Wolfgang Van Halen Offended By One Direction

While touring the UK, Wolfgang bumped into pop-brats One Direction who "were d-ckheads" - but he had a hilarious reply for the wavy-haired w-nkers.

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Wolfgang Van Halen might be well known in the rock world for playing bass alongside his father in Van Halen, but it seems a certain pop band don't know it.

Wolfgang was touring the UK as a stand-in bassist for Tremonti when they crossed paths with pop band One Direction in Birmingham, as Wolfgang tweets (via HenneMusic): "Fun fact: Was just insulted by that sh--ty boy band OneDirection in the lobby of our hotel this morning! Greetings Birmingham!

"No joke. That ACTUALLY happened. That group of kids in OneDirection were d-ckheads to [Eric Friedman, singer], [Garrett Whitlock, drummer] and I.

"They must call themselves that because all of their hair points in OneDirection."

Van Halen is currently on a break after Eddie Van Halen's brush with death in September. He was experimenting with a cayenne-based diet which caused his intestines to "explode" and needed emergency surgery.

"Eddies abdominal region was a disaster area," said a friend at the time. "The spicy treatment touched off an explosion in his intestines."

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    Like these douchebags know who Van Halen is.
    They're too busy having songs written for them, and the rest of the time they do photoshoots.
    Don't tell them or they will try to rip off Panama and Jump for "tributes".
    at least One Direction made their way up and not because of their last name... *cough*cough
    It's not like Wolfgang has talent or anything.. Actually, alot of Van Halen fans didn't like Wolfgang when he first started playing with the band.. He earned it.
    Indeed, Wolfie actually wrote & produced quite many parts on A Different Kind Of Truth. Plus he seems to be a true bro
    They were put together by producers on a reality tv show. I doubt they can tie their own shoe laces let alone "make their way up."
    I feel like this comment should get whatever the opposite of the gold medal is...perhaps a swift kick in the ass?
    yea, so they really worked their way up the ladder? tell me more about how theyve been doing tiny venues and shitty bars before finally getting SOMEWHAT of a break... oh wait, they were shat out by simon cowell and havent written a single song.
    Fuck 1d!
    1D (one dimension ) pretty much describes them. all they have are superficial looks. their music is bland, their ability as musicians are that of a toddler, and the only reason why people (preppy, teenage girls) like them is because they are "pretty boys". they should probably just rename themselves to 1"D (one-inch dick).
    The fact that OneDirection got into the NBC's Olympic-coverage and Muse got cut still pisses me off. 1D is such a superpower in the "music" world that they were shown over a huge band like Muse. As oppcorn stated: "Fuck 1d"
    That was retarded, I hate how music like 1D (shit) can be more popular than something like Muse (fantastic), because they're "prettier" that's what pisses me off
    what did they say?
    Ya this. I refuse to take the guy seriously until he goes into detail about what they said. I don't respect them at all as musicians but they seem like nice enough lads, they probably just didn't bow down and kiss his cock.
    link no1
    I can actually imagine they are a bunch of anal glands personally, thinking they are awesome and stuff because small girls want to play Barbie with them, or whatever it is small girls do these days.
    yeah, the singer/bass player in my band is already acting like a douche even though the only sudden success we've had so far is that where the biggest thing in a town who's only other bands are people in their fifty's playing bluegrass or 70s covers, although to be fair he's doing it as a joke but if it looks like a duck talks like a duck and imprints persistent behavioral patterns on you like a duck it's a ****ing duck.
    If you want to rise above the bluegrass hillbillies you must learn to write good copy.
    Wow this "band" likes to make fools of themselves. First their whole comment about being like The Beatles then going and insulting a real musician. Just shortened your shelf life from 5 years to about 2 more...maybe. We can only hope they'll disappear sooner.
    5 years? you seriously overestimate the attention span of teenage girls, but sadly for the same reason the stupid shit they do will have zip effect on their audience unless they directly insult them. It would probably take something along the lines of insulting this teenage girl who just committed suicide as the result of a pedophiles blackmailing campaign (don't know about the rest of the world but it's all the news organizations in Canada can talk about) or making a "any rape victim who got pregnant wanted it" comment. either that or they'd have to admit they don't really think any of their audience is really that special or beautiful and their just exploiting the fact that teenage girls are insecure and suckers for a compliment(sadly also the reason this pedophiles blackmail plan worked).
