kick off our list than Manowar? Kings of metal take great pride in "wearin' jeans and leather, not cracker jack clothes," but sometimes they take things a bit too far themselves. The overly manly image speaks for itself, earning the tight leather macho four-piece an easy spot on the list.

It's time to glam

You just have to love the 80s style. Seriously, we just dont know where to start here, from David Bryans hair on the left or Alec John Suchs funky coat on the right. These days, Bon Jovi are known for a more of a slick style (and bland, generic pop rock songs, some fans might say), but their glam rock image phase will likely never be forgotten.

Honey, where are our babydaughter's toys?

Forget the sox on cox and just look at those pants! The socks thing may be more famous, but Flea's teddy bear pants beat it by a mile. Anthony Kiedis did a solid job in the weird department as well, but the eccentric bassist is clearly the one who takes the cake here.

It was rainy, I swear!

Guns N Roses frontman wasn't exactly in best shape at the time, so wearing a flashy yellow coat wasn't something Axl could get away with. You might remember one of the yellow coat Rose pictures from the Internet meme that circulated the web some time ago.

Are you ready for men in skirts?

Although it's definitely weird, we think that Korn singer Jonathan Davis managed to not only get away with it, but rock the kilt like no one has ever before. Ultimately, the kilt even went on to become one of the frontman's signature fashion traits.

'I'm just an ultimate fan of 'Duck Tales''

The legendary Elton John had enough eccentric fashion outbursts to form a list of their own, but for this occasion, we singled out his Donald Duck costume. It may be a weird outfit, but we simply have to give Sir Elton props for having the guts to get on stage dressed as one of the world's funniest characters and still rock the crowd like no one else.

The Silence of Wentz

Showing up at a fashion show dressed up as Hannibal Lecter may not seem like the most sensible decision, but Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz thought it wasn't such a bad idea and even went through with it back in 2010.

Do you think it's better to have a haircut?

This isn't exactly a weird outfit, but seeing Henry Rollins with long hair before he got buffed up will definitely strike you as strange. Who knows, maybe back then he even wasn't yelling all of the time.

Looks like someone's robbed the stationary store...

They may not be as mind-blowing as Flea's fluffy breeches, but Michael Stipe's duct tape pants still easily manage to fall into the weird outfit category. You certainly have to at least give him some points for creativity.

Another hair case

Although the Prince of Darkness had his fair share of crazy style, especially in the '80s, none of his clothes are as shocking as seeing Ozzy with short hair, looking like an average guy feeding the pigeons. The picture was taken on George Square in Glasgow in 1982 and is likely to leave you speechless.

Shake your...

You'd probably think that most musicians would like to have their behind covered while performing in front of a whopping 300,000 crowd, but not David Lee Roth. During a performance in May 1983, Van Halen singer decided to give the fans a full dose of his bare cheeks wearing a classy pair of as-less pants. And what a memorable experience it must have been.

That's a message

Possibly the most offensive piece of apparel on our list was worn by Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach back in 1989 during one of the band's live performances. We're not sure what exactly the singer was thinking at the time, but he has subsequently apologized and donated money to Aids fighting funds.

Sorry, our stylist was on a vacation

They probably had all the ladies flocking to them. But seriously, whoever was in charge of the styling in this early Scorpions band photo had it all figured seriously wrong. Just look at those boots and socks Klaus Meine is wearing, not to mention the hot pants.

My grandma says...

A flashy jacket, a grandma hairstyle and a pair of glasses to match were all it took for legendary Lou Reed to find a spot on our list. "Still beats 'Lulu,'" some fans might say.

Can't you see I'm white and nerdy?

Now that's what you call a dangerous gang of heavy beer-drinkers. It's one of the earlier band photos of German thrashers Tankard, and in all fairness, it makes them look more like a chess club than a thrash metal band singing about beer.

I had scarf, but now it's in the past

Those boots just may be the perfect thing to go with that giant scarf he wore a while ago. Lenny Kravitz had his share of moments when he pushed his style towards the edge; sometimes he got away with it, sometimes he didn't. And these women leather boots easily fall into the second category.

Don't worry about the dress, it's just the tool

The eccentric Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan often showed his fondness of wearing women clothes during the group's live performances. You may have already seen some pictures of him wearing a bra; well this one shows him in a slick white dress.

