Will Ferrell and Chad Smith's Drum Battle Video Is Available

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After years of the two being confused for one another, Red Hot Chili Peppers' own Chad Smith and actor Will Ferrell finally set the record straight with a drum battle of epic proportions on last night's the Tonight Show. The real-life doppelgangers - who coincidentally also have a similar taste in style - faced off in a "traditional drum-off" with "traditional rules." Watch the video below.

Prior to the drum off, Ferrell and Smith sat down with Jimmy Fallon to discuss their rivalry. Also, watch it below.

Ferrell laid the groundwork for a drum battle against Smith during a Reddit AMA last February. "It has been acknowledged many times that myself and Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, share a resemblance to each other," Ferrell wrote. "A lot of people think that it's me playing for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But that would be an insult to Chad Smith. The truth of the matter is there is no Will Ferrell. Only Chad Smith."

In response, Smith issued a public challenge to Farrell: "Stop impersonating me. In fact, I need you ... drum battle. Me and you. I've seen your skills; you don't got 'em. Let's go. Golden cowbell. Winner. Boom!" Ferrell accepted on the condition they raise $300,000 for the charities Cancer for College and Little Kids Rock, which was quickly accomplished following an online fundraiser.

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    I'd be intimidated as **** playing drums next to Chad
    Me too. Looks like Ferrell scared him into missing that catch though!
    That's awesome. "Looks like baby learned to play the drums."
    Two years ago, I was watching a documentary about Yosemite National Park on Netflix. They kept showing a picture of a guy from the 1800's who claimed to know how the Yosemite valley was formed. He was wrong, but after seeing his picture, I swear his legacy was being Will Ferrell and Chad Smith's great great great grandfather. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josiah_Wh...
    Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is! Not only is this the greatest thing on Earth, but it was also done in the name of charity, beautiful!
    Wow I was thinking of Frusciante when I heard the second voice during Don't Fear The Reaper! Yeah, yeah, yeah I love Josh but was just thinking of it.
    Ok good it wasn't just me! I kept looking for John during the whole song haha
    "Der iz no chad smith. ownly Kerry King"
    You guys just a bunch of sheeps. There I said it. Being on the downvotes
    "Easy guys... I put my pants on just like the rest of you, one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records!"
    Lord Waltaa
    Wow, Flea got old.
    It was amazing, altough the most shocking thing of the video is Flea covering more than half of his body.
    Who knew Will could play so well?
    Apparently Ahmir from The Roots was doing the live drumming and Will was mimed. The audio of each of his "solos" is out of sync with the video.
    That's a shame like. I was really hoping he would actually play. It's not just out of sync. Look closely and you don't actually see him hitting the snare or hi hat.
    You're right. Damn. Now I'm disappointed.
    Wait...you guys are disappointed and think it's a shame he mimed it when it's all really for charity anyways?
    Not disappointed in that aspect - I think Will actually trying to play could have potentially been a lot funnier. But it's good they did this, especially for a charitable cause.
    That's what I was thinking since Will Ferrell and the drums have been synonymous since Step Brothers. Maybe that's just the drum nerd in me wanting to see an actual battle, but either way it was hilarious.
    Actually it goes about a decade earlier from a SNL skit. damn I must be getting old.
    Will can't play drums but he's better singer than Kiedis.
    As much as I love the Chilis...Keidis is an absolute trainwreck of a vocalist.
    Sometimes, it's not about the technical chops or even vocal quality. Anthony is the right singer for the Chili Peppers and always has been. I mean, how many arguments have we seen on this site about how bad Lars is? But, he's the right guy for Metallica. The whole is better than the sum of the parts.
    Lars is not right for Metallica, hes just the only drummer they have known. They are successful in spite of him, so imaging how good they would be if they had had a average drummer like say a Nick Menza from day one. Oh and Anthony Keidis is horrible and I like RHCP. To expand on my previous example what if they had formed with mike patton? good god.
    Who the **** are you to say he's not right for Metallica?
    Uh, I'm someone on the internet commenting on a open article. You don't have to like my opinion douche. Get laid.
    He's not a very skilled vocalist at all, yet somehow he is perfect for the Chilis. In the context of the RHCP's music he is perfect. I can't imagine any other vocalist replacing him as an improvement. It's funny how somethings that are not that great on their own are awesome in the right context.
    It's the way his voice kind of insinuates into the music...it's weird, but smooth at the same time, and it matches their style to a tee.
    He might be a poor singer from a textbook singing perspective but he does have a cool sounding and unique voice.
    It may be a shame that Will didn't actually play, but hell i'd happily mime if it meant raising a hundreds of thousands for charity. Legends.
    This was much better than I actually imagined, the sudden break out into don't fear the reaper was genius.
    What song did they perform?
    Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
    Just saw Built to Spill perform that song as an encore and its much more impressive than the Peppers version.
    Is this a serious question?
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to be a member of a guitar website if you can't instantly recognize "Don't Fear the Reaper". Just seeing the cowbell should be enough.
    I thought it was pretty hilarious how earlier in the episode, Fallon points out that Kiedis looks a lot like Justin Long. Now if someone can find some actors who look like Flea and Josh, they could make a Chili Peppers movie.
    Flea could play himself. He's acted before. He was in The Big Lebowski. And, if there was going to be a Chili Peppers movie, it would probably center around the time with Fruciante. And he could be played by Jesus. The obvious choice.
    Merle from Walking Dead might be able to pull off Flea! They've had too many guitarists to determine who could fill that role.
    Huh. I wonder if Will had a few grooves that he practiced or if he came up with that on the spot. He did better than I expected.
    i think Will dose not play for real.... anf i finally discovered that i am not the only one to see the HUGE resemblance between Chad and Will
    This reads like the mentally challenged baby of KerryKing01 wrote it.
    Are there actually people that believed Will was drumming during his solos? They were totally mimed. Which was rather disappointing considering this was being teased for months and then it wasn't even a real drum off