    I gave them years simply because I bet their contract is set for a couple CD cycles or something, so as long as they are making a label money they will be around and publicized. I'm really just tired of these boy bands becoming famous when countless real musicians are wishing they were in that position. They are nothing special just a flash in the pan to make a quick buck and act like children in front of cameras. Sorry to hear bout this blackmail pedophile deal. People need to chill out.
    These guys are just asking to get their asses beaten.
    Beaten? I think they want more than that doing to them...bring the lube
    zYx Monster xYz
    No lube = more pain
    I loved Garret's tweet about the situation; "had a run in with some boy band in the hotel lobby. no worries. I can't take a insult from someone who doesn't even write there own tunes"
    "They must call themselves that because all of their hair points in OneDirection." That is one of the worst comebacks I've ever heard. This is juvenile kids stuff, they sound as bad as each other. Grow up
    Goddamn it was bad, and UG built it up to be one of the greatest comebacks in recent history. They arnt a band full of Ron Burgundy's, I don't see how the hair comment would even phase them
    "Eddies abdominal region was a disaster area," said a friend at the time. "The spicy treatment touched off an explosion in his intestines." I'm really glad you were able to finish the article with such beautiful literary imagery.
    They're dickheads because they didn't have to work for anything. Given that Wolfgang got his start by being handed the bass spot for Van Halen but at least he's actually talented. All you need for a OneDirection song is a shitty beat, a five year old to write your lyrics for you and an old Clash song. Anyone can do it.
    Yeah Wolfgang may have gotten in because of his dad, but he is staying in because of his talent.
    Exactly. I'm sure most of the reason he got in was cause of Eddie but that doesn't change the fact that he's a damn good bassist.
    One Direction are a bunch of obnoxious pricks, who are, an embarassment to the music industry, i really hate them and their autotune music
    Just read another article with some tweets from one direction fans: "A band named 'Wolfgang Van Halen' claimed that they got 'insulted' by 1D. (Via @1DAsiaUpdates) http://t.co/h8nmVyeJ" "Sorry but I never ever heard something named Wolfgang Van Halen before they claimed they got insulted by 1D. Wanted to be popular, much?" sigh...
    This, along with Ed Sheeran fans thinking that he wrote Wish You Were Here are perfect examples of why Twitter needs to go away. The sad thing is just how many examples there really are that can be used to show just how ignorant the vast majority of teenagers and pop fans are these days
    I want to be on Wolfgang's side against those bunch of fags in the boyband, but there are not even any details to this story
    Lol would have loved it if these little twats would have tried this with Keith Richards. Would've gotten a guitar square in the face. POW right in the kissa!
    I saw him in Newcastle on Monday with tremonti. Didn't realise who it was at first. Should of guessed by the van Halen basses. He's talented but has zero stage presence. Just stood by his amp. 1d are a bunch of twats though.
    Josh Reubenking
    Fuck One Direction. They won't even be around 10 years later anyways. They don't even write their own music, and they rely on auto-tune to "sing." I'm ashamed to be in the same place where this kind of music exists and is popular. Props to Wolfgang. \m/
    I give em 4 years at the very most
    seriously, another boy band threatened to steal their spotlight within a month of them hitting it big(amazingly they actually come off as even stupider than one direction). 4 years is quite generous.
    I'd like to hear what they said before I take a stand on this, but if it's indeed true, what a bunch of *****s. (as if you couldn't be more annoyed by them)
    So "a**holes" gets censored, but not "cock" and "twats"? I like your logic, UG Team.
    He may have censored it himself.
    Yeah, because I have all the reasons to do so all of a sudden. Right? herrrrrppppp derrrrrppppp
    I wish they would stop calling the a fucckin boy band. THEY ARE NOT A BAND! They dont play instruments or write.. They are a shite singing group that wont last and they suck.
    just because we call them boy bands doesn't mean there actually real bands, same way that just because we call something a cuddle fish doesn't mean it's necessarily a fish.
