Westboro Baptists on Dillinger's 'Prancer': 'Dude Needs a Hug'

artist: The Dillinger Escape Plan date: 06/07/2013 category: wtf?

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Westboro Baptists on Dillinger's 'Prancer': 'Dude Needs a Hug'
Westboro Baptist Church reacted at Dillinger Escape Plan's newest record, "One of Us Is the Killer," Metal Injection reports.

While being interviewed by Kerrang, the religious organisation representative Steve Drain was given a listen to the "Prancer" single from the latest record of American mathcore band. He said: "Dude needs a hug. God has put his standard in the Earth, and all of the problems that this song tries to sound a 'yawp' about come as a result of the rampant disobedience of God. They have become vain in their imaginations and their foolish hearts were darkened. They worship the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever."

The Dillinger Escape Plan axeman Ben Weinman reacted at their review posting the following lines via the band's Facebook page: "Of all the great reviews we've seen of the new songs on ONE OF US IS THE KILLER, this one from the WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH may be the most informed and insightful."
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