Rape me, I'm fabulous

The late grunge icon Kurt Cobain usually wasn't too much into wearing flashy clothes, but you likely remember him wearing the leopard jacket and those big white glasses. The winter cap and polished nails were more than enough to push the frontman straight into the weird zone.

If he's not here, our list is incomplete

Over the course of his career, Marilyn Manson became somewhat of an epitome for a weird style rock star, and as one of the more obvious choices, he simply had to find his spot on the list. There are plenty of strange apparels to choose from, but this time around well present you with one of his latex catsuits. Weirdness galore is what we have here, so we'll just let you take a look at the image.

A pillar wants hugs too!

Finally, we'll leave you with a picture of the late great Godfather of Soul, the one and only James Brown, hugging a cardboard pillar.

There are plenty of weird outfits to go around with, as this could easily end up as a top 50 list. It's the Internet, so weirdness is not something that's hard to find. Therefore, if you have any other personal favorites when it comes to odd rock star clothes, feel free to share them in the comments section.

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    Ultimate Fashion Guide
    Huh - I'd figured the tube socks were kinda their thing, but I must say Flea rocked those Teddy Bear pants. ... Where can I get a pair?
    Well the tube socks are for sure going to be at your nearest depatment store and as soon as you've found out where to get those teddy bear pants your ****ing telling the rest of.
    I don't understand the lack of David Bowie, Prince and Wes Borland. Funny list though.
    The t-shirt Sebastian Bach is wearing was thrown in on stage by some fan. He didn't knew what's written there, but put it on anyway. When he realised, he apologized. Dunno why he has a picture in it, though.
    Kids... don't put on random shirts thrown at you on stage. One, you don't know where it has been, and two you might be lead into wearing offensive material.
    though they can be quite hilarious, once at an opeth concert someone threw a shirt on stage that said "nobody knows i'm a lesbian" mikael was like... "you read my mind" xD
    Need to add Raven and their idiotic use of hockey equipment. A look that deserved to have pucks fired at them.
    Nero Galon
    Was expecting Nirvana's dresses for Reading, then Maynard took it to an extra level haha.
    I NEED Flea's pants! Wow...that's a sentence one should never have to say ever!
    I wonder if those glam bands ever look back in intense regret to the middle 80s...
    "I had scarf" guy looks like he picked his outfit from a chicks closet
    What happened to the good old days when most people had spouses to steal clothes from for cross dressing? Edit: After reading this it sounds amazingly stupid, please forgive me for my bad taste.
    Nirvana - Dressed for Succes Or when they played as Barney (Kurt), Slash (Pat), a mummy (Dave) and Ted Danson (Krist)
    My first thoughts were Prince and Steve Vai but you found some great images. I wanna see more of that Scorpions gay porn shoot
    Ted Nugent's loin cloth was weird. Behind that huge Gibson Byrdland, he looked naked.
    Good for laughs, but I do miss seeing Till Lindemann on here. And as some already mentioned, Bowie, Gabriel...
    i still don't see how henry rollins with long hair is weird...
    That's probably the best pic of Henry that exists. It's like an outtake for the cover of "The Freewheelin' Hank Rollins"
    I kinda thought Buckethead would be on this list maybe his outfit isn't weird enough
    Duct tape pants are a pretty regular thing in my life.
    Someone from the audience at a Skid Row show threw Bach the shirt and he put it on without reading what it said.
    I'm showing this to my bands drummer next time he complains about me not wearing shoes, a bit of perspective will do him some good, although I have to be honest I'm probably up for plenty of cross dressing in the future, well at least I try to look classy.
    The Henry Rollins pic is Black Flag-era, I think he was yelling a lot more then if anything... The pic didn't really come as a surprise to me, I haven't really followed Mr Rollins solo project that much (like what I've heard though), I'm mostly familiar with Black Flag so that's basically the Henry Rollins I know and love
    His solo stuff aint bad.Nothing groudbreaking but a decent listen.Try come in and burn or weight.
    I seriously object to putting Henry Rollins next to Pete Wentz, Henry is one of the most awesome people in the world and Pete Wentz is a complete helmet