    Danjo's Guitar
    I wonder if the one direction kids asked them if they wanted autographs or something, haha. Can you imagine that? "What? Do I want YOUR autograph? I'm the bassist for Van f*cking Halen! What do I need YOUR autograph for?!"
    I have lost all respect for him until he punches each of them in the face. Starting stuff on twitter like a little girl. "OMG you will not believe it, 1d were being dicks to me! They got stupid hair!" Grow up.
    Common sense? I think you're in the wrong place. I mean uh OMG 1D FAGS HOW DARE DEY BE JERKS ABOUT ROCK LEGOND
    I just met all these guys when Tremonti played West Chester, PA. real down to earth nice guys including wolfgang. They should have rolled one direction.
    Sad to say, but One DIrection kind of makes me wish there were even more bands like Nickelback...
    Carl Hungus
    "One Direction" is a damn abomination, and they are getting more pu@#y that anyone on this message board. That is the definition of a bitter pill.
    Another comment section that proves that the average chromosome count of UG users is around 46.9. Just cynical, homophobic dad rock sheep that can't think for themselves.
    I am by no means homophobic for disliking One Direcion. Neither is anyone else here for disliking them. We (or at least I) hate them for becoming rich and famous for having minimal talent and having everything handed to them. Now this is just more reason to dislike them.
    Exactly. I don't understand why UG'ers will jump at any cue to mock the latest boy band. Boy bands gonna be boy bands. As long as 13 year old girls exist, boy bands will exist. Hating boy bands is as much of a bandwagon as liking them.
    "The spicy treatment touched off an explosion in his intestines"...**** the One Direction thing, Eddie's colon exploding is the more important story if you ask me lol.
    Hey, what's pink and goes in one direction?..... Louis Walsh's c**k! Thanks, I'll be here all week! ;
    The feelings mutual, they are like 5 Justin Biebers in one entity ugh.
    hey, don't discount Justin Bieber, he actually got famous because of his songwriting and has a bit of instrumental versatility. still a shitty pop artist and everything about him trying to act like a bad boy makes me cringe and want to sing him your beautiful just the way you are but he actually has the potential do something slightly more interesting once he can't make a living writing what passes for "love" songs in our society for teenage girls
    Ugh... Hate to say it, but I agree. The guy actually worked hard to get where he is. 1D had the fame handed to them on a platter. Anyway, haven't they got a few 1D duplicate boy bands on the UK X Factor now? Being from the UK, I should know but honestly, I'm having more fun listening to music I like. Anyway, Biebs might hang around for a while but 1D will be replaced.
    Wait, why did they refer to Eric Friedman as the singer? Shouldn't they mean "Rhythm guitarist/backup vocalist?"
    go wolf! i hate 1 diretcion.Tremonti and the gang are alot more talenteed and deserve more fame thatn those littles fruit cakes.
    Oh please. I give One Direction two more years tops, along with half the shitty boy bands Popular now. Big Time Rush, 1D, all that, down the drain. Thank god these fads dont last long.
    I was at Tremontis Birmingham gig last night and they said that 1D made some sort of snide remark to the band but none of them knew who they were at first until Wolfgang recognised them. So they literally thought they were just some pathetic random kids (which to be fair they pretty much are)
    I met the guys in the Tremonti band, including Mark and Wolfgang. These guys are a class act.
    I'm sorry about this but Wolfgang Van Halen ain't exactly well known throughout the rock world. I talked to some Van Halen fans who didn't even know Eddie had a son before the tour. And to be quite honest, I could recognize every member of Van Halen if they worked into a bar but I couldn't recognize the Wolf
    At least he has a good reason to be offended aside from "hurr they play Shitty pop music THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE!" Wolfgang basically confirms that they're as douchey as they look. Fuck them.
    Little shits like those cocksuckers (referring to one direction, not Van Halen, obviously, I just wanted to clarify) are what's wrong with the ****ing world now. I hate people.
    Bit vague. I'm interested to know what it was that they said to insult them. Those kids need to be exposed even further as the talentless waste of oxygen they are.
    [Eric Friedman, singer] ...? Wolfgang never actually said they knew who he was, either. You think they could at least appreciate another musician, assuming they are themselves really musicians.
    Tremonti blows.