Will The Real Justin Bieber Please Stand Up?

50 year old carpenter vents frustration at singer sharing his name.

Ultimate Guitar

In the past, sharing names with a celebrity probably meant getting the odd joke from friends and family. In the age of social media though, it can become something of a nightmare. Take the case of Justin Bieber for example. Not the 18 year old mega selling tween idol mind you, but the 50 year old carpenter from Ohio who goes by the same name. Justin 'John' Bieber (who has added his middle name to his Facebook profile in order to distinguish himself from the singer) has been inundated with requests from adolescent girls in recent months, all who believe him to be the pop idol.

Carpenter Bieber now displays the following rant in the 'about me' section on his Facebook profile in order to distinguish himself from his celebrity namesake:

"My name is Justin Bieber and it has been for 50 years. I am not some punk as-- singer homosexual. But because some little a-- bandit has the same name as me I have to use my middle name. God dammit I'm a human and I have rights too. Little girls please stop adding me I am not that little punk a-- b-tch and stop trying cause he likes d-ck. I am Justin Bieber, 50 year old carpenter from Ohio. I currently live in Maine. I like prostitutes, booze and cigarettes. F--K KIDS."

Evidently, Carpenter Bieber likes to think of himself as being a bit more sex, drugs and rock and roll (and far angrier) than his celeb counterpart.

But is this a story that any of you Ultimate-Guitar users can relate to? Is there anyone out there who shares a name with a famous musician, or knows someone who does, and what sort of situations have arisen because of this? Let us know in the comments.

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    "I like prostitutes, booze and cigarettes. F--K KIDS." Get this guy a medal.
    OLD. Also.. just because you don't like his music makes him a homosexual? And you brag about alcohol, cigarettes ans prostitutes... Now THATS a role model I would want for my teenager
    my name is justine beaver try living with that name
    the famous one couldn't, thats why she pretends to be a man. the disguise is almost as bad as the music
    Have the same name as a local footballer (soccer for you North Americans). Used to get a lot of people asking if I was him while he was an active player. I don't even care for football.
    Definitely seen this article here before. Anyone else remember?
    Not sure if I read it here, but I definitely read it over a year ago, I know this much.
    Back in the mid nineties I went to school with a kid named Michael Jackson. He was a piece of shit that wore Korn shirts only because he liked the way they looked and claimed to be related to Andrew Jackson. Well a girl named Erika pushed him off the big toy and ruptured his spleen.
    I like prostitutes, booze and cigarettes. F--K KIDS. That gave the rest xD
    I tend to avoid and over look when people bash Bieber for being Bieber, but I gotta admit: THIS S*** WAS F***** HILARIOUS!